5 Ways To Properly Take Care Of Your Garden This Summer

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As we are in the midst of the hotter months, taking care of your garden can become a time consuming task which requires more care compared to the winter months.

The moment warmer weather strikes, your garden springs to life again, and while this means that your outside space looks so much brighter and more beautiful, it does mean that your garden care routine will need to increase.

Whether you are new to gardening, or simply need a refresher after a long winter, here are just a few ways and tips you can take better care of your garden this summer.

The Importance of Watering your Garden

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One of the most important ways you can look after your garden as the weather is getting warmer, is by watering your plants.

During summer, watering your plants even more regularly will ensure they are hydrated at all times during the day. Even taking into account the time of day you water your plants can have an affect on them. Watering your plants either in the morning or evening can have their advantages on keeping your garden fresh.

For example, watering during the early morning will help prepare your plants for the warm day ahead, and ensures moisture is given to them when they need it most.

However, watering in the evening also brings benefits to your plants as it can act as a drink that cools them down as the days are getting hotter.

Composting is a Great Way to Utilise your Garden Space

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For those looking for new ways to make better use of your garden space, there are many benefits of composting as it is a great eco-friendly way of making use of your garden space efficiently.

Compost areas or bins can be placed almost anywhere in your garden, including the corner of the garden to begin your composting process.

Filled with green waste such as grass and plant clippings, or brown waste such as dead leaves, these are a fantastic way of reducing the waste in your garden.

You can even put household waste in your compost, like egg shells, banana peels, and uncooked vegetable matter. In a way that creates no harmful effects on the environment, or on the appearance of your garden, these compost bins are hugely beneficial – just remember to add water to keep your compost going.

Consider how to save water in your garden

As months are getting hotter, the water usage in your garden will be significantly increasing, this means that ensuring you have enough water to maintain your garden is more important than ever.

In order for your plants to grow healthily and give them access to all the nutrients they need in the soil, there are many ways you can start to save water in your garden.

Rain barrels and water tanks available from companies such as Northern Tank Store are an excellent eco-friendly way to reuse water.

They are available in various sizes to suit a range of outdoor spaces, and enable you to effortlessly gather rainwater for use in your garden.

Being made from sturdy and durable polyethene means they can  withstand many years of use, allowing you to harvest and make use of natural rainwater rather than running your garden tap unnecessarily.

Not only is this better for the environment, but it can also save you money on your water bills, while you take care of your garden.

Protecting plants by eliminating pests in your garden

Pests can be the most daunting things for any gardener, and the warmer months only mean an increase in the pesky things.

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to reduce the presence of pests, including rotating any crops or plants, and trying natural spray solutions like soapy water or alcohol spray to keep the pests away.

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Even ensuring a spider-friendly garden will help reduce the amount of pests in your garden, as they eat other pests, they are great insects to keep your garden nice during the summer.

A no-brainer is to simply grow healthy plants in your garden, these can be less prone to attracting pests in a completely natural way that not only keeps them away, but also keeps your garden looking fresh and beautiful all year.

Make Gardening Easy with the Right Tools

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Taking care of your garden can be a difficult task for any gardener, with the help of the correct tools the process can become a lot easier.

For example, watering cans can make giving your plants their daily drink a lot easier and more efficient.

There are other things you should invest in too, including a trowel for planting smaller items, a garden knife for opening bags or weeding, and pruners to help clip back your overgrown plants.

Larger projects can be assisted by larger tools like shovels and spades, and not to forget a sturdy pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands during your summer gardening projects.



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