3 DIY Tasks to Tackle This Easter

With Easter just a short time away, the kids will soon be embarking on egg hunts, dressing up as bunnies and munching their way through excessive amounts of chocolate eggs all in the name of celebration! The bank holiday weekend, with both Good Friday and Easter Monday off work, gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy time at home with the family in addition to tackling some of the DIY tasks that have been in the pipeline since the turn of the year.

You will more than likely have a number of improvements in mind that you would like to complete around the home, however here are three of the best that can be completed over the course of the bank holiday weekend and still leave you time to play with the kids plus sit back and relax with your favourite bottle of wine!


DIY Task One: Tackle the Garden

If you haven’t ventured out into the garden since the cold weather of winter settled in months ago, there is a good chance that your garden will require a little tender loving care to get it ready for when the weather improves.

If the weather is good, head out to clear up any debris from the winter just passed, prepare flower beds for new plants in the coming weeks and clean any garden furniture so it’s ready for when you want to relax in the summer sun; fingers crossed!


DIY jobs in the gardenCredit

DIY Task Two: Spruce Up the Bathroom

With constant heavy use, it can be very easy for your bathroom to soon look a little worse for wear. Depending on the current condition of your bathroom, it could take just a morning to spruce it up or if more work is required, a whole day may be required.

One of the best ways to revitalise the appearance of your bathroom is to remove the current tiles and add new ones. It is very easy for bathroom tiles to show how frequently the room is used as the tiles are stained by water marks and the grout becomes discoloured. Re-tiling could take up a large proportion of one of the days of your bank holiday weekend however will be well worth it when the results of your endeavours are seen on completion. Our advice would be to look at a range of porcelain tiles that seem to be very much in vogue at the moment, due to their durability and appearance.


DIY Task Three: Freshen Up the Lounge

Throughout the winter months, the lounge is likely to be one of the rooms where most families spend their time, so as the warmer weather starts to creep in and other rooms such as conservatories are used more frequently, this offers the ideal opportunity to freshen up your lounge space.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls can make the world of difference, whilst other DIY projects, from larger tasks such as laying a new carpet through to smaller jobs like adding some artwork to the walls in the form of a painting, photograph or canvas print, can create a fresh feel to the room and develop a new atmosphere after the damp and dark winter that proceeded.

If you have some time off over the Easter period, as well as enjoying eating chocolate eggs with kids, why not tackle one of the three DIY tasks detailed above and give your home a little bank holiday treat?


This post was written by blogger Oliver Kyle, who writes for Trade Price Tiles; retailers of the tiles and additional extras you will need to spruce up your bathroom this coming Easter bank holiday weekend.



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