The Green Velvet Couch: 15 Stunning Statement Sofas

The green velvet sofa has been popular in home interiors for some time now, and it’s definitely here to stay.

In recent seasons it’s seen a little update and now we are embracing new shades of green, more modern design and a much more relaxed look when it comes to our green couches.

The aim of our green velvet couch roundup is to show you what is out there, both on the high street and the internet, in order to make an informed choice when making your purchase. We hope to show that the stylish green velvet sofa has earned its place as a top statement sofa of choice, and with a little imagination, careful styling and inspired color scheme, it can make your living space feel like a million bucks.

So let’s crack on with our favourite selection of the best a green sofa has to offer.

15 Statement Green Velvet Couches – Sofas to Swoon Over

1. Zoe Green Velvet Sofa from Dunelm

The Zoe green velvet sofa from Dunelm above is a prime example of how we are loving the more acid green shades. The olive green hue of this two seater with bolster cushions has a mid century feel, and leans heavily toward the trend for biophilic home interiors, which interior designers are predicting for 2023. The budget sofa is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home interior, and will blend well with a neutral color scheme.

2. Swoon Mendel in Forest Green Velvet

This Swoon sofa available at has a touch of the traditional, with the pleated button detail, but is brought into the modern day with slim arms, bolster pillows and metal legs. It’s a modern day chesterfield and is perfect for a small living room. Again the more olive green shade is ideal for a contemporary home, and pairs well with earthy tones, or with bright colors like oranges, pinks and yellows.

3. Forest Green Velvet Corner Sofa

We begin showing the first of several corner sofas which are a seating space of choice right now. The plush throw pillows, soft cotton velvet and array of plump back cushions from this chaise, shout long-lasting comfort. This green chaise with solid wood frame is a statement piece for any home, filling the space with elegance and stylish sophistication. It’s a clever choice. 

4. Forest Green Velvet Corner Sofa from Cult Furniture

The Cult Furniture Anderson Emerald Green Corner Sofa in Velvet is the perfect example of a sleek, modern velvet couch that suits most family homes. With the corner chaise section, it adds a contemporary touch to a living space, plenty of room for the kids, and is a welcoming seating option at the end of a long, hard day.

5. Large Green Velvet Sofa 

If you’re the proud owner of a larger sitting room, or have an open plan living area to decorate, this stunning Sofology Cricket 4 seater sofa in Olive Green is one to covet. The piping, button back, and side bolster cushions make this an elegant addition to your living space, and gives it huge wow factor against a backdrop of striking wallpaper

6. Rocket St. George Green Velvet Couch

If an olive velvet sofa isn’t for you and you need a more subtle green for your color scheme, this sustainable Rocket St. George green velvet chesterfield sofa could be the one. Again, we see the sofa design nodding toward a mid century style, with curved arms and soft button back cushions. It’s simple elegance sits well in a minimal interior, even a more Scandinavian decor, and its deep green color pairs well withy earthy, natural tone

7. Small Sofas in Green Velvet

This striking small green velvet sofa from Dunelm fits neatly into any small home, small living room, or even a small bedroom. The design is one that appeal to many – easy on the eye, comfortable and inviting, and the ideal statement green velvet couch.

8. Emerald Green Small Velvet Sofa

Not all greens are equal and if you’re not a fan of an olive green, maybe you are drawn to emerald green instead. The rich, dark hue is still a favorite amongst green velvet sofa lovers, and this Furniture and Choice Eaton Emerald Green Velvet 2 Seater Sofa, has the double impact of easy to clean velvet upholstery, and a 10/10 for comfy design. 

9. Dark Green Velvet Couch

This stunning dark green velvet sofa from Pepper Sq is taking the corner chaise sofa design to a whole new level. Sharp lines and angular shaping gives it a statement appeal, and the dark green velvet sits well with all decors, including bright pops of color, a biophilic interior or a more earthy, natural color palette.

10. Large Corner Green Velvet Couch

This is the Dillon left-hand green velvet corner sofa  and it has all new levels of squishy, comfortable cushions that just shout a lazy Sunday afternoon. Once you’re settled on this dark green velvet couch, you’re not getting up for hours!

11. Modern Green Velvet Sofa

Super sleek and minimal. This stunning green velvet couch from Heals is one of our favourites. Perfect for the Scandi and contemporary interior design, it’s one of the luxury velvet sofas that caught our eye. It may be more statement sofa than the lounging type, but that doesn’t stop us adoring its modern aesthetic.

12. Small Green Sofa for Small Rooms

Got a small space that needs a small green sofa? Look no further this cute Matilda 2-seater dark green velvet couch from Dunelm. Stylish, compact and bang on-trend it oozes statement looks, and we love it’s neat and tidy design. Ideal for a small apartment, the corner of a larger bedroom, or an open plan area that needs a little extra seating.

13. Simple Green Sofa from Habitat

The Habitat Teo is perhaps a surprise addition to our list but we can see it’s appeal, particularly as a green velvet daybed. Soft, enveloping cushions align with a sturdy design, and a beautiful green velvet upholstery. Whilst it’s big enough for 3, the arm-free design makes it feel more compact and actually fits well into a smaller space. Don’t discount this velvet green sofa for the small home living experience. 

14. Elegant Velvet Green Sofa

If a light green velvet sofa is on your wishlist then take a look at the Edgar Sofa from Sweetpea & Willow.

The mid-century design features fluted arms and and gorgeous gold-capped feet. It’s a design statement, and one we’d feel honoured to enjoy in our living space. How about you?

15. Small Loveseat Green Velvet Sofa

Let’s finish up with one of my own velvet green sofas – the Darlings of Chelsea Charnwood Loveseat. This one nestles in my dining room den, a small, multifunctional room where the teenagers hang out, we eat our meals, and acts as an extension of the kitchen. This sage green velvet sofa has worked very hard over the last few years, and looks as good as new. The green velvet upholstery cleans easily and has withstood years of abuse from children and pets. It’s a sage green color, one we adore, and one that is having a small moment in interior trends right now. 

Are velvet sofas going out of fashion?

Does it matter? If you love a good green velvet couch like we do, then who cares if it’s in fashion or not!

How do you style a green velvet couch?

In your living room, just add tonal cushions in a range of green shades. Add throws and decor in neutral, earthy tones, or go bold with yellows, pinks and orange accessories.

If you’ve loved our selection of beautiful green velvet sofa ideas then also check out Popular Sofa Colors and Easy Ways to Use a Colorful Sofa

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