How to Remove Household Waste Responsibly during Lockdown

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We have spent a lot of time in our homes in recent months and may have undertaken many new renovation projects, decorating and decluttering activities. One of the major problems has been how do we remove household waste responsibly during this time. 

I’ve had readers and friends talk to me about this very subject. 

And we had a similar problem at my own home too. 

What do you do when the local recycling and waste disposal centres are closed?

There are a couple of things you can do, so let’s chat about those in the hope that this helps anyone who’s workin on their home and garden right now. 

How to Remove Household Waste Responsibly

Garden Waste:

Image: Tile Mountain

Many of have spent a lot of time in their gardens over the last few months. 

I’ve become a regular Percy Thrower (sorry for the younger readers, I’m showing my age there) and have grown many veggies and bedding flowers from seed in my daugher’s cute mini greenhouse. 

As a family we’ve spent time trimming trees, cutting back bushes, pruning shrubs and preparing raspberries and strawberry patches for their fruit seasons. 

It’s amounted to a LOT of garden waste that we had no way of getting rid of.

Image: Outdoor Trading

In our case we were lucky enough to pay the council a one off fee to collect our garden wheelie bin. In our area, we have our recycling and usual household waste wheelie bins collected as part of the usual service, but the green garden wheelie bin is extra. 

It cose £40 for the year, paid online, to have our green bin collected too, so at least we’ve had a way of having grass cuttings and more removed. 

Household Renovation Waste:

Image: Benjamin Moore Paint

If you’ve been keeping busy by doing long overdue jobs in the house during lockdown, this may well have resulted in extra large amounts of waste. 

It’s been an issue if you’ve needed to remove household waste, particularly in a responsible manner. 

Left over paint, wood, metal, tiles and more can accumulate very easily and with most waste recycling centres closed to the public it’s a challenge to know what you can do with them. 

One option is to look into a rubbish removal company  – a man and van (I’m assuming it can be a woman with a van too!) clearance service means that a real person will come to your area and collect waste/ bulky items, clean up the site and then dispose of them responsibly. Obviously there’s a fee, but at this time, it’s a good idea to look into it as an option. 

Councils are recommending that you try not to generate much household waste at this time. It’s a good point.

But often unavoidable, no matter how much you recycle.

And so we need to find a solution to the problem of how to remove household waste.

Sharing and Recycling

Image: Sweetpea and Willow

Another option in terms of finding a way to remove household waste from decorating or decluttering projects is to look for groups that allow sharing or gifting of these items. 

Now during the pandemic, many groups have stopped this kind of sharing. But there are still sites like Gumtree, Freecycle and Facebook Marketplace which you can still use. 

If you’ve been decluttering clothes, and whilst we can’t give to charity shops at the moment, you may like to give them away through Facebook Marketplace. 

If you have furniture or larger home products that you no longer need, consider donating on Freecycle. 

Failing everything you may have to store the pieces until the time comes when we can safely remove household waste following a decor project, in a responsible way. 

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