How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to any home, and if you are planning to give your house a new look, then you should consider it.

Outdoor kitchens add a kind of sophistication to your home, much better than the regular backyard BBQ. This addition makes your back garden a more appealing place to entertain guests or friends. After all we all love alfresco living.

There is no need to have party guests stuck inside your home while you prepare food in your regular kitchen when you can be right outside grilling hamburgers, chatting with your friends or guests, and serving cocktails.

An outdoor kitchen can significantly boost the value of your home for many years to come if you eventually decide to sell it.

It is not surprising therefore, that outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular by the day – especially in the UK and other European countries were the average temperature is above 20°C.

So, what do you need for your outdoor kitchen to make it good enough to serve its purpose?

Well, the first and most obvious thing you need for an outdoor kitchen is enough space, but don’t think you always need a huge garden area to make this work.

Your outdoor kitchen should have sufficient counter space for cooking and preparing food.  There should also be enough room for placing things on either side of the appliance but let’s talk about it more detail.

How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen for Alfresco Living

cooking in a wok

An Outdoor Kitchen Grille

A grille is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast and the life of every outdoor entertainment. Your outdoor kitchen will not be up to par if this important appliance is missing.

The grill can be built right into the counter in the outdoor cooking area. It should also be a professional-grade appliance, and you are at liberty to choose any model: charcoal, pellet-fueled or gas grills. Some innovative grills can self-ignite; these are usually equipped with built-in burners that help in keeping your food warm at all times.

A great place to look for outdoor grilles and barbeques for outdoor kitchens is they have a great range of high quality products designed for outdoor use.


You need an artificially cooled storage space to ensure all your fresh items are kept cold so that you can relax and enjoy later on with your guests or friends. A refrigerator will also keep your meat cold while you wait for the grill to get warm.

Outdoor Oven

Steaks are for grills while pizza is for ovens. Only a few people like eating cold pizzas. This is because it’s best eaten when it’s almost red-hot. An excellent variant is the Warming Drawer which helps to keep foods warm until you are prepared to serve your guests.

Pizza Oven supplies are a specialist pizza oven company that offers both off the shelf options and bespoke hand built pizza ovens, with their guidance you could add a special cooking station to you outdoor kitchen.

Sink and Tap

outdoor kitchen on a decking areaImage: Garden House Design

This is still a kitchen, the menial tasks like washing the dishes still need to be done but its more important that you can wash fresh food in a sink.

Running water means you don’t need to keep going back inside to top up the ice bucket.  Most sinks and taps are suitable for outdoor use, just make sure the manufacturer doesn’t quote otherwise.

A Cover

Although this is an outdoor kitchen, the appliances are still running with live electricity so it is important that they are protected from bad weather.  If water was to enter some of the appliances, they will most likely rust or even worse they could set on fire.

Electrical Outlets

Most people usually forget installing electrical outlets in their outdoor kitchens until they need one and find that there is none to be found.

Since refrigerators and other electrical appliances will be used, you need to install enough outlets so that you can use them when you need to.

Optional Extras

One of the most common appliances now installed in outdoor kitchens is a wine cooler, they are in keeping with the industrial look that the outdoor appliances now have and are perfect for keeping beverages cool on a warm summers day.

Elite Wine Refrigeration have the UK’s largest range of wine coolers and can advise you through the buying process as it’s a difficult market to understand the different types of wine coolers that are available.

If you are looking for inspiration, Fire Magic are also a UK based outdoor kitchen specialist, their gallery has a huge range of different installations from their previous clients which will give you a good idea of how to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


A guide to creating your own outdoor kitchen, whether you want a rustic or DIY design, when you want a BBQ and Pizza Oven and when you want a contemporary design on your patio, even on a budget. #outdoorkitchen #alfrescoliving #outdoorcooking #lovechicliving

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