Top Tips to Speed Up a House Sale

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For homeowners looking to sell their house or flat, an estate agent can be a viable option because they will take care of listing, marketing and holding viewings for the property. This can help to reduce your stress, although some homes go unsold for weeks, months, and even years. But there are some simple steps to try speeding up the process. The guide below offers some important tips that could help accelerate a home sale through an estate agent, but that’s not your only choice. You could also try auctioning the property, or work with a reputable property buying company like LDN Properties to achieve a fast and fair offer on your home.

How to Speed Up a House Sale

A handful of simple and sometimes no-cost steps can make the difference between a sluggish home sale and a rapid sale from the date you list the property through to exchanging contracts.

Make your home enticing to potential buyers

You want to clean and organise your house or flat so that it looks very enticing to potential buyers. This can sometimes mean taking down a lot of personal decorations and storing furniture and other items in other to free up space. Buyers will want to see large and clean rooms so they can visualise living there, and this can be difficult to do if the property is cluttered up with your belongings.

Have good quality photographs for your home listing

Whether you’re selling your home alone via property listing websites, or whether you’re working with an estate agent, make sure that you take many photographs of your house or flat to show off all the rooms and the exterior. Badly taken pictures will turn potential buyers away, so take your time to produce good quality photos. If the estate agent has taken what you think are bad pictures you can ask them to redo them. Furthermore, look for an agent that offers virtual viewings to increase your chances of a sale – Chinneck Shaw Estate Agents for example offer this to all their clients.

Pick the right season for selling

Estate agents will tell you that spring is typically the busiest time of year for home sales, although only for a short while before the summer when sales slow significantly as a result of people going on holidays (winter is also notoriously slow for home sales). If spring is not an option, consider selling in the busier August season too. It isn’t impossible to sell a house in the summer or winter, so if you have no choice you can still try to find a buyer then – but the other seasons will be more favourable for you.

If, like me, you have a long held dream to move to warmer climates in the US, perhaps Florida, then try this for an alternative to Zillow for Miami listings. There are lots of choices, and you won’t need to worry about the season!

Set specific targets for completing the sale

Plan ahead for when you will receive an offer on your house or flat. Set specific targets in terms of days or weeks for completing the steps involved for selling your home. Inform your solicitor handling the sale about your timing requirements so that they can try to help you move the sale along quickly, and communicate the deadlines to your potential buyer.

Alternative ways to secure a quick house sale

Even with the above tips, you might not want to try selling through an estate agent if you’re concerned about the fees involved or the uncertainty of selling. If you need to sell in a hurry, or want to maximise your profit, you may instead want to consider some of the other options you have available.

Auctioning your House

An alternative you could consider is auctioning your house or flat. An auctioneer will list and market the property and the auction date will give you certainty on when your home will sell. But an auctioneer will typically set the minimum reserve bid at a low level in order to generate interest from potential buyers and trigger competitive bidding. If this works this can increase your final sale price, but there’s no guarantee you’ll achieve more than the reserve bid. And after the sale is complete, you’ll also have to pay the auctioneer their fees.

Consult a Property Buying Company

Or you could contact a trustworthy property buying company to secure a quick sale such as LDN Properties. They make fast and competitive no-fee offers to buy houses and flats across London irrespective of the property condition. Because they deal directly with homeowners, there’s no middleman involved. This not only helps to accelerate the sale process, but it also means you’ll pay zero fees and keep all of the profit from selling your home.


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