25 Paint Color Ideas for Teenage and Tween Girl Bedrooms [2024]

Does your teenage girl’s bedroom need a new color scheme? Are you looking for a new wall color for a teenage bedroom? Well you’re in the right place. 

With 2 teenage daughters of my own, and over 12 years of writing home interior articles, I’ve done the research into the best paint color ideas for a teenage girl bedroom. Let’s look at the different ways to give our teen girls a bedroom decor scheme they’ll love. 

Here are 25 of my favorite girls bedroom paint ideas.

Here’s a list of 25 best paint colours for a teen girl bedroom:

  1. Light Gray like Inox from Little Greene
  2. Warm Brown like Intense Chestnut from Dulux
  3. Rich Blue like Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball
  4. Turquoise like Turquoise Jewel from Dulux
  5. Sage Green like Sage Green from Little Greene
  6. Olive Green like Olive Tree from Dulux Heritage Paints
  7. Pastel Pink like Middleton Pink from Farrow & Ball
  8. Rich Khaki like Lenox Tan from Benjamin Moore
  9. Classic Black like Jack Black from Little Greene
  10. Salmon Pink like Conch Shell from Benjamin Moore
  11. Warm Grey like Dove Tale from Farrow & Ball
  12. Pastel Blue like Delicate Blue from Little Greene
  13. Subtle Pink like Calamine from Farrow & Ball
  14. Deep Teal like Mid Azure Green from Little Greene
  15. Yellow Ochre like Savannah Green from Benjamin Moore
  16. Romantic Pink like Sulking Room Pink from Farrow & Ball
  17. Magenta like Mischief from Little Greene
  18. Bright Pink like Rangwali from Farrow & Ball
  19. Off White like Brushed Cotton from Valspar
  20. Dusky Pink like Hellebore from Little Greene
  21. Peachy Pink like Peach Pink from Valspar
  22. Warm Red like Preference Red from Farrow & Ball
  23. Pinky Grey like Dusky Morn from Valspar
  24. Soft Black like Railings from Farrow & Ball
  25. Lilac like Lilac Icing from Valspar

You can’t go wrong with those girls room paint ideas!

Top Teen Girl’s Bedroom Paint Ideas

Pink and Gold

Pink teenage girl bedroom from Poster Store

Many teenage girls love a pink and gold bedroom and this is one of my favorite girls bedroom paint ideas. It’s stylish, sophisticated and feminine without being too sweet and sugary – well almost. Keep it simple with a blush pink paint choice for the walls, white modern furniture and gold accents. Add texture with rugs, throws and pillows in pink, white and metallic.

A teen girl’s bedroom doesn’t have to follow stereotypes and have walls painted in blush pink (unless that’s what they want of course). Instead, look at the paint trends, focus on colours they like and most importantly of all ask them. The teen bedroom should be a sanctuary away from the rest of the family and the world. We all remember spending our teenage years in our bedrooms, and today’s teens are no different so give them teenage girl room colors they’ll adore.

Neutral Tones – Easy Girls Bedroom Paint Idea

Neutral teen girl bedroom scheme from Next

For a teen girl who doesn’t like pink, choose something cool, calm and neutral; these are the best paint colors for a girl’s bedroom. This is particularly good if your teenager loves a Scandinavian decor with lots of natural textures, neutral shades and wooden accents. Keep the overall look light and bright and layer your shades. Depending on the amount of natural light in the room, opt for a beige wall paint with a pink or yellow base.

Pink and Blue

Bright bedroom colors from Sherwin Williams

Why not go for a fun bright color combination in your teen girl’s bedroom. Pink and blue together look fresh and exciting. Choose shades of similar density, then layer with complementary shades in the same tones. Here the bright pink doors are the focal point, and this could easily be a hot pink accent wall, whilst the different shades of blue help soften and add interest to the scheme.

Pastel Shades

Pastel wall colors are definitely a big trend right now for girl bedroom colors, so think lilacs, pale greens, pinks, blues and soft yellows. Mix these shades together to create a country cottage style teen bedroom that can grow with your teenager. Add layers of soft prints, flowers and stripes or checks to create the final look that so many young teenage girls love.

Sage Green Teen Girl Bedroom

Sage green is one of the trending wall colors this year and for good reason. It’s calm and serene yet packs a punch when it needs to. Combine it with pinks and golds for the perfect teen girl bedroom color scheme and you’ve got a winner that will stand the test of time.

There are lots of shades to choose from in our 25 Sage Green Paint Colors article, and lots of color combination ideas in the accompanying Sage Green Color Palette post too.

Our favourite? Sage green with lilac! This one has to be a big trend in the coming year or more so jump on it now and you’re ahead of the curve – suggest it to your teen, I’m sure they’ve been watching it on TikTok for a while.

Bright Green and Monochrome

Adding a bright green ceiling to our daughter’s teen bedroom makeover a few years ago gave it a sense of personality. Combined with a monochrome wallpaper, wall paint and furniture it felt fresh and contemporary. We gave her creative freedom over the design and choice of colours which she enjoyed and helped her to feel connected to, and invested in her room.

Mint and Yellow

Pink Desk from Back in Action

Now this may not be a color combination for a teenage girl’s bedroom that you initially think of, but adding pastel pink to the scheme brings in a modern and contemporary look that she’ll love. The cool, crisp pastel shades work well with modern furniture, white woodwork and simple textures, so don’t pass this over. Adding a softer yellow might tone it down if it feels too bright. The addition of the bright blue helps it feel less saccharine and gives it a retro 80s vibe.

