10 of the Best Sofas for Small Living Rooms

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If you’re looking for small sofas for small spaces, I’ve curated a fabulous collection with the help of ufurnish.com. Whether you want a loveseat, a 2 or 3 seater sofa or need extra sleep space for guests on a sofa bed, there’s something here for every small home.

You shouldn’t need to compromise on either style or practicality simply because you have a small living room, and stores have great selections of smaller sofas for the smaller home.

Best Sofa for Small Living Room Guide

I’ve been helped by ufurnish.com in creating this article.

So let’s dig into this collection of compact sofas for small spaces!

ufurnish.com helps people find furniture from over 100 different UK retailers all in one handy place. It brings together products and retailers from right across the furniture retail market, and allows you, the consumer, to search, discover, compare and then buy. All in one place!

That perfect small sofa you’re after? No need to scour the internet and browse through tens of different stores. Search in ufurnish.com and not only discover a wide selection of small sofas perfect for a small space, you’ll also find the best price too. When you’ve found your ideal product simply buy direct from the retailer.

Deidre McGettrick, ufurnish.com founder says:

By their very nature, smaller living rooms have an immediate cosy feel. Capitalise on this feeling and elevate it even further by choosing small, intimate sofas in neutral tones. The addition of cushions and throws in bolder shades will stop the space feeling too pared back while bringing more warmth. Finally, an accent chair can be a great way to create a separate nook within a smaller space. Here at ufurnish.com we want to help people create their perfect home regardless of the size and we love finding new and exciting ways to refresh smaller living spaces. With some smart choices, multifunctional pieces and a bit of imagination you can create your perfect living space no matter its size.

2 Seater Sofas for Small Spaces

At the time of writing I searched for 2 seater sofas at ufurnish.com and found over 7000! That means there is definitely a small sofa on their website to suit you, your family and your small room. Whether you’re looking for certain fabrics, small leather sofas, modern or traditional, there’s a small sofa for you.

Throughout this article you’ll find a selection of my top picks.

Heal’s Iver Sofa

We all want comfortable sofas for small spaces in our compact homes, so this Heal’s sofa ticks a lot of those boxes for me.

Perfect for snug spaces, the Iver 2 seater sofa combines superior comfort with contemporary style, and features a distinctive slim frame ideal for space challenged rooms.

Italian 2 Seater Sofa in Pink

A pink sofa may seem feminine but in the current climate it’s the perfect sofa color for a small room. This angular, boxy style is modern and contemporary and would work well coupled with sage green as a scheme.

3 Seater Sofas for Small Living Rooms

Darlings of Chelsea 3 Seater Charnwood Sofa

I’m a huge fan of the Charnwood sofa from Darlings of Chelsea and have a small loveseat version in my own home. So I was thrilled to be able to add this small 3 seater sofa to the list. Comfort is incredible as is durability – I’ve had mine for 5 years and it looks like new!

The Best Corner Sofas for a Small Living Room

You may have a small living room and face the decorating challenges that come with such a space, but that shouldn’t mean you compromise on trends. The love of the corner sofa knows no bounds, and now you can enjoy the delights in your small living room too.

If you’re looking for a corner sofa for a small living room I’ve found just the thing.

Dunelm Small Corner Chaise

It’s definitely a challenge to find corner sofas for small spaces but this one comes up trumps! The fabulous little corner chaise sofa from Dunelm fits the bill and allows you comfort and relaxation at the end of a hard day, with your very own delightful piece.

The Best Compact Sofas for Small Spaces

If you’re looking for more compact sofas, I recommend searching for loveseats at ufurnish.com and using their clever system to compare sizes, fabrics and of course, prices. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the variety and size of the small space sofa collection.

Swyft Linen Love Seat

Whether you call the loveseats, snugglers or simply compact sofas, these tiny sofas are perfect for the space challenged home. Stylish in design, yet practical and functional, they add a modern and contemporary look to any small space. Finished in a linen fabric, this one above from Swyft in a cool sage green, is perfect.

Darlings of Chelsea Love Seat Sofa

I’ve long been a fan of Darlings of Chelsea and love their quality sofas and stylish designs. The Chelsea Love Seat is no exception.

This beautiful, tiny couch is the epitome of comfort and relaxation and you’d be overjoyed sinking into this one at the end of the day. Gorgeously styled on castors with soft curves and a sumptuous seat, this loveseat is the perfect snuggling sofa for 2.

