Review: Soak and Sleep

I have a bit of a thing about beautiful bedding, so I was really interested to try some products from Soak and Sleep. They’re a company I’ve heard of but never really known too much about, so thought that might be the same for some of you. As the name suggests, they sell everything from duvets and pillows to bedding to nightwear, and then fluffy towels to candles to bathroom accessories. They’ve just started some bedroom furniture, and I notice a section for kids too. So pretty much something for everyone, whatever your budget.

Soak and sleep review

Late last year, following on from our attic conversion, our youngest daughter moved into our old vacated bedroom, giving her much more space and a place for visitors to sleep. She adores the double bed, even though she takes up just one corner, and is happy to vacate it and sleep in the office, when her grandparents come to stay. On the last few visits it’s been a bit of a rush to wash and freshen the one set of bedding we had for this bed, so this time, they had the honour of testing out the new Classic Egyptian Cotton Bedding we had been sent from Soak and Sleep.

Comprising of the double duvet, a fitted sheet, 2 oxford pillowcases and 2 housewife pillowcases, in a fabulously versatile white, it’s a perfect complete set. The 200 count tells you it has that many threads woven into the fabric per inch, and this range has just been upgraded to use Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is renowned as a long staple cotton and is stronger, longer and finer than other cottons, so you get a good drape as well as longevity.

Egyptian cotton beddingBut what does it feel to sleep in? Well this has been well-tested. By both my parents and Miss R herself. The verdict? Wow, so soft and comfortable, and so cool too. I think this is the real test of a beautiful set of bedding. Even if it looks great, how does it feel next to your skin. Whilst it looks crisp and sharp, it doesn’t feel scratchy at all, and is wonderfully comforting at night. You can see a little from the photos that it’s become crumpled over the week as it’s been used, but I guess that’s one intrinsic feature of a 100% cotton product. It’s been washed now too, since these images, and it does need an iron before it goes back on the bed.

Soak and sleep review

It looks good with Miss R’s room decor and gives us an alternative from the patterned sheets we sometimes use. Another great thing we love, the fitted sheet is deep sided so fits perfectly over our mattress and topper – a little bugbear of ours.

In terms of price, for this whole set you’re looking at around £88. Not too bad at all for something so luxurious.

I’ve also been testing out a Luxury Pure Wool Duvet, again from Soak and Sleep, this time in a 4 Tog and for our loft bedroom. The attic, as you can imagine is starting to get very hot in the mornings, and at the end of the day, and so using a lighter weight duvet has been ideal. I wasn’t sure at all about having a Wool duvet though, and wanted to give this a good try. I’m going to come back and give you more information on it in a month or so, when the weather has really warmed up and we’ve had chance to test it out properly. But for now, let me tell you that this is beautifully luxurious and keeps us very cool. Surprising but true.

Pagoda Garden candle, Soak and SleepAnd what better way to finish of a beautiful bedroom than with a relaxing candle. Love this fragrance from the luxury candle range – Pagoda Garden. Containing green tea and Bergamot, it calms and refreshes you helping to give a great night’s sleep. AT £14.50, it would make a lovely gift.

What do you make of these products? Would you give Soak and Sleep a go for your next set of bedding?

Disclosure: The items were sent from Soak and Sleep as part of a review, all comments and opinions are honest and genuine. 

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Donna
    April 19, 2016 / 1:25 pm

    Great post love it 🙂

  2. Molly
    April 19, 2016 / 6:41 pm

    Soak & Sleep are a lovely company, I’ve got some super soft towels from there, but not tried any bedding. I look forward to your follow up report on the wool duvet, sounds intriguing! I love my goose down duvet but my boyfriend thinks it much too lightweight – maybe wool is the way forward? 😉

  3. tanya
    April 19, 2016 / 10:59 pm

    This bedding looks so comfy!! I would love to sleep in it. I bet the candle smells amazing too 🙂 You can’t beet something that relaxes you before bed.

  4. becky
    April 21, 2016 / 3:56 pm

    ooh her bedroom looks so lovely

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