Top Tips for the Perfect Guest Bedroom Decor

Having a space for friends and family to stay over is essential. The guest bedroom should be welcoming and accommodating so that your visitors feel at home when they visit.

From cosy cushions and throws to neutral colour schemes, there are numerous ways in which you can create the perfect guest room. Here is my guide to decorating and styling a guest room fit for all visitors.

The Best Guide to Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Put the Focus on The Bed

Blue, white and pink bedroom interior

You want to make the bed look cosy and inviting so that your guest is excited to stay over.

Soft bedding with comfy throws is an easy way to draw your guest to the bed as not only do they look appealing, but they are also a great way to improve their night’s sleep.

Decorate with plenty of scatter cushions too as they dress up the bed. While the cushions will only end up off the bed when it comes to going to sleep, it is nice to set the room up and make it look appealing.

Keep the Colour Scheme Simple

Sapphire and white bedroom décor

Whether it is all grey or a bright feature wall, you want to keep the colour scheme of the guest bedroom somewhat simple and understated.

Think about when you stay in a hotel; it is rare to stay in one that has loads of different colours; instead, there is usually a structure.

There are two ways to go about the décor; either keep it all the same simple colour, e.g. beige or go bold with a feature colour, e.g. blue.

If you are to opt for a fluid colour throughout the room, think about different shades to add depth and texture.

If you go for one statement colour, keep the main colour plain, such as white, and add hints of the bold colour.

Cushions, throws, lamps, artwork etc. should all feature the statement colour so that it flows throughout the bedroom.

Add A Little Hotel Chic

Make your guest room feel like an elegant and sophisticated hotel by adding a cushioned headboard and cashmere throws, for example.

Additionally, some glass features can instantly add class; you can use this in the bedside tables and lamps.

The glamour will immediately make your visitor feel special and excited to stay over in the guest bedroom.

Could Twin Beds Offer More Options?

Twin bedroom with grey and white décor

While most guest bedrooms feature a double bed, it is a good idea to consider whether two single beds could offer you more options. For example, if you have nieces and nephews who stay over, twin beds could be a far better option.

In addition to this, if two friends stay over, it is nice to be able to offer them both a bed, rather than one getting the guest room and one having to either take the sofa or head home.

Also, if you do have a couple stay over, they can always push the beds together, and then you can offer them a double sheet so that the beds don’t push apart.

Be Clever with Lighting

With the lighting in the guest bedroom, you want to offer the best of both worlds.

At night time, you want the guests to experience a calming and cosy environment, so provide some bedside lamps that project a warm white light.

Then, in the morning, bright lights are essential for getting ready, so the main light in the room should produce a sufficient amount of light around the room.

Spotlights can often be an excellent option for illuminating the whole room as they can provide light in every corner. Furthermore, spotlights can create a modern and hotel-like vibe.

Keep It Quirky

A quirky neutral bedroom interior

While the colour scheme should remain somewhat understated, it is great to add some unique pieces.

Elements such as a Moroccan style rug or some artwork of places you have visited or dream of going to can brighten up the room and also create an interesting feature.

Also, adding plants to a room can improve the overall atmosphere and create a little relaxing haven for your guests.

And if you’re looking for more ways to create a beautiful guest bedroom, check out this post on Love French Style.

By taking the steps above to create a perfect guest room, it will show your visitors that you have taken the time and made an effort to construct a wonderful space for them to stay in. Overall, when you are decorating the guest room, think about what you would like to stay in and also, what you think will make the space both inviting and welcoming.

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Jen Stanbrook

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