Garden Hangout: 5 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Relaxation Space

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There’s nothing better than spending a balmy summer’s evening lounging in your garden hangout. 

After a long day we can take ourselves into the garden, enjoy the fresh air,  the outdoor space and calm, natural environment. It’s a great way to unwind.

I’ve written before about updating your garden so it’s ideal for the family and you to enjoy. It’s an important part of creating the perfect home and one we should spend time on getting right. 

Whether you have a small backyard or a large, contemporary garden, you might like these ideas. And they can even be applied to a conservatory or summer house too. 

A small garden hangout space with large grey parasol, brown cocoon seat, colourful plants and white gravel, next to a large lawn area where a black cat lies

Creating a Garden Hangout in 5 Easy Steps

If I’m going to create a garden hangout there are 5 key ingredients I’d always incorporate. 

They’re probably quite obvious but miss one out and your garden corner can look little unfinished: sometimes it’s the finishing touches that really bring a design together. 

To help with my makeover I’ve been looking at the range in the Home and garden section at and have used some of their pieces to create my space. 

Garden Hangout Seating

So this little corner of our garden is in a perfect spot for some sun. Early in the morning the sun appears on this gravelled area and creates a lovely area for the first coffee of the day.

If you’re going to hangout in any spot of your garden, you’re going to need some seating. 

This is the Egg Cocoon sofa  and is so on trend right now. 

It’s a statement piece so you really don’t need much else to bring this corner to life. 

The sofa seats two, is firm and comfortable and seems really well made. Garden Furniture  is so hard to get right but when you do, it’s the making of your garden. 

Garden Hangout Lighting

A small garden hangout corner with cocoon sofa grey cushions a leafy patterned cushions, a large grey parasol, outdoor lights a few colourful plants and a black and white cat perched on the seat

The next element of a garden hangout I always look at is the lighting

Now I am a massive fan of solar lighting. I think there are great value, easily accessible pieces out there that can bring ambience and atmosphere to your garden

I’ve chosen a large lantern and small lantern from the outdoor lighting collection to add a little soft glow to my hangout if we come out here in the evenings. 

Garden Hangout Decor

So we’ve got the makings of a great little seating spot here. Next we need to add a little interest. 

Garden decor used to consist of some gnomes or water feature, but the range is extensive now if you want more than just plants. 

This set of 3 decorative balls comes in a couple of different colour combinations but I like how the clay colour blends well with the natural hue from the cocoon sofa. 

Garden Hangout Accessories

Close up of a garden hangout area with cocoon sofa, edge of a parasol, black cat on grey paving, white gravel and some decorative balls and solar lanterns

Now you’ve got your seating, lighting and decor, you’ll want a few soft furnishings or accessories for your hangout area. 

I love cushions.  They’re like shoes; you can never have too many!

As soon as I saw these leafy outdoor cushions I knew they’d be perfect in terms of shape and pattern. 

They add a little comfort and a pop of colour to give the cocoon sofa a little lift. 

They’re made of a showerproof material, probably coated, so even after a little rain they recover quite well. 

Garden Hangout Shade

Finally, any garden hangout space is going to need some shade from the hot summer sun (if we ever get any in the UK).

I’ve wanted a standalone parasol in the garden for a while. Through lockdowns we spent more and more time in the garden, as many of us did, but not necessarily eating where we had a parasol with the table. 

We needed a parasol for lounging and sitting too. 

So this stunning cantilever parasol and base is the perfect solution. Fill the base with sand or water and place around the 3 metre parasol to ensure it doesn’t blow away. 

Position to get the maximum shade depending on where the sun is and how protected you want to be. 

It’s quite heavy but easy to put up and stays put brilliantly well when using the base. 

How We Make the Most of our Corner:

As I’ve mentioned, I love it for a morning coffee. This is my calming ritual every day; to enjoy a homemade lungo in a quiet spot, listening to the birds and catching up on the morning news. 

Next, we’ll sit here later in the day, hanging out with the cat. Now the teens are around and exams are coming to a close, they love spending time out here too. In time gone past, they would have been out here from early morning, hanging upside down on their climbing frames, but now they enjoy lazing around with a book!

And of course, the evenings bring an opportunity to enjoy a drink – and if it’s cold we’ll light the fire pit. 

The Benefits of a Garden Hangout Area:

I’ve hinted at why this kind of hangout space is useful in either a big or small garden. 


There’s massive benefit to our mental health in spending time outdoors, we all know this. 

And the connection we can have with family and friends in a space like this is imperative to our wellbeing. 

Alternatively when you need some alone time to reflect on your day, or in fact the coming day, a garden hangout area can be essential. 

It’s also a great way to add interest and creativity to your garden. We often overlook areas that feel unloved and wonder how to give them some interest. A small seating area like this could work in all kinds of spaces and give your garden a wonderful intrigue. 

To be honest, the only thing missing from my corner is a hot tub!

How Can I Make my Garden Look Better on a Budget?

You really don’t need to spend a fortune to create a garden hangout space, or to update your garden on a budget.

Visit the auctions or car boot sales to pick up garden seating. Then grow your own flowers and veg in small containers and arrange them around the garden for colour. Or why don’t you make your own pots and paint them with left over paint like this one. 

And you can easily make your own garden decor; we’ve done this numerous times with the children when they were younger. 

How Do I Make My Outdoor Hangout More Inviting?

If you’re frustrated with your garden and feel it looks dull and uninteresting the biggest change you can make is to add colour. Plants, flowers and veg are inexpensive when grown from seed or plantlings and give hours of fun and enjoyment as well as making your garden look inviting. 

I’d love to know what you think of my new garden hangout space. 

Jen x


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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