70+ Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas (Small Rooms Included!)

Need help with mature teenage girl bedroom ideas? No problem. I’ve created over 70 great tips for using modern design to create the perfect teen bedroom, for your older or mature teenager.

If your teen girl has a small space, these can often be quite challenging to decorate, so this post also focuses on the interior design of smaller rooms so they still look cool and stylish!

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas – 70+ Great Tips That You’ll Both Love!

Let’s begin with the overall starting point of designing a teenage girl’s room and how to give your young adult their dream bedroom.

Firstly, it’s quite likely that your teenage daughter has some strong ideas about how she wants her space to look and feel. Don’t ignore these. Work together if you can, compromise and work with your child’s personality to achieve a modern design that you both feel happy with.

Also, bedroom design should be fun, especially if you’re sharing it with your teen so enjoy the experience!

Discuss and Choose their Favourite Colour

Image: Wallsauce

Some of the beet mature teenage girl bedroom ideas come about from collaboration. Most teen girls will focus firstly on the colour of their room so allow her to pick one she loves. A great way to do this is find swatches online, order swatch cards or take her to the local DIY store.

Be aware that they may like bright colours and bold colour schemes whilst you prefer neutral colours and even a white colour scheme. The best way forward is to allow her to show her personality; after all enabling her to make her own design choices will give her the confidence to decorate her own home when the time comes.

  1. Persuade her to choose different shades to find a good scheme.
  2. Small rooms like bright or light colours so they feel more spacious.
  3. Test out the colours on swatches on the walls (do this in different places around the room)
  4. Encourage her to experiment with colour and not get too fixated on just one hue.
  5. Show her the colour in a finished room scheme – it can be hard to visualise when you’re new to decorating.
  6. Take a favourite item like cushion cover, to a DIY colour matching service to get the ideal colour you require.

Design for a teenage girl’s small bedroom

Image: Norsu

A small bedroom can be a challenge but can look just as good as larger rooms, it just needs a little more thought.

  1. If there’s no space for a separate desk and bed, create a study area under a tall bed.
  2. Create a multi purpose bed area – for sleep and night and relaxing in the day
  3. Use a light colour scheme to create the illusion of space
  4. Don’t be too alarmed if your teenager would like a bold colour scheme – they’re the ones that live in it
  5. Buy purpose built small room furniture if applicable
  6. Encourage lots of mirrors and fairy lights to build natural and artificial light into the space

3. Decorating the teen girl’s bedroom walls

Image: Furniture and Choice

Take your colour scheme and plan it on the walls first.

  1. Decide if you’d like an accent wall
  2. Add your favorite color to this feature wall
  3. Use complimentary colours on the rest of the walls
  4. Let your teenage daughter choose and arrange her own wall art
  5. Add a wall decal to show off her personality or interests
  6. Gallery walls are a great way to fill walls; pictures of her friends make great collages
  7. Bold prints on plain walls help add colour if you don’t want to commit to colourful walls
  8. Modern stick on wallpaper is another great solution for the teen bedroom walls

The bed and sleep areas in the mature teenage girl bedroom

mature teenage girl bedroom ideas include a wicker headboard, retro sheets in yellow and white bedside table and flowers

Image: Moozle

Cool bedroom ideas for your older teen’s room start with the bed so make it the perfect place for her to hang out. The older teen girl adores their bed. Whether for sleep or lounging, their bed is a focal point of their room. If they’re in a small room then the bed will dominate so start by designing from this point. If they have a bunk bed, you’ll want to pay special attention to this as feature of the room.

  1. A single bed is usually the best option
  2. Create a multi purpose bed area – for sleep and night and relaxing in the day
  3. Choose a bed on legs to create an illusion of space and for underbed storage
  4. Add lots of throw pillows, blankets and soft accessories for comfort
  5. Bedding and soft furnishings colours dictate the rest of the room.
  6. Use the foot of the bed for extra seating or storage if room allows
  7. Create plenty of storage space by utilising the under bed area
  8. Add lots of different textures to the bedding for a cool, sensory experience
  9. Don’t forget good bedside tables for storing books and treasures as well as giving a space for bedside lamps

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom ideas – study space

mature teenage girl bedroom ideas - corner desk area with art on the walls and tastefully curated shelves

Image: Sharps

Your daughter is not a little girl anymore and will need a great study area as she gets older. A good way to create the most useful area is to ask other older girls what worked for them or, read blog posts like this one of course! I have 2 mature teenage daughters and both have different study needs. These are some of the work space for mature girl bedroom ideas we’ve adopted.

  1. Have a big enough desk for a laptop but also for creative projects like the sewing machine or art materials
  2. If you have a small room, use the height for extra storage of books, files and accessories.
  3. Storage is key so incorporate drawers and shelves where you can
  4. Encourage them to label their storage – they have so much stuff, locating items can be a problem.
  5. Find a study space that doubles up as a dressing table area
  6. Surround the area with fairy lights or string lights but use a good desk lamp to avoid eye strain
  7. Whilst timeless pieces are a great investment, creative teenagers can be messy so be prepared for glue, paint and scratches
  8. Think practically and give them enough space for a sensible working environment.

Creatively use the space in the rest of the room

Image: Sparkle Lighting

The teen girl’s room needs to be a cool hangout space where they can retreat, work, hangout, sleep and play. So how do you use the rest of the room wisely?

If you’re dealing with a small space, you’ll need furniture for small rooms that’s perfectly sized to maximise practical functions as well as look stylish and cool.

Here’s where talking to your teen girl will be beneficial. Find out what they like and how they want to hangout in their room.

