Flexispot Standing Desk Review

In recent months I’ve been trying out a Flexispot standing desk and want to share my thoughts and finding in this review.

If you’ve been considering a height adjustable desk in your home office or study, as I had, this should help make up your mind as to how it compares to fixed height desks.

I only have a small corner of a small converted bedroom / office but having spent that last 2 years working in there pretty much permanently, I needed to create a much more comfortable working environment. My back was suffering, and with a lot of wrist pain too, I needed to incorporate more movement into my working day.

Standing desk converters are a great way to create an adjustable standing desk, but the Flexispot standing desk is ideal for the complete package.

Flexispot kindly gave me this desk to allow me to create the review here today. Let me talk you through what I’ve been using and how I’ve found it helpful.

The Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot standing desk in a corner of a home office

What is an adjustable standing desk?

An electric height adjustable desk incorporates a frame and desk top, plus connection to electricity that allows you to control the height of your desk, depending on the working position you’d like to adopt at any one time.

I’d always wanted to try a standing desk but admit being put off by the idea of constantly standing. An adjustable desk it ideal for me then, allowing me to sit when I want and stand when I need to. I make a lot of videos on my business and they look really good when standing.

Creating an ergonomic office

Ergonomic furniture has become essential to a comfortable working environment, as we have spent, and continue to spend so much time working from home. Not only does our desk need to be ergonomic but creating the whole office area to suit our working and physical needs is essential to comfort, practicality and a maintenance of productivity.

For me, style is also incredibly important and really improves my mood. I like streamlined, simple design which allows me to be creative.

I’d considered a wood standing desk but knew I’d be much happier with a white, minimal style.
It’s also important to also use an ergonomic office chair to really complete the experience of course. A new desk alone isn’t going to be sufficient if you really need to overhaul your working area.

The Flexispot E7 Standing Desk

Image of a Flexispot standing desk in white

The desk I’ve chosen to use in my small office is the Flexispot E7 adjustable standing desk in size 120×60 with aluminium white legs and white top. It’s very in keeping with my home office interior design.

If you’d like to check out the desk in detail, it’s listed on the Flexispot website.

Included in the desk package is the frame, the desk top, and the keypad control panel.

You may be wondering how easy it is to assemble the Flexispot standing desk. Well, it’s very simple and took us just over 30 minutes.

You can customise your desk when you purchase. In retrospect I wish I’d opted for the cable management tray – a hidden section at the back of the desk. Instead we’ve installed our own try under the desk to catch and maintain all the cables

Also, it would have been nice to add on a slimline drawer to fit neatly under the desk table top just to keep essentials like pens, post it notes and other electrical gadgets I need on a daily basis. I love to keep my desktop as clear as possible.

There’s plenty of space on top of the desk though, as you can see. It easily holds my laptop and stand, plus extra monitor and microphone, right light and keyboard.

How to raise the Flexispot Standing Desk

It’s incredibly simple to raise the desk. Simply hold down the arrow button on the control keypad until the desk reaches the desired height. I share my office with my husband (who works from home in a completely different job) and the desk motor is so quiet he rarely notices when it’s moving.

Furthermore, the premium keypad allows you to store up to 4 height settings, although these can be slightly adjusted if necessary when you need it.

One of the extra in built features I love is the anti-collision function which ensures safety by preventing the desktop from being damaged or crushing other objects and devices while in motion.

Flexispot Standing Desk White Legs with White top

What is it like to use a standing desk?

I’ve been using this desk for a few months now and can say it’s transformed by work from home experience. (All I need to do now is move the husband out to another room!).
Having an electric standing desk means flexibility and extreme comfort. I have peace of mind knowing I’m not damaging my body, muscles and back. And at a menopausal age, that’s imperative.

Here’s what Flexispot say about the ergonomic workspace:

The goal of ergonomics – also known as human factors – is to increase safety, comfort, and productivity by maximizing the fit between people and technology. 

I love the height range. I’m not particularly tall but even if my kids or husband use the desk they can find a height that suits them. I have occasionally found my younger teenager stood at the desk working on homework, her art work in particular.

You may be concerned about whether your height matters when it comes to choosing your desk. If you are I highly recommend trying out this ergonomic calculator before buying.

Do you just need a desk converter?

If it’s not possible to invest in the complete adjustable standing desk, you can buy desk converters. Using your fixed height table simply pop the converter on top and allow it to create the same effect as a standing desk. They look great as an intermediary solution and still afford that movement and flexibility that you need, and they’re a less expensive investment.

To help you decide on whether a Flexispot standing desk is suitable for you and your home office, I’ve answered some of the most popular questions.

Where is Flexispot Standing Desk made?

