Storage Solution: 6 Creative DIY Ideas for Reinventing Your Unused Closet Space

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If your home has a closet, chances are that it’s either going unused or abundant in empty space. offering a great way to update your home and provide a creative storage solution.

Given some imagination and a little hard work you could realise  a lot of potential from doing DIY work in this storage space.

Here are just a few storage solution ideas to using that abandoned closet area.

Apply chalkboard paint to closet walls

Image: Benjamin Moore Paint

If you have a child who often struggles with their maths homework, you could coat the closet’s inside walls with chalkboard paint. Then, you could store some chalk in the space so that your offspring can easily scrawl sums on the surface.  

BuzzFeed shows a photo of how transforming a closet like this can work in practice. It would also have the advantage of giving your child a distraction-free place to study.

Create an invisible office

While on the subject of a distraction-free place, you could need one of your own as well – especially if you are currently still working from home. So, you could fashion a home office from a closet.

A computer, desk and seat could all fit in there – and, through hanging curtains along the closet rod, you can provide yourself with the means of covering up that office when it isn’t strictly needed.

Turn the closet into a reading nook

This is an especially simple and time-effective project to undertake, as it can largely just involve putting a few pillows and a furry rug on the closet floor before attaching a curtain that would cover the space’s entrance.

You won’t even necessarily need to remove any clothes already hanging in the closet! As a result, your closet can make for a delightfully multifunctional space.

Set up your own bar

Image: Fisher & Paykel

Just imagine how much excitement you could have with this bar on occasions when friends and family come over to visit and fancy a tipple.

If you want to create a modern wet bar, install countertops or, if the closet is irregular in shape, add a marble-topped desk. To finish off the arrangement, add a couple of stools where guests would be able to sit and chat while pouring drinks.

Make a DIY built-in closet

Image: Go Modern Furniture

If your existing closet space doesn’t have any built-in shelves, rest assured that you could put some up by following this guide from A Beautiful Mess.

The article lists supplies you will need – including support boards, shelf boards, a drill, a stud finder, screws and drywall anchors. However, you should be selective with exactly what you source; cordless electric drills, for example, can work especially well for projects like this.

Assemble a mini laundry room

Image: Orthex at John Lewis

You could be surprised by just how much extra space you get with your closet if you simply remove its doors. However, detaching those could mark just the start of a project where you essentially convert this closet into your own small-scale laundromat.

Once a washer, dryer and shelves are all in place in this closet, you will know exactly where you need to go the next time any of your clothes must be cleaned. 

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