How to Store Your Earrings

My jewellery is never nicely stored. I don’t know why but it always ends up in a tangled mess.

Whether that’s my long earrings, delicate necklaces or my Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets, I’m always getting them in a mess, and it needs to stop.

So in an attempt to get this all under control I’ve collaborated with The Holding Company who have kindly sent me a new case for my earring storage issues. Let me show you.

So I have a dressing table which I revamped a couple of years ago. I love it. After finding it in a charity shop for £30 I brought it home, spray painted it and hauled it up to the loft bedroom when the conversion was finished.

Now the table isn’t perfect, but that’s ok. It’s a little chipped and marked and to be honest the drawers aren’t ideal for what I need but I make it work because, did I mention…. I love it.

This is where I keep a lot of my jewellery. It’s stuffed in boxes in the drawers and it just gets so disorganised.

It’s my own fault I guess for not taking more time and care with it, but I feel I just don’t have the setup quite right and because of that, I’m often just leaving bits and pieces out on the table top. They end up getting tangled and ultimately, broken.

That’s why I’m really pleased to try out this little 3 tier earrings box, because it’s going to encourage me to store them neatly, and it’s going to prevent my longer earrings getting destroyed in the big box.

I love the material and transparency allowing me to see what’s in there. Do you ever forget what you have, and then never end up using them? (First world problem, I know!)

Made from acrylic, which works well with some of my makeup storage I already have, it can hold up to 18 pairs of earrings and has a nifty little drawer too for extra accessories (or for when I feel too lazy to hang them!).

I’m going to try very hard to keep them looking this good…. and as the collection increases – which we all know it will – I can always get another.

You can see my earrings box which retails for £24 HERE.

Now The Holding Company is an absolute delight of storage solutions and there are loads more great looking acrylic jewellery storage pieces (if you love that style) on there so do take a browse. Founded in 1995, they had a shop on the Kings Road in London which then progressed to a great mail order catalogue which I’ve perused many a time.

Now they stock storage solutions for every room in the house with some of my favourites including Storage Baskets, Hallway Storage and Organisers for your desks, drawers and kitchen cupboards.

They say an uncluttered home is an uncluttered mind and I couldn’t agree more. I’m never happier than when all the mess has been ordered and tidied away! So if you’re in need of some good storage solutions, or if you just want to sort out your earrings, do check out the Holding Company.

Let me know if you have any good storage tips for jewellery, I’d love to know.

Jen x


If, like me, your earrings always end up in a tangled mess you need some better jewellery storage solutions. This acrylic earring box is perfect for earring storage and such a great idea to keeping them neat and tidied away. Plus you can always see what you've got! #lovechicliving #jewellerystorage #earrings

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