7 Storage Ideas for Stackable Gold Rings

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Stackable gold rings have become a favorite on our fingers for a while now, and so it’s only natural we’ll look for ways to store them safely with our other jewellery.

Jewellery storage needs to look stylish, but be practical and functional too. The bedroom design often dictates the type of jewellery boxes we choose for storing gold rings, and our gold stacking rings can need specific designs. 

Let’s look at the type of jewellery storage suitable for a gold stacking ring set, with the pros and cons of each. 

Storage Ideas for Gold Stacking Rings 

Gold and Glass Jewellery Box

Storage Box for jewellery and stacking rings from BTFY

Having just received some beautiful 18ct gold stacking rings from Daisy London, I’m keen to ensure they remain looking beautiful for some time to come. I’ve been making sure my jewellery storage is well organised so the rings have plenty of space to be stored safely. 

A jewellery box like the one above is ideal for a dressing table and has plenty of soft areas to store your gold rings. Keeping them apart from each other is probably a good idea and will ensure they stay looking pristine for as long as possible.

Brass Jewellery Stand

Jewellery stands for rings from Heavenly Home and Gardens

Aesthetically speaking, jewellery stands are great to look at. And they keep your jewellery on view so you don’t forget what you have! But long term exposure to light and the atmosphere isn’t a good idea for your silver and gold stacking rings. These types of jewellery stands will be good for day to day storage after wearing, but maybe transfer them to a closed jewellery box or cupboard for the longer term. 

Wall Mounted Armoire

Jewellery Armoire from BTFY

This has to be the ultimate in jewellery storage! This wall mounted armoire is perfect for your makeup and jewellery and has a space for your stacking rings too. If you have a smaller bedroom but a lot of jewellery then this is for you – hang on the wall, keep your precious floor space and never lose any of your jewellery again.

Stacker Leather Jewellery Box

Stacker Box for Jewellery and Gold Stacking Rings from Farrar & Tanner

You’ve most likely come across Stackers Jewellery Boxes at some stage, and they’re ideal for a growing jewellery collection. I have a set of these and in fact, think I may need a new layer! Add to them for specific types of jewellery – I have one just for rings – and choose your favourite design and colourway to coordinate with your bedroom interior. 

Ring Holder

Jonathan Adler Brass Ring Holder for Gold Stackable Rings

Aren’t these the cutest ring holders you’ve seen? I have something similar next to my bed for when I take off the day’s rings – including my Daisy London Stacking Ring set and my wedding ring. It means I know where they are, they stay safe and well organised and I don’t risk losing them amongst the paraphernalia on my dressing table. 

Ring Tray

Stackable rings in Ring Tray – Daisy London

Whether you own a beautiful set of gold stacking rings or love your ring collection in general, a tray by the side of the bed is one way to store your rings overnight. Whilst this type of ring storage is very useful, we would guard against keeping the rings here for the long term. Too much exposure to light and dust may diminish their appearance over time, so when you’re done wearing them for a while, pop them back in a jewellery box for long term storage and safety.

Travel Jewellery Box

Travel Jewellery Box from Natalia Wilmott

Finally, I wanted to remind you to invest in a good travel jewellery box – particularly if you’re travelling with a selection of gold and silver rings. You’ll want to pop them in the hotel room safe when you arrive, taking them out when you want to wear them, so a cute little box like the one above is ideal.

I hope you’ve picked up a few ideas for storing your gold stacking rings, and can keep them safe and well organised in the future. 

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