How To Spruce Up the Garden During Lockdown

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Now that we have to cancel holidays and face the fact that we may just have to spend the long (once awaited and craved for) summer at home, why not get inspired to give your garden the facelift it oh-so-requires?

Since being at home has possibly increased your disposable income, people will be spending more on ensuring that their greenery is spotless and they have their decking and tiles prim and proper.

Having a garden during the pandemic has been incredible, allowing you to venture outside in a safe environment, which reduces the monotony of being indoors all the time.

Likewise, with so with many people being at home right now, it makes a lot of sense that DIY projects would become a popular activity.

Carrying out even the smallest of home improvements and DIY work can offer both short and long-term benefits, which would make the activity ideal for anyone.

 Do It Yourself

According to, 1,412 Brits embarked on new home improvement projects since the beginning of the lockdown.

Do-It-Yourself work that you could undertake out in the garden could include, laying down new decking (or sprucing it up), laying artificial grass (or cleaning it up), installing porcelain tiles for a modern feel, or adding artificial hedges around the garden for a more outdoorsy feel.

Whatever DIY you’re looking to undertake, it is vital that you consider some of these tips before beginning.

Firstly, ensure that you have planned what you need, so review the start to end instructions prior to carrying out any DIY work.

Take all the proper measurements so products you’re buying don’t create excess wastage in materials.

Always be sure double-check fittings and colours so that you are well prepared and ready to go.

And finally, always take into consideration whether the task is above your skill-set. If so, don’t carry it out, try to look at other alternatives.

The Outdoor Look

When shopping for outdoor garden designing products, The Outdoor Look is a garden design company that offers an abundance of products. DIY’ers simply need to add in measurements depending on the product that they are after (once measuring the area of their gardens) and checkout once complete.

Alternatively, if unsure on what product to select from a specific range, The Outdoor Look offers samples in every category (from artificial hedging to composite decking) so you can decide if it’s what you’re after before you purchase.

One of their best-selling products is porcelain tiles.

These are generally quite popular amongst landscapers, which can be bought in three different colours to suit your outdoor space, however, can be quite a challenge to lay.

So if you find yourself struggling to lay the tiles, take a look at the How-To guide on their website.

The artificial grass and hedging will maintain colour and style 365 days a year.

The Outdoor Look has an abundance of shapes and sizes of artificial grass to suit your liking.

If you’re after grass to perfect your putt, or if you’re one to brave it barefoot, they have everything you need..

Likewise, if low maintenance wooden decking is something you’ve been after for your outdoor space, the company even offers stunning ranges of composite decking in grey, black, white and many other shades.

Invest In Decor

On the other hand, if you already have decking but no furniture to complement it, or if you’ve laid down your decking and are looking for decor, now is the time to invest.

This is so you’re able to make the most of the space and the warmth that the next few months are to bring.

Decor items like leather gardening chairs (so if it does rain, they’ll stand protected!) and dining tables (rattan is a popular style as it also withstands the rain) tend to make great garden furniture.

Make your home feel calm and cosy by choosing a bright colour palette and other bits and bobs to suit your mood. This way, you can switch around or add to decor if and when you feel like it.

All in all, always apply a safety-first approach, especially when dealing with complex aspects if you’re struggling to carry them out.

The internet is king for providing people with a wide range of reputable sources, so simply have a search in Google and you’ll most likely find the tutorial or DIY guide that you’re looking for.

No matter how big or small your garden may be, you can still carry out DIY projects.

And since you’re spending a whole lot of time at home, looking at the same spaces of your home can get monotonous.

Make the most of your extra time (and disposable income) by giving your garden a complete makeover.

So, if you’ve been looking to address the outdoor part of your home recently, why not spend the lockdown sprucing up your garden?

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  1. Gude at Watermark Homes
    June 19, 2020 / 12:32 pm

    Great ideas and suggestions here, especially useful with the great weather forecast we have for next week!
    My boys would LOVE a mini golf course too… 😉

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