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In today’s post we’ll look at good habits to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

You may be like me, and struggle to maintain healthy sleep routines. One night you sleep 8 hours, and the next you’re awake 3 times. It affects your cognition, your mood and ability to function during the day.

We all have responsibilities and a lack of sleep can interfere dramatically with our mental and physical wellbeing.

So what can we do to ensure a good night’s sleep?

Well the lovely people at Cuddledown have some great ideas, and I’m going to share some of mine too.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep Routine

It’s imperative you find a good routine if you are someone who struggles to sleep well.

Since hitting midlife and menopause my sleep has been more and more disrupted. I’d always been a great sleeper but perimenopause really impacted the quality and longevity of my sleep.

Now I need to to all I can to ensure I improve and maintain my sleep patterns, otherwise I simply can’t function the following day and my mood is very low.

So I’ve pulled together some of the tricks I have learned that really help improve my sleep.


Tidy room, tidy mind, right?

It’s absolutely the case for me. I like to clear and declutter the room before I get in to bed. I’ll even get my clothes ready for the following day, particularly if I’m going to the gym or have an early start.

I need to know that all the loose ends of the day have been tidied up. I even need to ensure the main living areas are clear and ready for the next day too.

Completing all of these tasks means I feel relaxed as I head to bed, so I know it has a positive effect on my sleep quality.

Chamomile Tea

Now I can’t say this is one I’ve tried personally, but my friend drinks chamomile tea by the bucket load and has the best sleep habits ever. In fact, she can nap in the daytime too, so easily, and feel incredibly refreshed afterwards so perhaps there’s something in it.

Studies have proven its sleep benefits, and it’s great for you to slowly sip it as you get ready for bed.

Sleep Meditation

One of the things I chose to adopt during the pandemic to help my anxiety riddled sleep was a meditation app. In fact, I found that the sleep hypnotherapy recordings were the ones I listened to most.

They are so good! And so effective. I still listen to them on a regular basis.

I fall asleep relaxed and comfortable, and then have the best night’s sleep ever. I highly recommend them. (And in case you’re wondering I use the Breethe app).

The Right Products

It’s true that the right kind of products, from duvets, pillows and bedding make an incredible difference to your sleep.

I love a cool, natural duvet and feather light pillow. If you get particularly hot at night (as us midlife women often do) I highly recommend a silk pillow too. They are perfect for keeping you cooler.

Goose down duvets are also beautiful, lightweight and comfortably warm without being overpowering.

Personally I’m a big fan of pure cotton bedding and the people at Cuddledown do a lovely percale collection.

Their 60-night trial is testament to their belief in their products. You can sleep soundly knowing all their products are OEKO-TEX certified, produced by a BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) member, and so free of any harmful chemicals.

You can see more of their products via the Cuddledown website.

Improving your sleep habits and routines has a resounding impact on your wellbeing so it’s well worth investing time and energy int to improve.

Keeping the room clutter free, at the right temperature and with good quality bedding will all help towards your goals. But adding personal habits like meditation, hypnotherapy, certain teas and absolutely no screens will mean you find the best way of improving your sleep for YOU.

Tell me below, how do you sleep? And what do you do to improve its quality?

Jen x


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