How to Refresh Your Fireplace for the New Year

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After the Christmas decorations have come down, the house always feels so bare. On the one hand I can’t wait to pack them away, then on the other I’m lost without them. 

I’ve loved looking at them but after 5 weeks (yes ALL of December and beyond) I’m ready for a change. 

It takes me a while, but I like to restyle certain areas of my home after the festive period to give it a new, fresh feel. The fireplace is one such area. 

How to Refresh Your Fireplace for the New Year

This is how my fireplace looked after I’d taken down all the Christmas decorations. It’s quite sad isn’t it.

There’s a lot of excess glitter hanging around and a bowl of festive pot pourri that is past its best.

So, it was time to hunt the house, bring together all my favourite pieces and give this fireplace a new stylish look for 2020.

With more wintry weather likely to be upon us soon, it will definitely remain a focal point of the room.

As we have a gas fire we tend to flick it on or off as needed, so we are all drawn to it when a chill descends. This one is an older model but Love Gas Fires has a great deal of inspiration on the latest gas fires and gas stoves available, if you are looking to install or update for the new year.

Remember there are gas fires available even if you don’t have a chimney. 

And this is the result. 

I wanted to give the fireplace and surrounding area a bright pop of colour. 

If you follow me regularly, you’ll know that yellow is my accent colour of choice throughout the house. It makes me so happy. It’s vibrant and fresh, full of zest and an excellent colour for the New Year. To me it’s full of hope, representing the Spring season and new beginnings. 

I’d re-homed many of these items earlier in December when the Christmas decorations came out, so it was time to bring them all back and restyle them. 

The yellow peonies are from Blooming Artificial and bring this room to life. When the fire isn’t lit I’ll sit them in the centre of the hearth as the focal point, but obviously I move them well away from the flame when we are using the fire. 

The artwork was hung back in its place and I started adding extra accents of yellow throughout the scheme. 

**Please note** You must ensure everything is well secure around your fireplace and keep combustible and flammable products away from the fire. 

You might notice the little yellow bird, the remnants of yellow candles and a spot of yellow in the small print sitting on the mantel. 

All of these pieces help ground the scheme and give it some coordination. 

I tend to work in vignettes when I’m styling. I like to bring together small groups of items which complement each other and set them in different areas. 

Within each grouping I’ll have pieces of different height and texture. Colours normally flow through all of the groups, but certain themes will be repeated too. 

You’ll notice the small grouping on the left below using a monochrome scheme, but then on the right I’ve repeated that look with the small S candle, helping the whole look feel more put together. 

Furthermore you’ll notice that the way I’ve styled the fireplace is carried through to the shelving. 

I do tend to have my own style and way of adding small homewares so many looks just happen, but I’ve made an effort to repeat the greenery on the shelving as well as the fireplace surround. 

A room painted in dark colours can feel very oppressive in the winter months.

With less natural light, the mood and atmosphere in this room can be quite dull, so I love to brighten it up with colour and plants. (Keeping the plants alive is tricky of course, so I experiment with different kinds and move them around a lot). 

Let’s talk a little about how this styling, and fireplace in particular makes the room feel. 

It’s actually a gas fire (in case you were thinking it was real). We had it installed not long after we’d moved in, when we renovated the room, buying it from a local warehouse. 

A local stockist will help you find the right gas fire for your home. You often need the wonders of personal advice to find the right product. 

Remember, it’s important to have all gas appliances checked annually by a Gas Safe Registered engineer

The surround was white and we kept it that way for about a decade, before painting it dark blue a few years ago. The colour is Valspar Sooty Lashes.

Painting the fireplace was the best decision we made when decorating this room as it allowed the look to feel more cohesive and put together.

There’s something so inviting, cosy and atmospheric about having the fire on. In this age of responsive central heating, we often forget to light up the fire, but we are doing it more and more, especially during the winter. 

Being gas, it’s quick to get going and we don’t need to worry about leaving the house or going to bed with a fire still burning. We can adjust the temperature with the turn of a switch and it costs very little money, nor takes much maintenance. 

And you love the look of a wood burner – there are stunning gas alternatives to wood burners that are more convenient to use and suitable for smoke controlled areas – so you get the look of a wood burner but with the convenience of gas.

Ours is old now, but if you want something similar you can check out sites like Love Gas Fires to find one for your home. 

There is such a great range of gas fires now, you can easily find something to suit the age of your home and your decor. Whilst taking these images I was burning mine at the low level, showing how it gives a gorgeous, rich glow, just enough to keep the room cosy and inviting. 

We did look at installing a real fire but it was too costly at the time and I don’t regret our decision to go with a gas fire at all. It looks like a real fire, but with added benefits. I love the control and ease of use, as well as the lack of mess!

So, will you be refreshing your fireplace decor this month?

Don’t forget to declutter first – take a look at my 30 day challenge to help you and download the free printable too.  


Jen x

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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This is a paid promotional post

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  1. Rachel
    February 21, 2020 / 10:54 am

    Love this post, I will definitely be giving mine a refresh once the weather gets warmer. Ours is coal so I normally wait until Spring when I know I won’t need it again until winter. You’ve got me itching to crack on with it.

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