Make your technology work with the style of your home

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Guest Post: Make your technology work with the style of your home


You spend a lot of time trying to make your decor work, so when you have to look at wires running rampant in your living room or your home office, it can be a frustrating experience. As much as you love being able to do work your computer or record your favourite shows on your DVR, these devices do you no favours when they wreck your home style. However, all that’s needed is a little ingenuity to sort out how you can hide those electronics and the cords they come with. Here are five ways to camouflage your technology at home.


Go smaller

In the age of “bigger is better”, it can be surprising to find smaller electronics, but that is exactly what’s happening with plasma screen televisions and laptop computers. Both of these popular electronics take up just a fraction of the space that they would have if you bought them just a few years ago. And especially in the home office, Toshiba laptops for example, can free you from a bulky CPU and monitor combo, not to mention all of the wires.


Get furniture custom-made

This is one of the pricier solutions to your electronics jam at home, but a getting custom-made entertainment stand is perfect for hiding all of your electronics because you can have a cubby built for each device, allowing you to expose the stereo only when you want to use it, for example. And in a home office, these masterpieces become even more functional if you want a way to tuck away the fax/printer/copier, along with any other devices you need to get work done.


Camouflage the television

The television has long since been the centrepiece of any family room, but it’s hard to blend in a wide flat screen with your decor, especially if you’ve taken the traditional route with deep rich woods and more natural patterns, such as florals. However, all is not lost. Try painting an accent wall (the one on which the television is mounted) in a darker colour so that your screen doesn’t feel so imposing on the rest of your decor.


Replace it with art

Whether you’ve placed your TV on a wall mount or on a flat surface, there’s another way to make it blend in if you don’t like dark paint shades. Give your entertainment stand the bookshelf treatment by artfully placing books, vases and candles around the electronics. Pull wires to the back so that they’re hidden, and you’ll nearly forget that they’re there!


Invest in a docking station

But what about all those other small devices, such as smartphones and mp3 players? You can find a handy home for them by purchasing a docking station in crisp white or simple black so that they’re not strewn all over the place with their cords and wires. What’s even better, you may find one that actually doubles as storage so that you can even tuck them away in a drawer-like charging station.


A commissioned guest post.

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  1. Ben Sunday
    November 29, 2015 / 1:48 pm

    I always find it hard to get technology fit in with our modern house! Some things just don’t fit in with all the glass :<

  2. August 7, 2016 / 9:13 am

    Nice tips. Low investment stuff but provide a great makeover to my house. I will be opting some of your tips for sure.

  3. October 8, 2016 / 9:37 am

    Nice ideas, technology and decor are becoming more integrated with things such as digital paintings being used in homes.

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