How to Design a Stylish AND Functional Bedroom

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How do you make your bedroom stylish but functional at the same time? It’s an age old problem.

The bedroom is the most personal room in the house and needs to be a space where you can relax, unwind and sleep soundly. 

You also need it to be functional. 

It needs to house your clothes and shoes, be a dressing room, perhaps hold a desk, maybe a baby and their cot too. 

The bedroom has lots of roles to fulfill so it’s very easy to create a practical, functional space that doesn’t really give much in the way of style or beauty. 

Of course, it’s very common that if we focus solely on the good looks of our newly decorated bedroom, we forego the functionality and practical elements this space requires. 

So let’s take a look at some of the ways we can combine both functionality AND stylish good looks to our bedroom designs. 

How to Design a Stylish AND Functional Bedroom

Blackout Blinds

When it comes to blinds in a bedroom, most people are a bit gung-ho fail to incorporate any design elements into their choice. They choose practicality over good looks. 

It’s well worth doing some research to find a blind that complements or coordinates with the rest of your decor. Perhaps you can even use the blind design as the basis for the rest of your decorating plan. 

A blackout blind is a must for kids, and if you like to sleep in a completely dark space, as I do. 

I can’t sleep well if the room is too light, so I always want a blackout blind in my bedroom designs. 

If you shop at somewhere like Dotcomblinds’ blackout blinds, for example, you can get the functionality with all of their blind designs.

You’re not limited to simple black or white as with many companies, but can choose from their complete fabric range for the blackout blind version. 

So, that’s one easy way to incorporate great practical elements with beautiful design.

AND you get to have a good night’s sleep too. What more could you want. 

Extra Storage

Image: Loaf

Now, storage isn’t a very sexy aspect of design, not many people have a lust for IKEA shelves, and wardrobes can eat up valuable floor space making a room feel smaller, but storage in the bedroom is incredibly important. 

We need it for clothes, shoes, makeup, jewellery, books, and so much more depending on the size of your home. I have been known to store our Christmas decorations in ours, for example. 

So you absolutely MUST invest in creative, functional and beautiful storage options. 

There’s a lot to be had so do your research. Shop around. Look for inspiration on Pinterest, on blogs, in magazines and on Instagram

Find pieces that offer the storage needs you have and that look good if they’re going to be on display. 

Some of the best pieces I’ve come across include those with hidden storage like beds that open up to reveal a big storage space underneath and ottomans which give great towel and bedding storage but double up as a seat.

Baskets are pretty and look great on display plus hold a myriad of items you need to have to hand. 

Shelves are useful of course, and you can style them to create something pretty whilst creating a space to hold your possessions. 

Then you’ll want some good jewellery and makeup storage which can often be tricky, but shop around and find some within budget and that do their job. 


Image: Original BTC

Now, you probably use your bedroom for more than just sleep?

As I’ve already mentioned, you might have a baby sleeping in your room with you, you may work at a desk in your bedroom, do projects and hobbies, store your library of books or music. The list is endless. 

So when you’re in your bedroom not sleeping, you need light.

However just the standard ceiling light won’t cut it, that’s only good during the day and isn’t usually variable.

You will need to have a selection of different lighting options, allowing you to layer the light and control the brightness during the evenings. 

I would highly recommend having a dimmer switch on your main light in the room

If you’re watching TV in bed before sleeping, having the light at full blast can make it harder for you to be sleepy so being able to control the light is a good thing. 

Desk or reading lights are good for the side of your bed, for when you’re reading at night. 

And don’t forget good task lighting at your desk or dressing table. 

A lit mirror is also a great idea for your morning routine and applying your makeup. 

Image copyright Jen Stanbrook


What other features would you incorporate into your bedroom that help with both design and functionality?

Can you really make a bedroom look beautiful and be practical? I really think you can. 

And if you follow some of these ideas, you’re sure to have a bedroom you LOVE.

Jen x


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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