Black and Pink

Bedding from the Secret Linen Store

This is one of my favourite paint color for a teen girl bedroom – a dark blue or almost black wall combined with soft pink bedding and accessories. Keep this look fresh and modern by introducing textured materials like wicker and rattan, waffle throws and fluffy pillows. A touch of yellow or sage green would work well too, if you want an accent colour.

Hot Pink Accent Wall

Accent wall in hot pink – Furniture and Choice

This is a very bright color combination but your daughter is expressing her personality and this is the first time you’ve let her loose on her room decor, so you just have to go with it. You’ll probably be surprised at her maturity and consideration of her choices; design is a big deal for young people so don’t dismiss her ideas. This bright pink accent wall is stunning and combined with a deeper blue, accents of yellow and a few floral accessories can look fresh and powerful.

How to Choose a Teen Girl Bedroom Color

When you’re choosing a color scheme for your teen girl bedroom, don’t be afraid to let your teenager have a say in the decor choices. Don’t be afraid to let her use a vibrant color if that’s her choice, even if you’re reticent about bright colors.

These are my tips for working with your teenager when choosing a paint color for their bedroom:

  1. Persuade her to choose different shades to find a good scheme.
  2. Small rooms like bright or light colours so they feel more spacious.
  3. Test out the colours on swatches on the walls (do this in different places around the room)
  4. Encourage her to experiment with colour and not get too fixated on just one hue.
  5. Show her the colour in a finished room scheme – it can be hard to visualise when you’re new to decorating.
  6. Take a favourite item like cushion cover, to a DIY colour matching service to get the ideal colour you require.

What colours should you avoid in a Teenage Girls’ bedroom?

There aren’t many colors that are off limits to your teenage girl’s bedroom but I would avoid anything that will show too many marks or get damaged easily. For the best paint color for a girls bedroom I’d recommend a wipeable paint. As for the shade, let her choose. It’s her room after all, and you can always paint it when she moves out.

Best Paint Colors for Tween Girl Bedroom

Selecting the ideal paint color for a tween girl’s bedroom can be both fun and challenging, given their transition phase between childhood and adolescence.

Soft pastels like lavender and mint provide a serene and youthful ambiance while still feeling age-appropriate. For those seeking a more mature touch, muted tones such as dusty rose or sage green can create a sophisticated yet playful atmosphere.

Additionally, neutral grays with pops of vibrant accent colors like teal or coral can strike a balance between the child years and teenage aspiration.

Ultimately, the best palette should reflect the girl’s personality, ensuring it’s a space where she feels comfortable and authentic.

Teen Girl Bedroom Color Palette Ideas

There are some great colour combinations that suit a teen girl bedroom so I’ve listed out a few favourites that you might like to explore using our list of 25 above.

5 & 7 – Sage Green with Middleton Pink (Sage Green with Sweet Pink)

23 & 17 – Dusky Morn with Mischief (Dusty Pink with Magenta)

2 & 25 – Intense Chestnut with Lilac Icing (Brown and Lilac)

If you’re ever unsure of how to choose a color palette, the main paint brands often have their own suggestions, but here are a few extra ideas.

  1. Rich Blue with Pale Pink
  2. Dark Gray with Coral Pink
  3. Lilac with Sage Green
  4. Chocolate Brown with Off White
  5. Deep Magenta with Pale Pink

Best Paint Color for Girl Bedroom

There are many paint colors for a girl bedroom to choose from but current trends are lilac with some green. It’s a refreshing combination that can look feminine but also very modern. It has the potential to age well and is easily updated.

What are the best bedroom wall colors for teenage girls?

The answer will depend on their style and the size of the room. If you have a small space to play with, opt for a neutral color, and even go for white walls to help the room feel more spacious and make the most of any natural light.. Many teens will love bold colors so embrace this look and let them experiment – remember you can always paint over it when they move out.

What’s the best paint color for a small teenage girl bedroom?

Small teenage girl bedrooms need special attention. Our youngest daughter lived in her small bedroom for many years (before we converted the attic and she was able to move into a larger room) and we used lots of design ideas to make the most of the space. She always wanted the feminine touch on her room, so the walls were often painted in light pink, which worked very well. Any pastel shade could work and allow the room to feel as spacious as possible. 

Teenage Girl Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are lots of useful teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms but the main one is to keep it tidy and clutter free. That might be difficult, so you’ll need lots of good storage. Think about a clever modular wardrobe system, storage boxes for under the bed, add shelving, storage boxes on closets and multi-purpose furniture. The more useful storage you can add to the room, the more spacious it will feel.

If you’re decorating a teenage girls small bedroom, think about the following:

  1. Use light reflecting paint where possible to make the most of the natural light in the room.
  2. Keep the window treatments light and airy – roller blinds are a good solution.
  3. Ensure the bed has space for storage. Try a cabin bed with desk and shelving built in.
  4. Opt for smaller patterns and prints so as not to overpower the room and space.
  5. Buy furniture on legs to give the illusion of more floor space.

There are lots of modern teenage girl bedroom ideas here and I hope you can find some inspiration in how to paint your teen girl’s bedroom.

So now you’ve chosen the wall colour for your teen girl’s bedroom makeover you’ll need a few other decorating ideas.

In our bumper article on the 70+ Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas we have an array of ideas to help.

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