  1. Find out if they have a Pinterest board of their dream bedroom
  2. Share ideas on trends they might like before you start decorating
  3. If they love their musical instruments give them wall space to hang them, and a corner in which to play them
  4. A hanging chair is often a much desired part of the teen years
  5. Create a reading nook with beanbag and soft lighting
  6. Add fairy lights to the room to give ambient lighting choices
  7. Soft rugs on the floor add more sensory experiences
  8. Ensure your child’s personality is fully on show inside the room
  9. Use multifunctional furniture eg. beds that double up as sofas, stools with removeable lids for storage.

Create lots of storage in a mature teenage girl bedroom

We all remember having huge amounts of treasured belongings as a teen and not wanting to part with anything. If this is the case in your teenager’s bedroom then you’ll need lots of clever storage.

These are just some of the ideas we’ve come across and used in our own home that could be useful for your older teen girl too.

  1. Hanging shoe storage on the back of a door – great for shoes or many other collections
  2. Extra hooks. You can never have too many. We love Command Hooks for extra storage on the inside of a wardrobe door
  3. Pretty storage boxes. Pop them on shelves or the top of the wardrobe for organised extra storage
  4. Multi purpose trolleys. These are great if you have a crafter for a teen daughter, for storing crafting or sewing accessories
  5. Wall storage cubes. We love these boxes for display as well as clever storage
  6. Photo display pockets. These allow your girls to show their own unique styles when it comes to displaying art or photographs.

Encourage their decorating involvement

white desk in a mature teenage girl bedroom

Image: Furniture and Choice

It can be incredibly liberating and empowering as a teenager to be allowed to decorate your own room. Many of us adults fixate on creating the perfect home, want good quality decorating and always think we have a better way of doing things than our children. Show them you trust their skills and encourage them to get involved in the actual painting and DIY activities.

Better still, leave the house and let them get on with it. They’ll soon shout when they need help. Here are our tips on involving your teen daughter in decorating their bedroom.

  1. Give them all the tools to use and show them how to use them.
  2. Better still, introduce them to a YouTube channel and let them learn for themselves.
  3. Do not worry if the finish is not as good as yours; I’m sure you took many years to perfect your cutting in technique
  4. Suggest you paint the walls together and have fun in the process. Put on the music and chat to your teen – it might an opportunity to really bond.
  5. Do show them how to protect floors and furniture
  6. If they want to do an upcycling project, it’s a great idea introduce them to the best upcycling tools.
  7. Good enough is ok!

Best Teen Room Decor Ideas

Over the years I’ve tried a LOT of teen room deco schemes. This one for our own mature teenage daughter has been my favourite, and I particularly love the graphic wall mural and green ceiling (which she designed and painted herself).

These are some of my suggestions for great colour schemes for teen rooms, including some small bedroom colour palettes.

  1. Green in all its glory is a perfect base colour for a teenage girl’s room. Pair it with a subtle pink for a modern, cute scheme
  2. Black might scare you but your older teenager will be keen to experiment. Cover the lower half of the walls with black, the top half with a soft colour or even white for a monochrome look.
  3. Yellow. It’s a bright, sunny colour and works beautifully with blues, greens, pinks and oranges.

Choosing a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom Style

Image: Poster Store

You might assume that most older teenage girls will want a modern, contemporary room, but that’s not always the case.

Many teens are into vintage styles, retro designs and even the popular cottage core look. We may not understand our teen’s design choices, and they may not co-ordinate with the rest of your home, but try and relax into it.

  1. Allow them the autonomy of designing their own space; they’ll thank you for it in the future.
  2. Try and compromise on aspects of the design that might not be possible. They might be too expensive for example and your teenage daughter won’t know this.
  3. Practically some ideas may not be possible – hanging a chair from the ceiling for example. Explain this and show why
  4. Set a budget for your teen girl to stick to and encourage shopping in thrift or vintage stores to keep costs down.
  5. Help her make choices without undermining hers; explain why things might not work, but in reality she may need to try them out for herself before she believes you.
  6. Don’t judge her if her ideas don’t work out. Support and encourage experimentation; after all a paint colour on the wall can easily be changed.
  7. For the more permanent features, like carpets (which you’ll be funding) you may need to find a compromise.

Most popular trends for a teenage girls’ bedroom

Image: Desenio

You might be surprised at the variety of looks and trends for a teenage girl’s bedroom but they will be well versed in what’s hot and what’s not. Here is a guide to help you identify the best (and not so great) home interiors design trends that your teen girl may love. 

The essential shopping list for a mature teenage girl’s bedroom 

Image: I am Fy

There are a few things that every teenage girl bedroom needs! Use this shopping list to ensure you’ve got everything covered:

  1. Noticeboard
  2. Fairy lights, desk lamp and bedside lights
  3. Rugs for texture and sensory experiences
  4. Cool art for a wall collage
  5. Soft throw pillows and blankets
  6. Beanbag, hanging chair if space permits
  7. Great study space with comfortable desk chair
  8. Storage boxes
  9. Laundry bag
  10. Chalkboard
  11. Plants, faux and real
  12. Clothes hanging space
  13. Clothes drawer space
  14. Storage for personal items
  15. Lockable storage for privacy
  16. Place to hang/keep headphones
  17. Charging point for technology
  18. Pen pots and stationery storage
  19. Makeup and jewellery storage
  20. And of course, the bed!

And so there we have it. Over 70 great mature teenage girl bedroom ideas that help you and your teenager decorate the bedroom of their dreams. 

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