Small Leather Sofas for Small Rooms

A small leather sofa, like those found at ufurnish.com add a level of sophistication and timeless elegence not found with other products.

Heals Small Leather Sofa

I’ve heard that the demand for leather sofas is on the increase and I can see why with designs like this one from Heals. Sleek and sophisticated, it’s designed to be timeless and durable. The slim design and high legs offer the perfect design for a small living room.

Leather Loveseats for Small Spaces

Darlings of Chelsea Galloway Loveseat

So let’s combine our love of small loveseats for small spaces with a leather fabric that’s so popular right now. Here is another fabulous piece from Darlings of Chelsea that I, personally, would love. Imagine how loved and well used this will look in 10 years time – the stories it could tell, the history it will be part of. It’s the perfect piece to hand down the generations so treat yourself to a sumptuous leather loveseat for your beautiful small home.

Small Sofa Sets for Small Spaces

Lots of you will be on the lookout for a living room sofas set for your small space. And quite right too. You get the simplicity of a coordinating set and the peace of mind of good room design.

Arthauss Carlo II Sofa Set

There aren’t many sofa set designs for a small living room better than this one. Sleek and sophisticated, minimal and chic, it’s best suited to a smaller space with its compact design, high legs and slim build. Choose from 2 or 3 pieces to suit your family and your room.

Best Sofa Bed for Small Living Rooms

I recommend you peruse the selection of small sofa beds at ufurnish.com to find one suitable for your home. If you do live in a small home, you’ll want to make the most of the space you have. That doesn’t mean you can’t invite overnight guests – particularly if you’re smart and invest in a small sofa bed perfect for small living rooms!

Cocoon Alice 2-seater Sofa Bed

What a cute and compact sofa bed! And whilst I’ve shown it here in a very light cream shade, it comes in various other hues too, so there’s one to suit your decor and colour scheme.

I think it’s clear that ufurnish.com have a great selection of 2 and 3 seater sofas perfect for a small living room. So take a deeper look to find one that suits you. And don’t forget you can compare prices whilst you’re there. You may even find the same sofa at different retailers and grab a bargain!

They also have some lovely brands on their website which sell some great small sofas, from Cocoon Sofa Beds, to Sofa Club and also Swyft to help you get started.

Which colour sofa is best for a small living room?

I’m a big fan of embracing colour whatever the size of your room, but generally you’ll want lighter colours to help the room feel more spacious. Stick to neutrals, greys and creams (washable of course) so your small room doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

What is a very small sofa called?

A very small sofa can be called a few things, but compact, tiny, snuggler or loveseat are the terms usually used to define a sofa designed for the smaller home.

What kind of furniture is best for small spaces?

When you’re choosing small living room furniture, and that includes a sofa, think about proportions. For a standard look small living room, you’ll want furniture designed for smaller spaces. It means that they won’t feel too big in the space, and you’ll be able to add to them easily.

However, if you’re wanting a more dramatic look, opt for pieces that seem a little too large – just a touch – and you’ll create more of a wow factor and talking point for your small room.

What sofas make a living room look bigger?

Choose slim designs with high legs that allow the light to move around the room. Select light reflecting fabrics if you can and opt for lighter colours, even if you’re tempted by the on trend darker tones that are so popular. You’ll be thankful when your sofa helps your small living room appear much more spacious.

Is a light or dark sofa best in a small room?

Whilst I’m not one to dictate how you should decorate your home and believe that design rules are there to be broken, a small living room will benefit from a light coloured sofa. Too dark and you’ll make the room feel even darker, but greys, taupes, pale blues and pinks are all perfectly suitable colours for your small living room sofa.

How do you make a large sofa look good in a small room?

If you need a larger 3 seater sofa in your small living room, opt for a slimline design with feet to raise it off the ground. Keep the furnishings like cushions and throws to a minimum and go for a sleek, unfussy look. Choose a lighter shade of fabric – pale blues and pinks are on trend right now – so the room won’t feel too crowded.

If you’re looking for more advice when it comes to buying a new sofa, ufurnish.com have a great Sofa Buying Guide.

We also have tips on Styling a Sofa, as well as a selection of on-trend Green Velvet Sofas.

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