How to Create a Relaxing Garden Retreat

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No matter the size or shape of your garden, it is a place where you can escape the troubles of the world and be one with nature – a space of leisure, tranquillity, and entertainment.

In the current situation, it’s going to become an incredibly important aspect of our lives and wellbeing. 

According to Sue Biggs, Director General for the Royal Horticulture Society, gardens are becoming hugely recognised for their ability to “make a positive difference to our health and wellbeing.

With Spring and Summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to create a relaxing garden retreat, combining both the comfort of being indoors with the outside world’s refreshing beauty to surround you.

Here are some of the ways in which you can make your own little secluded patch of heaven.

Establish your space


One of the main draws to an outdoor retreat is the sense of privacy. These days more and more people are looking to withdraw from their busy lifestyles and the pressures of work to find a moment of peace.

Garden screens made from willow or woven reeds are the perfect solution to optimise privacy from neighbours and block outside distractions without feeling completely constricted.

Or, opt to use tall plants like bamboo and cypress trees instead to create a barrier. Trellis panels are another way to divide your outdoor space, allowing flowers like roses, jasmine or honeysuckle to envelope, grow and bloom.

Comfy Seating

Sit back and relax

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If you need a reason to spend hours soaking up the sun or having some me time with a good book, then comfortable seating is a must. From cushions, blankets and beanbags, to hammocks, sofas and swinging chairs – the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture that suits your style, level of comfort and practical values.

Most are made of wood, wicker or iron to battle the elements and if you fancy doing a bit of DIY, why not paint pieces of furniture to make them pop for dramatic effect.

Tip: To maximise storage space, fold-up chairs and benches with a hidden compartment are great for placing items inside and giving the illusion of even more space to your garden retreat.


Keep warm

Don’t let the weather stop you from spending time outside. Cosy up by the fire of a chiminea or pit for those cold days and nights. These are ideal for going alfresco, doubling up as a grill with toasted marshmallows and a good old-fashioned barbeque.

Plus, it’s the perfect addition for creating a rustic, homely atmosphere.

Cooler table

A cheeky glass of wine or cold bottle of beer is the icing on the cake to unwinding, especially after a day at the office or on a weekend. To keep your drinks cool and fresh, we love Outside Gang’s Freebird and Homebird Entertaining Cooler Tables. A modern, chic centrepiece to any patio or garden space, with its curved design offering plenty of room and a handy tray on top.


The right lighting makes all the difference and for a chilled setting, glaring, bright lights are a big no-no. Softer lighting like fairy-lights and lanterns will look stunning intertwined with branches, plants, or suspended over your pergola – adding an element of enchantment.

Water Feature

Image: Solus Decor

Imagine hearing nothing but the soothing sounds of nature. Embrace wildlife with a koi pond or bird bath, meditate by a traditional Shishi-odoshi (trickling bamboo fountain) or watch the water flow around a marbled sphere.

Water embeds an element of freshness into your garden and because of their re-circulation system they require little to no maintenance.

So, create your own place of paradise with a relaxing garden retreat.

Will you be creating a relaxing garden environment in the coming weeks or months? I think it’s going to be a huge part of our lives and will hugely help to keep our minds and bodies healthy. 

Jen x

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