Flexispot is committed to creating working environments that promote efficiency, productivity and wellbeing. They’ve helped 10m people avoid spine issues, have 20 years in the ergonomics industry, 600+ R+D team members, 1000 active patents, and a 4.8 overall rating.

They have 340k sq. ft. warehouses around the globe, including 13 in the US, guaranteeing a quick and convenient delivery experience for customers. My desk arrived within days of being ordered here in the UK.

Whether you buy at the regular price or manage to bag a special price offer you’ll experience a great quality product too. Their products have been thoroughly tested with numerous Fatigue tests, Pressure Tests, Vibration Tests, and Temperature Tests. All of the products satisfy the most stringent qualifications around the world.

Do standing desks increase productivity?

Jen sitting at a Flexispot standing desk

Without a doubt, my own productivity has increased. Why? Well it’s simple. I’m much more comfortable at my desk and not distracted by discomfort, pain and awkwardness. I’m able to concentrate for longer periods.

You know one thing I’ve considered adding to my desk to really create a fun and even more productive environment is the Flexispot bike

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle brings lots of health problems. The bike acts as a great desk chair, with mesh back, adjustable height seat and supportive seat cushion. But use it as a bike when you work and you can track your calorie consumption and customise the cardio output.

It’s super quiet so it won’t disturb your work. And you no longer have the work excuse to prevent you starting your fitness journey – work AND work out together!

Let’s face it, how many of us have an exercise bike sat in the garage that we NEVER use? Yep, my hand is up. That’s why I’m seriously considering adding the Flexispot bike chair to my standing desk. It’s the ultimate in healthy, ergonomic office furniture.

Do standing desks help with back pain?

Undoubtedly, moving and refreshing your working position will increase you overall health and help with your back pain. I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my hip pain but also shoulder and arm stiffness too. I’m able to create a better working position.

I think it’s useful to add I also wear varifocal glasses and when sitting it’s almost impossible to create the best position so I can read the screen comfortably. When I stand I find I’m able to keep my head at a much more ergonomic position that allows me to read clearly, but doesn’t strain my neck either.

Should you wear shoes at a standing desk?

I see no reason why not. I opt for flat shoes or, as I work from home, my super comfortable slippers. If you’re wearing higher heels I would imagine you need to ensure you legs are at the optimum position for comfort when sitting, but consider how much pressure the heel will put on your back when standing for periods of time.

My husband is a big advocate of the barefoot shoe, and undoubtedly being able to support your posture well begins with good foot health. I can’t imagine wearing heels when standing at the height adjustable standing desk for longer periods will be good for your back.

What are the best techniques and accessories for reducing fatigue at a standing desk?

This is a great question. The main thing I’ve found that really helps minimise fatigue is to stand for periods of around 30 minutes. Then I choose to sit for a while and repeat the process of standing.

How many days did it take for you to adapt to using a standing desk?

I love this question! It’s not something I’d given much thought to, but in retrospect it’s a very valid point. It’s taken me a while to adjust to the desk. Some days I’ll sit normally and realise I’m feeling stiff yet have forgotten to raise the desk so I can stand.

To help with this I’ve adopted a little routine that seems to be helping.

I sit at the beginning of the day and set a time for 30 minutes. At this point I’ll then adjust the desk to a standing height and work this way for up to an hour. I’m still building up resilience to standing for long periods.

And I still need to walk away from the desk and move around; we all know its healthy to step away from our desktops and laptops to periods of time no matter what kind of desk we own.

Do standing desks make a difference?

Personally I’ve found the standing desk has made a huge difference to my physical and my mental health.

Sitting for such long periods as many of us have during lockdowns has given me a lot of pelvic pain, tight hamstrings and sore hips. Being able to stretch all those joints and muscles, and reduce the sitting periods has really helped my physical wellbeing.

Mentally I’m happier because I feel I’m doing something positive for me and my body, and any reduction in pain is always going to help our mental wellbeing.

Flexispot Review Conclusion

In retrospect I wish I’d opted for the the Flexispot standing desk with drawer option and of course, I’ve said I’m considering adding a Flexispot desk bike to really improve my fitness and health at this time.

There are cheaper standing desks around – the Ikea standing desk for example – but when I invest in a product like this I like to go to a specialist, one that devotes their time and energy to creating only this style of product. Of course we all have different budgets and the Flexispot E7 standing desk comes in at under £500 so it’s a good, mid to long-term investment.

Overall I’m super happy with this choice. I’d wavered for a long time on trying a Flexispot standing desk, but now I can’t imagine not having one in my home office.

If you’d like to find out more about Flexispot and the E7 standing desk head over to their website. And don’t miss out on their year end sale happening now!

The Flexispot Standing Desk was gifted for this review but all opinions are honest and my own.

Jen x


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