Essential Storage Solutions for New Homeowners

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Moving into a new home is an exciting time. It gives you an opportunity to revisit old memories and think about your belongings and what they mean to you. It can also provide a great reason for a clear out and enable you to throw away the things you don’t need, so that you are ready for a new start.

Whatever you decide to keep, you will need somewhere to store it, and this can be one of the challenges of a new home. If you have more possessions than you have storage capacity, you may need to take a creative approach to unpacking.

Here, the storage experts at Clever Closet identify some of the best storage solutions for new homeowners and explain how they can help you to unpack easily, and settle into your home as comfortably as possible.

4 Essential Storage Solutions for a New Homeowner

Storage Containers

Storage containers from Top Drawer

The latest trend in homeware is the storage container. While these solutions have long been in use, they recently rose to the height of fashion, because the right container can provide practical benefits and aesthetic appeal at the same time.

Storage containers have several key advantages, including airtight seals that keep food fresh and the ability to separate contents, to prevent tangles or mess.

However, perhaps the biggest reason to invest in storage containers is their stackable nature. Putting oddly shaped items into containers means that you can usually fit more into your space, including by stacking them higher than you otherwise could.

Thankfully, there is also a lot of inspiration online about innovative ways to use containers for specific applications, so you can explore homeware communities on TikTok and Pinterest to help you make the most of this solution.

Under-stairs storage

Sofa from Snug Sofa showing stylish under stairs storage solutions

If your new home doesn’t already have a built-in under-stairs storage solution, this is often a very worthwhile investment for a new home.

These products turn the space under your stairs into a structured storage unit with a combination of drawers and doors, allowing you to make maximum use of space that you might otherwise be unable to use.

Many homes already have a cupboard under the stairs that is used for storage, but it is difficult to keep these areas organised or to use all of the space effectively.

With a set of drawers, you can group items according to their use, and create more space in an accessible part of your home for everything from day-to-day essentials, to the things you want to keep in long-term storage.

Awkward space solutions

Very few homes are entirely free from awkward spaces, and it can be difficult to know what to do with them if they are not suitable for any particular function.

However, there are products available that can turn recesses, alcoves or other awkward spaces into storage solutions without occupying any additional room. What’s more, this type of solution can fill a deep recess and hide it, as they typically sit flush with the surrounding walls.

Beyond the added visual appeal and the ability to make better use of an empty space, it can also be very useful to have a large amount of additional storage space when you move into a new home.

It is hard to estimate how much space you will have available, and adding more capacity will create a buffer that can help to ensure all of your belongings have a place.

Combined storage and decoration

Some storage solutions can be decorative as well as functional, and these are often the first things to consider if you plan to redecorate when you move in.

These can include stylish furniture items like ladder shelves or console tables with added drawers to make better use of the space underneath. Whatever look you are aiming for, there will be a solution that fits the look and helps with your storage requirements.

Some pieces of furniture may have hidden storage compartments – bench seats and foot stools, for example – that can create extra functional space.

There are also many innovative approaches that are constantly under development – for example, an emerging trend is for wall-mounted shelves with built-in drawers that add extra capacity. Think about the aesthetic you want to achieve and the storage solutions that might make this possible.

By adopting one or more of the above approaches, you will be sure to create some extra space.

Whether you need more room for your belongings, or you simply want the flexibility that comes with more storage capacity, a big move is a perfect opportunity to rethink your approach and get even more from your new home.

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