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Being deprived of a good night’s sleep, particularly on an ongoing basis, is torture. It really is. And many of us would do anything that helps us achieve a peaceful and restful 8 hours in dreamland. I’ve talked before on the blog about how to help yourself achieve this, in terms of how your bedroom looks and feels but I’ve never mentioned a Tempur mattress before. It wasn’t something I’d ever tried out, so I didn’t feel comfortable suggesting that this might help you.

So when I took a trip to Oxford recently and stayed in a hotel where the beds have Tempur mattresses and memory foam pillows, I got to experience them for myself and I have to say I was rather impressed. I stayed at the 4 star Hawkwell House in the village of Iffley, just outside Oxford. A medium-sized, country hotel, Hawkwell House caters for both business and leisure clients. Our room was on the first floor, and was particularly spacious and contemporary.

tempur mattress review

Hawkwell house bathroomAt home we have an ordinary King sized mattress, but on the double bed in the daughter’s bedroom we’ve put a memory foam mattress topper to help it feel softer and more comfortable. I’ve slept on this one and it really does give you a much better night’s sleep, but I must admit, I’ve always been concerned that a full tempur mattress would be too hot.

So what’s so special about a Tempur mattress? Well, they’re designed to mould and contour to the shape of your body, providing comfort and softness as well as good support. My tempur cloud mattress review meant I tried the mattress suitable for those who desire a soft initial feel, but with good support. The top layer is made of specially developed TEMPUR® Extra Soft™ material to instantly cushion and hug your body. And I must admit, it really does feel like you’re getting a great big hug all night long.

Hawkwell bedroomAs well as mattresses, Tempur also sells beds, giving you the complete package when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

Oxford is a beautiful city. I’d not visited before, but spent the time with my good friend Kate from WitWitWoo. We write We Blog Travel together too along with the lovely Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary so our trip gave us plenty of gorgeous shots for social media as well as a chance to try out the mattresses.

Oxford college

Oxforde college doorwayAfter walking around, discovering the many glorious colleges and standing in brightly coloured doorways for fun, it was time to consume a few cocktails and turn in for the night. I think we can definitely say we had a good, comfortable night’s sleep, and I awoke feeling refreshed. Where I’d normally have an ache or two, particularly in my back after years of playing hockey, there was none. I was quite surprised, after such a long sleep and lie in.

Oxford doorwayThe verdict? Whether you have a King sized mattress or a queen sized bed and would like some extra support whilst you sleep, consider looking into a Tempur mattress and definitely don’t discount them in the way I had.

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