How To Create That Holiday Feeling in Your Own Garden

If, like me, you’ve just enjoyed the British half term holiday and have spent the week away with the kids, you may have treated yourself to a little sun. I was just in Devon but still managed to pick up a tan, and enjoy some beautifully sunny days. When you come home after a fabulous trip, it’s easy to feel down and desperately miss the sun, sea and relaxing times you’ve experienced. Now my girls are slightly older and can happily swim in the pool from dawn til dusk, I do manage to sneak a few hours of lying in the sun so I really feel it when I get back.

How do you maintain that holiday feeling and recreate it in your own garden? Well it’s not easy, but with a few tricks it is possible to make your own backyard feel like a Greek retreat or a Spanish sun terrace.

Holiday terrace viewI can’t do anything about the sun of course; unfortunately the weather gods are not under my control, but it is possible to give your garden a makeover, or even just a few tweaks to help it feel like your favourite holiday retreat.


This is incredibly important if you want to recreate that holiday feel. Recreating that holiday scene means clearing the clutter and ensuring all of the kids’ toys are cleared away or at least out of view. Maybe put up a bamboo screen in front of the gawdy plastic playhouse to hide it from sight, or invest in a storage box for the numerous amount of badminton and tennis rackets. You want the space to feel calming and restful so take a look around and decide on what you can change. It could just be the way you position your deckchair or sun lounger to give you the best possible feeling

A View:

palestro-naturel800-2zxxyp5wiid46eetaes8hsOk so we won’t be able to recreate the kind of view we see in  the photo above, but you can make your view as good as it can be. What do you like to look at? A mountainous skyline, flowers and fauna or a calm sea stretching for miles? Whichever it is, can you bring a slice of that view into your own backyard? Could you plant your favourite climbing plants, say honeysuckle or clematis across a fence and adjust your seating to look at it? What about adding some garden art, a sculpture or wall mirror to a bare wall to give it some interest? And of course, lastly it might not be the Mediterranean, but how about including a water feature in your space? All of these ideas will help bring a sense of your holidays back home with you.


Sunny seating area plus water featureHolding onto that holiday feeling is all about maintaining that sublime feeling of calm and relaxation that we all feel on returning home. With the stress and grind of daily life it’s all to easy to lose that feeling within a matter of days. What if you had a garden haven in which to retreat and recreate just a little of that serenity? If you’ve achieved the right ambience and given yourself a view, all that’s left is the right lounging area. You’ll need a good parasol of course to shade yourself from the heat of the sun, and a some good quality, comfortable seating. A sun lounger is ideal, or even an outdoor beanbag will do the trick. If you have wildlife – you can choose to have or not have a metal deer fence – depending on if there’s anything in your garden for them to chomp on that you don’t approve of, or just want to watch them prance in their natural beauty. Once you’ve got that sorted, open the wine or make yourself a Pimms and enjoy!

What will you do to your garden this summer to give it a holiday feel?

Have you returned from your holiday only to wish you could hang onto that feeling of calm and relaxation? Do you long to recreate that holiday look in your own backyard? If so, click through for my tips and ideas on how to make the most of your back garden space to give it a holiday feeling all year round.

Images with kind permission of Solero Parasols

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Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Nick Davison
    June 10, 2016 / 12:19 pm

    Wow, those gardens are gorgeous! I can imagine myself in the tub in that first photo, drinking chilled Brandy Alexanders while the warm sun turns my skin a fine shade of bronze. *Slap* back to reality, I live in Yorkshire, i’d need to buy a villa on the gold coast for that sort of garden. Maybe the one with the huge square parasol would be better suited, as long as it’s waterproof!

  2. Kevin S
    June 15, 2016 / 5:08 pm

    Very well explained. I think the view and the order in your home, in order to have a relaxation is in reach for each of us to recreat that successful holiday feeling. Great content, thanks again Jen!

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