How to Maximise Space in Your Small Home

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Living in a small home isn’t the worst thing in the world. Let’s talk about how to maximise space in a small home. 

A smaller space means you’ll have less to clean in general, and you’ll also have fewer rooms to cool, heat, and light, cutting the cost of many household bills.

However, small homes come with their disadvantages, too – namely, the fact that you don’t have bags of space. Our bathroom is a key example. 

Trying to fit all of your things into a house that simply isn’t big enough can be challenging, if not pretty impossible. You don’t want to live in an overly cluttered space, but it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making the most out of your space.

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to maximise space in your small home.

On a mission to save space and help your little home feel a little bit bigger? Here are just a few ways you can make it happen.

How to Maximise Space in your Small Home:

Streamline your Belongings:

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You don’t have to completely purge your home of all your beloved belongings, but you do need to evaluate the things you own with a critical eye and get rid of the stuff that no longer brings you joy or serves a purpose.

You can sell the things you no longer need for a bit of extra cash, or you can donate them to a local charity to support a good cause and help those in need.

Hide it Away:

There’s only so much stuff you can give away or get rid of.

When it comes to finding a place to put the things that remain, get creative with storage solutions that minimise clutter and help you keep your space in order.

Look for ottomans with lifting lids, sleek storage bins that fit the bottom shelf of your bookcase, back-of-the-door organisers, and other clever devices to embrace a more minimalist aesthetic.

Don’t Make a Mess!

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If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, you certainly can’t afford to let what little room you have get dirty.

A little mess can quickly overwhelm a little space.

Instead, be diligent about keeping your house clean. Whether you need to make yourself a daily cleaning schedule, set up a family chore chart, or find an accountability buddy to hold yourself to the task, dedicating time each day to spruce up your space will help you utilise your home to the fullest.

Use Mirrors to your Advantage:

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Don’t overwhelm your walls with lots of flashy art – that’s a quick way to make a small room feel even smaller. Instead, embrace mirrors as decorative pieces throughout your home to add an attractive visual element and give your room the illusion of appearing larger than it actually is.

Finding ways to maximise the space in your small home may feel like a challenge at first, but with a little effort and strategy, you can easily make the most of each room in your home.

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