11 of the Best Wood Panel Wallpaper Ideas

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Have you considered faux wood panel wallpaper for your walls? Perhaps you hanker after the real thing, but want to avoid the cost and mess of installing wood panelling into your home. In such cases a  wood effect wallpaper is ideal.

Let’s take a look at some of the best wood panel wallpaper ideas for your home decor.

I love the look of a wood panel on the walls, particularly when it’s in white. And there are some incredible wallpapers around that really capture the essence of this look.

Whilst we are used to it adorning the walls of stately homes, the wood effect panel has become increasingly popular in all homes, big and small.

It’s a novel and interesting way to add texture and interest to a wall without pattern and print; perfect for those that prefer a minimal decor aesthetic.

So, with that in mind, I’ve created a little snapshot of some of my favourite white wallpaper examples, showcasing the wood panel effect wallpaper at its best.

11 BEST Wood Panel Wallpaper Ideas

This first design I’m showing is called Contemporary Wood Panel and here it is in Dove White

It’s my favourite and most traditional looking example, mimicking the wood panel look that so many people love right now.

1. Contemporary Wood Panel in Dove White

off white wood panel wallpaper with a beige sofa and pink cushions

As you can see, the softer white look pairs beautifully with pastels and soft greys, alongside brass accents. It’s a truly modern and contemporary look that would suit a new build home.

Now, for each of these white examples, I want to show that there are always other colourways available. This particular design is also available in Olive Green, one of my favourite shades at the moment.

2. Olive Green Wood Panel Wallpaper

green wood panel wallpaper with a white chest of drawers, white table and grey chairs.

I love the stark contrast to white and marble furniture, but this would look equally stunning coordinated with other greens and muted, earthy shades. It’s the ideal backdrop to a more eclectic, bohemian decor, if that’s your preferred taste.

Now, if you’re still loving the dark room vibe, why not try it in Dark Blue. I love the drama of this piece and its particular suitability to a bedroom.

3. Dark Blue Wood Panel Wallpaper

Dark blue wood effect wallpaper in a bedroom with dark blue bedding on the bed

As you can see, introducing darker bedding and a dark wood floor, really intensify the atmosphere of this wallpaper. Equally I can see it working exceptionally well with brighter colours. The contrast of yellows (as in my own living room) or oranges and pinks, bring life and vivacity to a darker wall.

If your taste runs to something a little less contemporary, then why not try this Antique Wood Panel wallpaper, here in Aged White.

Again the softer, less crisp white, lends itself to a colour palette of pastel pinks and green foliage.

An aged wood panel can be tricky to recreate, but a wood effect panel wallpaper, allows you to bring this look into your home at a fraction of the cost and effort.

4. Antique Wood Panel Wallpaper in Aged White

Aged faux wood panel wallpaper in off white with pink chairs and a variety of green plants

Again, if white isn’t for you and you’d prefer a little more drama on your walls, this design is available in Charcoal too.

I love the chipped effect of this piece, which gives it the perfect aged realism.

And don’t be fooled by the more traditional design; this one is equally at home with a modern monochrome interior, adding a high end touch, and a bespoke decor.

5. Antique Wood Panel Wallpaper in Charcoal

Charcoal aged wood effect panel wallpaper with a white sofa and grey cushions.

My final choice in the wood panel wallpaper round up, comes from this Contemporary Wood Slat wallpaper, here in Light Oak.

Whilst this one isn’t actually white, it’s a light wood that gives a contemporary feel.

6. Contemporary Wood Slat Wallpaper in Light Oak

Light oak wood effect panel wallpaper in a kitchen diner with oak table and black wire chairs

We love the soft wood grain of this wood plank wallpaper in light oak.

Now, if you’ve never hung wallpaper before, it’s much easier than you think.

These papers are simple to hang, and easy to remove too. A design like this will be particularly straight forward – measure, cut and paste the paper. Then hang on the wall, using the appropriate tools to get the perfect finish.

If you like this paper but want a little more depth of colour, why not try it in Walnut

7. Walnut Wood Panel Wallpaper

Dark walnut wood effect wallpaper with a pink traditional wood panel beneath, and a black leather chair

Paired with subtle pink or grey accessories, this design really brings texture and an organic atmosphere to the room. Ideal for a living or dining room space.

8. Pink Wood Panel Wallpaper

We actually can’t get enough of pink walls and pink decor right now. It’s an interior design trend that’s grown in popularity in recent years and we’re thrilled to see it now in this wood panelling wallpaper. Against a neutral backdrop it’s shines, but combine with with greens and blues and you have a truly eye-catching room interior.

9. Rustic Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper

This rustic wood panel wallpaper seen here in a sophisticated grey gives a contemporary edge to a modern home. It pairs really well with aged wooden flooring and modern furniture. Alternatively, mix it up with old leather sofas and rich, decadent soft furnishings. 

10. Marvel Wood Panel Wallpaper

Our guide wouldn’t be complete with out this fun addition for the kids. How about a Marvel wood panel wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper ? Yes it’s not timeless, and your kids will tire of it eventually, but if you’re game for some fun on your kids’ walls, then why not! If you don’t want to do the whole room, then certainly consider adding a wood panel accent wall to your child’s bedroom or playroom. I think we’ve proved that wooden planks don’t have to be boring.

11. Grey Wood Panel Wallpaper

Finally, here’s a contemporary wood panel wallpaper in soft grey, ideal for a modern home, a new build, or a room that needs extra character. The colour is easy to live with and coordinate, offering a subtle, timeless addition to a sophisticated room. What we also love about this one is the price. If you’re looking for budget wood panel effect wallpaper at affordable prices then this one is ideal at only £22 per roll.

So, are you won over in your search for a faux wood panel wallpaper? Do any of these designs suit your taste?

Jen x


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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