4 Ways to Style Your Garden in 2020

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How to style your garden for the coming season.

To many people, a new year means a new start. And with the warmer months to look forward to, now is the perfect time to start planning ahead to ensure you make the most of your outdoor spaces once the weather improves.

The key is to treat your garden much the same as you do the interior of your home – the more inviting your outdoor areas are, the more likely you are to use them.

With that in mind, here are 4 ways you can add to your garden to transform it into a welcoming oasis for the summer ahead.

4 Ways to Style Your Garden this Summer

Add a Garden Bench

Garden benches are not just about providing extra seating space outdoors, which in its own right will encourage you to head outside more often.

Benches also provide a focal point, and choosing a stylish, finely crafted example can make a huge difference.

Garden benches are also versatile, and can be used just as well to bring a small and otherwise overlooked front yard to life as they can an expansive lawned garden.

curved garden bench

We love this Monet teak garden bench, the simplicity of the design and the gentle curved lines give it a natural, organic feel, and being made of teak, it will stand the test of time in your garden with little need for care and attention.

Style Your Garden with Sofas

If you really want to give yourself a reason to spend long, luxurious hours lazing around in the sunshine right on your own doorstep, a garden sofa can make a fabulous addition.

Think of it as taking the comforts you are used to indoors outside – we spend a lot of time relaxing on sofas inside our homes, so why not in our gardens, too? It’s the perfect way to style your garden this summer season.

grey corner garden sofa

Modular garden sofas make for a great option as they give you the flexibility to arrange your seating as you wish, and break up into convenient stand-alone seats as and when you need them.

Polished Concrete Table Sets

Concrete isn’t the first material that springs to most people’s mind when they are thinking of stylish and sophisticated furnishings for in and around their home.

But in that respect, polished concrete is a well-kept secret – not unlike marble, the way its carefully buffed surface catches the light is very pleasing, and having a sizeable solid slab for a table top gives a satisfying sense of permanence and durability.

Large concrete outdoor table

We love this Mira polished concrete table set, the symmetrical design of the legs and supports are pleasingly unusual, while the cuboid blocks of the accompanying seats and benches combined with rusted steel props give it a wonderful post-industrial, ‘shabby chic’ appeal.

Brazier and Fire Bowls

Finally, one of the great pities about spending time and effort on your garden is that, due to the weather, we don’t get to enjoy being outdoors more often.

But add a heat source, and suddenly you can turn those beautiful summer days into late nights, too, and greatly extend the season when it is comfortable to sit outdoors.

Two people sat outside round a fire bowl

Braziers and fire burners make for a perfect addition to any garden, not only keeping you warm but also adding an atmospheric charm all of their own.

We love these Kadai fire bowls, based on a traditional Indian design., because they also double up as a BBQ and outdoor cooking range all in one.

How will you style your garden this summer?

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