How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep: A Fine Bedding Company Review

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Do you sleep well? Is your bed a haven of calm and relaxation that beckons you in?

Well if you don’t sleep well and think it might be something to do with the bed and the bedroom itself then perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at your surroundings. We’ve undertaken a Fine Bedding company review of a new duvet to try to help us.

The Fine Bedding Company asked if they could send me a new Duvet for the bed, but before I was to receive it their Sleep Expert wanted to ask me some questions. Now I sleep pretty well, but I do get cold. I love to feel the weight of the covers over me and feel restless if I can’t. This means I love a blanket or throw over the bed which helps with warmth and weight. Of course, if you share your bed with someone else they may have different requirements from the bedding which can make life a little complicated!

The Sleep Expert asked about being cold and I explained that I got cold but my husband gets very warm, it’s an age-old issue I know. (We’re nothing if not clichéd). So they recommended we try the new Breathe duvet just launched this month. Now I thought we might get to try a natural filling duvet like duck feathers or similar but Breathe is actually a microfibre duvet which I wasn’t too sure about. Apparently it’s filled with Smartfil Synthetic which regulates body temperature to its optimum level. It can keep you warm or cool you down by wicking away moisture from the body and dispersing it. And it is incredibly light. Okay, I reserved judgment.

fine bedding company review

Well I need not have worried. When it arrived I loved the packaging – it looks so smart and contemporary and we can use that cover bag again. The duvet felt gorgeous and luxurious, just like a feather duvet but lighter, so much lighter. We’ve been sleeping under it for about a week now and I am won over. It is just lovely and keeps me beautifully warm without needing the weight. And yes, my husband isn’t too hot under it either! It’s quite a revelation to be honest and we’re just thrilled with the product. I’m intrigued to see how I get on in the depths of winter as it’s not that cold at night just yet but the fact that we aren’t getting too hot under a 10.5 tog duvet is a good sign I think.

The Breathe Double duvet at 10.5 Tog rating is £90. Well worth the money.

Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep:

1. Ensure the room and area around your bed are clutter free and tidy.

2. Make your bed each morning so that you when you get into bed at night the sheets are plump, soft and smooth.

3. Keep the room well ventilated and not stuffy

4. Don’t use a nightlight if you can help it; the brain needs complete darkness to be fully rested in the morning

5. Maintain the right body temperature by having the right kind of duvet and bedding

6. Make sure your neck is properly supported and use the correct pillow for you.

7. If you struggle to sleep, do some relaxation exercises before bed or read. Find what works for you.


I hope you manage a good night’s sleep. I would certainly recommend a new duvet for the Winter and am thrilled with the Breathe duvet from the Fine Bedding Company. Well worth a look at their website if you want to check out their range. They are also available in House of Fraser stores as well as online.

Disclosure: I was sent a Breathe duvet from the Fine Bedding Company. All opinions and comments are genuine and honest and 100% my own.


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Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Antonia, Tidy Away Today
    October 30, 2013 / 5:19 pm

    One of our sons needed a new duvet recently and my mum bought him a microfibre one, it is lovely! Dare I say even nicer than his brother’s down filled one, because it is sooo soft, light and warm. We’d not tried one before, but I was definitely impressed. Enjoy snuggling in your new Breathe Duvet! x

    • Jen Stanbrook
      October 31, 2013 / 10:05 am

      Thanks Antonia. Yes it is much nicer than a down one we’ve had in the past and I really wasn’t expecting that. Technology eh?! x

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