Dulux Tranquil Dawn: Colour of the Year 2020 and How to Use it

Dulux Tranquil Dawn has been announced their Colour of the Year for 2020. It’s a soft, earthy green – a very easy to use and welcoming colour for our homes so let’s see how you can introduce it in the coming season. 

Tranquil Dawn is a colour inspired by the morning sky, to help give homes the human touch. 

I’m more than happy with the colour choice for the coming season. I think it was widely accepted that Dulux would choose a shade of green, many expected it to be darker, but I’m thrilled with this calm, natural tone that will easily blend into modern homes

In previous years we’ve seen stronger, bolder shades, hues that feel difficult to incorporate into our design and home interiors, but this year we are going to find it much easier. 

If you like this kind of green and want to see how it could be used in your home, let’s take a look at some ideas.

For many, this is a shade that’s going to be relatively easy to introduce. As you can can see from the palette above, the softness of the hue allows coordination with many other more natural tones. 

As we move our lives and homes towards natural colour palettes, Dulux Tranquil Dawn will help us embrace a slower, more mindful way of living. 

It’s a softer, more engaging shade that will resonate with many, particularly those that want some colour but don’t want dark walls, darker kitchen cupboards or vibrant colour schemes. 

This is a shade that will suit those who love calm, peaceful spaces. 

Here’s how it can be used around our homes right now. 

How to Use Dulux Tranquil Dawn in your Home Decor:


tranquil dawn kitchen

Image: Mereway Kitchens 

Pair Tranquil Dawn with a soft cream palette and introduce woods and natural stone to add depth and a nature-inspired colour scheme. When the kitchen is the hub of the home, adding soft hues and natural materials creates a sense of calm and togetherness. 

If you love waking early and spending quality time alone, perhaps with your morning coffee in a serene kitchen area, this is definitely a shade you will adore. 

It’s a great colour to soften a more contemporary or harder industrial look too and is an easy way to update an old or inherited kitchen. If painting cabinets is a step too far, it’s easy to introduce this colour onto the walls or in your accessories. 

Think about displaying dinnerware on shelving in this shade, or maybe add some art in this colour, or even a wall space. It’s another great colour for tiles too, or the floor. There are so many ways to introduce this colour alongside natural woods and minimal decor

Tranquil Dawn in the Bedroom:

If there’s one room I’d love to use Tranquil Dawn, it would be the bedroom.

In fact, we used it in my daughter’s bedroom a few years ago in the wallpaper, and it still acts as an accent colour in the accessories we choose.

This isn’t a shade that’s going to date or grow old quickly, which is something I can really get on board with. 

green walls like tranquil dawn in a bedroom

Image: Furniture Choice

sofa bed

Image: Darlings of Chelsea

Whether you choose for a simple update like the bedding or go for a more permanent piece like a sofa bed, it’s an elegant colour and one you will love in the bedroom setting. 

I’m particularly drawn to creating a calming atmosphere by using it on the walls.

Whether you choose the paint itself or pick up the shade in a favourite wallpaper print, you won’t be disappointed. 

Build up the shade by using plants and greenery. Hang in planters from the ceiling, use wall shelves and hangers too to create an oasis of biophilic wonder

Tranquil Dawn Home Accessories:

There are lots of ways to introduce Tranquil Dawn into your home if you don’t want to be so bold as to paint a wall or change up your kitchen cabinets.

Look below for some more ideas I’ve found whilst hunting the internet. 

Green tranquil dawn style bedding on a bed

Image: I Love Linen

Chair: Swoon  Coffee Table: Melody Maison  Towel: Lapuan Kankurit Tiles: Claybrook Studio

Can you imagine using any of these home decor pieces in your home?

I think they’re all lovely ways to introduce the soft, calming Tranquil Dawn into your home decor. 

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to live out your dawn decor dreams, as with Homebase voucher codes you can get great deals on top quality paint and painting supplies.

Tranquil Dawn in a Child’s Bedroom:

A soft green like the Dulux Tranquil Dawn is the perfect colour for a child’s bedroom. It has a gender neutral quality and is easily mixed with other colours like black, earthy browns, soft pinks and light blues.

It won’t keep the baby awake all night, and will ease the whole family into a relaxed and calm mood. 

Image: Norsu

It’s the ideal Scandi style colour and a straight forward way to add a little more colour to a minimal, neutral palette. 

So, I for one, am thrilled with the Dulux Tranquil Dawn, their Colour of the Year 2020, and can’t wait to see how we build this colour into our home decor as the season progresses. 

I’d love to know if this is a colour you’ll be introducing into your homes next year?

Is Dulux Tranquil Dawn on your decorating list this year?

Jen x


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