Clever Closets: Clothes Storage Solutions that Look Good!

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Clothes storage can be a big problem in a home and one that we tend not to talk about too much. Organise your clothes in the right way though and you’ll have a beautiful space, with an easy way to choose outfits and that keeps your clothes safe. 

If, like me, you are passionate about fashion and in particular, dresses for women you’re going to need some creative storage to ensure your clothes’ safety and cleanliness. If you have quite a sizeable collection you’ll want a system that allows you easy access to your clothes so you get the most wear from them, and can find them when required. 

So let’s discuss some of the options you have around clothes storage in your family home

Dedicated Closets:

a walk in closet for clothes storage in whiteImage: Covet House

Let’s talk about my lifelong goal of a walk in closet. It’s the dream. A dedicated clothes storage space where every thing is easy to find, neatly stored and wonderful to spend time in. 

I’d have colour coded sections, space for all my hanging items, plenty of shoe racks and bespoke shelves for my bags. I’d even have drawers for jewellery and makeup. 

Whilst this isn’t available to me personally, some of you may have space for something like this.

You may have a spare room (I have my eye on the teen’s bedroom when she goes to University) that you’ve converted into a wardrobe or dressing room. And if it looks something like the image above from Covet House, I’d like to know when you’re inviting me round so we can hang out in there!

Clear Storage for Easy Management:

plastic clothes storage boxes on shelves with a hanging railImage: Orthex Group at John Lewis

Now these types of boxes aren’t my first choice but they are incredibly practical. 

When you need to store clothing items like scarves, accessories, hats and more, it’s very useful to be able to keep them clean in boxes like this. And when you can see inside, it’s even more useful when you need to find something. 

Suffice to say, they do look very neat and tidy and are an inexpensive way of keeping your clothes collection stored safely

Traditional Clothes Storage for Bedrooms:

tallboy set of 4 drawers for clothes storageImage: Sweetpea and Willow

You can’t beat the traditional bedroom furniture of a set of drawers, or tallboy. 

If space is limited, these items are the perfect choice and will usually come as part of a set so you can coordinate the bedroom aesthetic. 

My only issue is that sometimes, the drawers themselves are quite narrow or shallow and not that great in terms of storage. However they are great for the smaller items you need to access every day – lingerie for example – and offer a table top too for display or jewellery storage. 

I’m a big fan of storing out of season clothes away from the bedroom, and using chests of drawers like this for current items. It allows for more space and means you won’t lose summer clothes amongst the winter varieties and vice versa. 

Underbed and Clothes Storage Boxes

wicker basket on a wooden floor in a simple bedroomImage: Garden Trading

If you have a sizeable clothing collection, you’ll need to take advantage of every nook and cranny to store them. From cupboards, to bed drawers to loft spaces and more. 

To do this you’ll need some good boxes or bags and I for one, love a wicker storage basket that looks attractive as well as offers practical solutions. 

These bamboo baskets from Garden Trading are pretty and can be put on display, on top of free standing wardrobes for example. Or stack them on the floor in sets of 3 in a corner as a display item too. 

Alternatively buy the right size to slide under your bed and make the most of that dead space there. If it’s hard to get to, pack them with items you don’t need very often – out of season items, hats, speciality shoes, ski wear for example. My own under bed storage contains summer shoes for example – ones I wear in high summer or holidays that we definitely don’t need very often here in the UK.

Do clothes shrink in storage?

It’s a common worry but stored in the right air tight containers and in a dry, damp free space, your clothes will be safe from shrinkage, mold and moths. 

What’s the best clothes storage for small spaces?

When space is tight the best clothes storage solution is a modular one. Wardrobes and drawers that you can design yourself to fit your space from somewhere like Ikea.

Are bags good for clothes storage?

Yes! They’re ideal for under beds, in cupboards and longer term storage in lofts or attics. Why? Because they’re soft and malleable to the space and you can often see through them to the contents inside. 

What kind of clothes storage solutions do you have?

Jen x


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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