How to Reduce Waste When Decorating

I don’t know about you, but our recycling bin was overflowing whilst we were in the middle of our house renovations last year. Honestly, the waste we accumulated was just crazy and we were forever at the local tip, getting rid of excess DIY bits. It got me thinking about how to reduce waste when decorating; there has to be a bank of tips and ideas to follow which help us save on the amount we throw away. So I’ve done a little research and put together these suggestions for when you next tackle a DIY or renovation project.

Paint Waste:

It’s easy to reduce waste when painting and there are a few things you can do to help. Obviously the first is to ensure you calculate how much paint you need accurately; always tricky but try and get this as close as you can. You can do your bit to reduce waste generally when painting and instead of cleaning your brushes each time you take a break, try wrapping them in cling film until you need them again (I do this all the time, sometimes for days). Brushes stay soft and you don’t have to clean out your trays either (a job I hate!).

Companies like Dulux have set up Community Painting projects too where leftover paint from retailers and decorators will be redistributed to community groups and those in social need. A great way to reduce wasted paint and help people that really need it.

Builders Bay:

Now this is a great discovery, and one I think you’re going to love. Builders Bay was set up from the idea to reduce waste from builder’s projects and suppliers. Instead of the builder or product supplier sending their excess materials to landfill, the Builder’s Bay marketplace affords them a platform from which to sell their wares. DIYers and renovators can find quality products at great, low prices, and builders reduce their waste and requirement to scrap their leftovers.

Isn’t that an amazing idea?

Now I’ve been having a scour through the marketplace at Builders Bay and found a few things I like, from tiles (those above) to an ex-display bathroom suite, and salvage pieces for the garden. I love that these home items have a dedicated place to be featured, and home owners get to research quality pieces at great, low prices.

Do check it out if you’re on the hunt for some renovation items, and be assured that if you buy something, you’re doing your bit to reduce waste. You can see the full website HERE.

Reuse and Re-purpose:

I like this approach a lot. Instead of going out and buying new all the time, look about your home, your DIY store, garage and shed and decide what you can reuse or even re-purpose. You may not need some brand new shelves for example; a little creativity on the old set can give you something new and unique. You might not need new cupboard doors; a lick of paint can see them looking better than ever. There are lots of ways to reuse and re-purpose items you already have, and it’s a great way to reduce waste and prevent so many of our belongings going to landfill.

There are lots of ways you can reduce your waste when decorating, and these are just a few ideas and inspirations. How about some more?

  • Need lighting? Think about using rechargeable lights to brighten your DIY
  • Don’t continually clean up. Once a day for a good clean and floor wash/vacuum will be fine
  • Turn down the central heating. If you’re working hard on your renovation you won’t need the extra warmth.
  • Remove your DIY clothes and store in bag overnight (make sure any paint is dry), you won’t need to wash them too often.

Do you have any more ideas?


Images: Paint pots || Builders Bay || Repurposed crates via Shutterstock

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