How To Create a Chic Summer Bedroom at Low Cost

Summer is a great time to give your bedroom a switch around with its décor, but not everyone has the cash to re-decorate their rooms which is why it is important to shop around online and around furniture stores to pick up bargains! Typically a French chic styled room consists of white walls with combinations of floral and even dashes of coloured furnishings and accessories around the room as French chic needs to have a fresh, roomy and airy feel.

Elle Décor is always a useful online publication to follow for inspiration and you can use their French chic style to implement into your own bedroom.

If you prefer a plain yet elegant room then this styled bedroom is very chic as the plain white walls combined with the fresh pink flowers and floral arm chair really mix well together!


chic summer bedroom


This country French chic styled bedroom features plenty of personality on the fresh white walls with different sized picture frames, floral headboards and lamps and throws over the bed and armchairs! All of these looks are highly achievable as long as you have a blank canvas to play with in the first place (plain white walls).

summer bedroom

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First up let’s start off with an armchair as this is likely to be the biggest splurge out of all the items in the bedroom. Armchairs seem to be very fashionable amongst French chic rooms as they provide a certain homely yet elegant feel to the room. The chair below is actually from a contract furniture store called, Hill Cross Furniture which provides for restaurants and so on, but you can find armchairs from charity shops and re vamp them yourself at a much cheaper price!




amchair from Hill Cross Furniture



Another tip you can follow is to collect important pieces of art (printed off or bought), fashion pieces or photographs of loved ones and get yourself down to a charity shop or DIY store to pick up some different sized frames and small pots of tester paint. Then all you have to do is sand the frames down, add a touch of paint, re-sand and then pop the photo in and put it on the wall.

After this collecting some very much needed accessories for your French chic bedroom is vitally important as this is where all the character comes from. Some top bargain based accessories include the following:

  • Keep fancy champagne/wine bottles to put dining room candles in as the burnt waxed affect down the side of the bottle really creates a shabby vibe.
  • Keep old perfume bottles and especially ones from, Marc Jacobs as these feature quirky and colourful lids which look amazing dotted across the windowsill or a shelf.
  • Buy or make some bunting to place along shelves or the top of doors.
  • Invest in some fairy lights to wrap around bed frames or to dangle off the top of wardrobes.
  • Place different sized/ coloured candles around your room as on a night time it gets a chic twinkly glow to your room.
  • Treat yourself to a bunch of flowers from the local market to place in a vase on your windowsill as nothing beats the freshness and colour of beautiful flowers.

An example of some fabulous flowers, candles and wine bottles are pictured below and they can be picked up from markets to supermarkets depending on how creative you are.


bedroom candles

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    May 26, 2013 / 1:43 am

    Love all these ideas. I have similar taste as you I think, because I love black and white rooms with a little touch of colour.

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