How to Update Your Home with a Splash of Colour

Over the years there have been many popular and stylish colours to use in home interior design, from white and grey, to blue and cream.

Some homeowners choose to go for neutral schemes for a modern sophisticated look where some might choose to be creative and bold with more statement colours.

Red, yellow, and orange, are just some colours that you can either use delicately in soft pastel colours or use boldly in bright eye-catching colours.

If you’re looking for a unique style to your home then Better Homes & Gardens have a great inspirational guide on the many colour themes that go with yellow perfectly in a living space.

Whether you are decorating your bedroom or your bathroom, here are just some tips for how you can add a splash of colour to your home this year.


 Paint or recover your furniture

Painting furniture is one creative ways to give life to something old. There is gloss paint, wood paint, or even chalk finish paint that you can use to add a little bit of colour to your chest of drawers, wardrobes and more!

If you have an overall colour theme you could easily paint your bedroom furniture to match, or go completely opposite by using contrasting colours.

Pick out new curtains or blinds

Image: Loaf

Grey, cream, and blue are all popular colours to use for bedroom interiors.

So why not use these colours in your curtains or blinds to add a small burst of colour to your room?

Slate grey, sand, and denim are all beautiful shades you could use in your curtains or blinds to match the rest of your colour scheme.


Test new wall colours

Your kitchen colour scheme might have been the same ever since you moved in or had your kitchen fitted. If you’re wanting to experiment with some colour this year, then browse around at all the beautiful colours you could use for your kitchen walls.

Whether you are using paint or tiles, there are many stylish shades to choose from. The Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, ‘Classic Blue’, pairs great with so many other shades so that might be the perfect colour for your kitchen.

Discover new appliances or kitchen accessories

Image: Magnet Kitchens

Adding a splash of colour to your kitchen doesn’t just have to end with a new coat of paint.

You can also purchase items such as kitchen blinds, microwaves, kettles, and storage jars, in many different colour schemes. No matter what your overall kitchen colour scheme is, you can easily add small pops of accent colours with kitchen accessories to uplift your space.


Update your bathroom tiles

Over the years there have been a lot of colours that have been trendy to use for both bathrooms and kitchens, such as blue and grey.

But there are also some bold statement colours that can be used such as these stylish yellow kitchen & bathroom tile trends.

While yellow may seem bright and bold, it can be the perfect colour to use in summer to add a touch of sunshine to your home. From glass mosaic tiles to patterned tiles, there are many colourful tile options for your bathroom.

Mix and match your bathroom accessories

Image: Dyckhoff

As well as using your bathroom tiles to add colour to the room, you can also pair colourful accessories with your colour scheme too.

From bath towels and mirrors, to bath mats and storage shelves, these accessories can help you add a touch of colour to your bathroom.

Be bold with red, relaxing with blue, or daring with orange to add some life to your bathroom this year.

Living room

Purchase new soft furnishings

Image: Audenza

When you are designing a living room it’s important to consider creating an accessible living room design for the whole family with your coffee table, rugs, and seating options.

Soft furnishings are a perfect way to add a pop of colour to your living room, and lots of other areas of your home.

From cosy blankets, fluffy cushions, and stylish rugs, which colour would you decorate with? Turquoise blue, mustard yellow, or blush pink could be some trendy colours you could use in 2020.

Add a floral touch

The addition of colourful flowers is perhaps the most versatile way of introducing a touch of colour to your space.

Whether it is a simple grouping or an ornate arrangement, colourful flowers can add some fragrance and life into your home.

The beauty about using fresh flowers is you can change your flowers regularly according to seasons or to your living room colour scheme.

Amaryllis, begonias, and orchids are just a few houseplants to add colour to your home this year.


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Sarah
    June 24, 2020 / 9:26 am

    Wow there’s so many good ways to introduce colour!

  2. Kelly Bellus
    September 14, 2022 / 12:13 am

    I have a beautiful velvet real duvet comforter bedding set in my bedroom with gold decor and accents .. I presently have sage grey walls and would like to update it with wallpaper or a different color what interior wall color would you suggest?

    • Kelly Bellus
      September 14, 2022 / 12:14 am


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