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When decorating or redesigning a room we tend to focus on the colour scheme, the soft furnishings and the main features that need updating or replacing. Rarely do we tend to look at the much bigger picture that includes some of the more permanent fixtures and fittings. However, it’s often finishing touches like this than can transform the complete look, or at the very least make a room feel ‘done’.

Let’s take the door into the room for example. How many times do you look at it and consider if it’s the correct style for your home? Would it be something you were prepared to budget for altering in a room update? Do you consider the door furniture to be part of the aesthetic of your look? If you’re shaking your head at these questions, maybe it’s time to rethink.

Stylish doorsThere is a huge amount of choice available now in both glazed and solid doors allowing you to increase the light in a room giving the impression of a bigger space in much the same way as mirrors are used. And such are the choices available that there will always be something to fit the most awkward of spaces or the oldest of homes.

Of course you need to consider how the room is used before you choose your door.

Stylish door If you want to maintain privacy, and the keep the room feeling snug and cosy, opt for a solid door. I recently put a fully glazed door into the new loft conversion and only after a lot of consideration. Of course it minimises privacy, but because the room is at the top of the house (with no passing foot traffic!) and we wanted to maximise the potential for light, we opted for this style. It won’t be for everyone.

Another consideration before you purchase is the style of your home. If you’ve bought an older property, maybe something from the 20s or perhaps more mid-century from the 50s/60s, and you’re restoring it to its former glory, you’ll definitely need the correct door.

Equally, a farmhouse or a country cottage requires the right kind of finishing touches and the doors here have to be of the right period. It is possible to mix up your styles; a contemporary look in a Victorian house could take a more modern door for example. Just ensure you have continuity throughout the house, and the doors fit the other modern features.

White country kitchenThere are lots of companies to choose from when you’re looking for the perfect door; one I like the look of is MODA Doors. MODA Doors is a specialist online retailer of stylish doors for the home and deliver free across the country. You can take a look here at

Finishing touches play a huge part in any room scheme and can often make or break the end result. If you want some more ideas and inspiration check out my Finishing Touches Pinterest  (of course it includes some lovely doors).
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Have you ever changed the doors in your home? Was it a big deal? Did you find it hard to choose?

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  1. Fakir Singh
    March 31, 2016 / 7:51 am

    Nice Article! Its true that a door plays a vital role in finishing an interior design, yet it’s the most neglected element.

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