How to Keep Your House Clean and Stylish with Pets

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Keeping the family home clean AND stylish is always a challenge, but throw pets into the mix and it becomes even harder.

The teens and I have wanted a cat for years, but my husband has always objected.

We might have finally persuaded him, and I’m so excited to have a pet around again.

However, I am not excited about the extra cleaning that comes with this.

Beko has discovered that pet owners spend on average 4 times longer cleaning than non-pet owners. That is definitely not for me!

I’ve researched some ways to make this cleaning much easier for us all.

How to Keep your Home Clean AND Stylish with Pets


My Roomba is a fantastic little vacuum that has a made a time-consuming activity so much easier.

Working with sensors, the Roomba can navigate our home without any extra help from me, detecting obstacles and steep drops.

While it might not be able to get into every corner, this passive cleaning requires no effort and I often set it off while I’m working or out of the house. It certainly feels great to come back to a clean home.

Through their survey, Beko found that shedding dog hair is the number 1 messiest pet trait.

The Roomba is perfect for cleaning these stubborn pet hairs and can be set up whenever necessary to always keep my lovely carpets and floors clean.


Doggy Decor by KONA CAVE®,

While you can keep trying to get your pet to sleep in their actual bed, if they pick a spot on the sofa, they’re not leaving!

I recommend keeping a stash of blankets and throws on hand to protect your furniture.

Keeping a blanket over those spots your pets love will also add an extra design element to your house.

There are so many unique and affordable throws out there that can be swapped out to keep your home looking fresh and on trend.

Rather than having to struggle taking off awkward cushion covers or dismantle furniture, blankets are easily thrown in the wash and can be spot treated for more difficult stains.

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on a throw or blanket for whatever reason, it might be worth taking a look at fitted sofa covers from a company like Cover My Furniture. These combine the neat presentation of regular sofa covers with all the practicalities and convenience of a blanket or throw. If they ever get stained or messy (which let’s be honest, is pretty likely with pets around), a fitted sofa cover can simply be easily removed from your furniture and put through the wash, to come out looking as good as new. It’s certainly a useful antidote to shedding dog hair!


Orthex Storage at John Lewis

You can do a lot to avoid mess, but with pets accidents are bound to happen eventually.

Having all necessary cleaning supplies on hand is essential to mitigate damage and escape permanent stains.

Keep all supplies such as stain remover and air freshener together, perhaps in the laundry room if you have one, hidden away in a cupboard, or even by the door if you have dogs, ready for use after coming back from a muddy walk.

It’s always important to ensure all cleaning supplies are pet friendly too.


by Ava Innes ,

I’m sure many of us are familiar with the smells that can be associated with having pets.

It’s certainly a reason I’m hesitant about having a pet again.

But with a little extra work they can be prevented.

If your pet’s bedding is high quality and absorbent this will minimise any odours and reduce the amount you will have to clean it.

Nowadays you can find a variety of patterns and colours that will complement your house, and stylish designs are always becoming easier to find.

But keeping up a regular cleaning schedule is still important.

Cleaning little and often will prevent buildup of dirt and smells, not only keeping your home clean, but assuring your pet is healthy and safe.

I’m hoping these ideas will mean my cleaning work doesn’t increase too drastically when we adopt a cat.

If you want to know more about living with pets you can read the article from Beko.

Please let me know if you have any other tips!

Jen x


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