What To Consider Before Buying A New Bed

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Large grey bedframe and mattress to illustrate the options when buying a new bed

Made a resolution to sleep better this year? It may be time to contemplate buying a new bed. You may not realise it but purchasing a new bed requires a lot of time and research, especially if you’re after something that speaks to your needs.

A bed is only worth what you pay for it, thus it’s important to know what you need to look for before you’re way into your purchasing phase.

Buying a New Bed? When to Replace Your Bedframe

Ideally, you should replace your bed frame around every 15 – 20 years as they begin to deteriorate from their new state since you’re constantly laying on it, spending around 8 hours each day and 36,000 hours tossing and turning, causing general wear and tear.

According to the Sleep Council, it is also vital to replace a mattress once it’s seven years old.

So if it’s less durable, comfortable and supportive than it used to be, this is a clear indication that it is time for a brand new replacement.

It is a good idea to replace both the bed frame and the mattress at the same time as it will improve the overall performance of the mattress.

If you’re unable to establish whether you’re in need of an update, take a look at the handy checklist created by the Sleep Council below before you start buying a new bed.

  • Is the bed 7 years or older?
  • Do you wake up often with pressure point pain?
  • When lying in bed, do you ever feel springs underneath?
  • Are the legs of the bed worn out?
  • Whilst moving in bed, do you hear cracks or other suspicious noises?
  • Is the divan or base uneven?

If the answer for most of these questions is a yes, it’s definitely time to get a new bed to ensure you are being properly supported all through the night.

If you’re struggling to find a bed that is durable, provides longevity in comfort and support, it’s vital to take note that there are a multitude of bed and mattress companies out there that can help.

Just be sure to contact them if you have any questions before making a purchase.

Odd Sized Beds & Mattresses – Check the Dimensions

Large single custom bed

Hate standard sized duvets that can’t cover you head to toe because of your height?

Children getting too big for their usual sized duvet covers?

Before you’ve even built your bed, purchasing a new duvet is vital.

Thus if you’re finding yourself awake at night with a freezing cold back or feet due to the lack of length, The Big Little Duvet Company offers an array of UK made duvet covers to keep you warm and toasty at night.

The company offers three togs (4.5, 10.5 and 13.5), with an abundance of duvet cover sets with a new dimension that will help you to enjoy a greater night’s sleep and awaken refreshed.

The unique sizes are 165 x 220cm (standard sizes are 135 x 200cm) meaning you can say goodbye to cold toes at bedtime.

Moreover, it is important to establish what will fit in your room.

Is it a box room?

Or do you have the master bedroom with a ton of open space?

Sizes of beds and mattresses can vary from small, small double, double, king, super king and so on. Thus, always make sure to check the dimensions of your bed when buying a new bed as they aren’t always standardised sizes.

European sizes are also different, and many of them may be imported from different countries, so be sure to measure out the space that you have in your bedroom before looking to purchase.

What’s more is that if you struggle to find a mattress in a standard size that isn’t suitable for you due to your height, it may be useful to opt for a Custom Sized Bed.

Linthorpe Beds suggests that with a special size bed, it’s no longer a one-size-fits-all, rather, your custom sized mattress can fit in any size room, any shape or any other requirement that you may have.

Simply measure the bed/mattress you need and you’ll be on your way to hit the zzz’s in no time.

Buying a New Bed – Care and Maintenance

It goes without saying, a new bed is a huge investment, especially since you’re most likely going to keep it for years to come.

Therefore, you want to feel confident that you have chosen a model that is appropriate for your needs long-term. Always consider the finish that you want, a sanded finish will allow you to paint over your bed if you want to change the look of it down the years, however a lacquered frame will help keep from marks.

Likewise, a stained colour can look quite stunning, but will require a lot more maintenance than the former.

Keep a Budget in Mind

Image: http://www.texturedlives.co.uk/

One tip Linthorpe Beds recommends is to not go bed shopping when you’re feeling tired or exhausted, this will give a very biased view and make everything feel comfortable.

Likewise, if you share a bed with your partner, ensure that you both try it out together so you can determine which one is best for your sleeping positions.

It is recommended that you spend as much as you can on a bed (ensuring that if you’re within a budget, that you keep to it or look at a different style or design). There is no such thing as a cheap bed, only a low quality bed.

As tempting as it is to get the latest trend of bed, a bed is an investment and should only be purchased if it is durable, supportive of your body, and will keep for years to come.

However, that’s not to say that an elegant design isn’t durable.

There are many options out there such as a classic solid wood bed or a simple metal bed frame that can be accessorised with faux fur throws, bedding, cushions and so on, which can completely change the look of a bed (and can be updated as trends move on).

Thus, if you take into account the in-depth information that has been mentioned above, you’ll be on your way towards the greatest sleep you’ve ever had.


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