What Colors Go with Sage Green? 11 Perfect Pairings

Sage green is having a moment. It’s an on-trend colour for your home decor, walls, sofas, kitchen cabinets and beyond and we love it. Its calming and restorative impact on our interiors and our mood is well documented, so it’s no wonder that people are flocking to this shade when decorating their homes.

But how do you style with sage green? What’s the best color scheme for sage green? What colors go with sage green?

Well the answers are all down to what kind of sage green color you’ve chosen, and what kind of mood you want to create.

In this article, we’ll uncover some of our favorite color combinations that include sage green, what goes with sage green and talk through how to use them.

Discover 11 stunning sage green colour palettes and find out which colors perfectly complement sage green.

How to Decorate with Sage Green

If you’re looking for the perfect sage green color palette, here’s a list of our 11 favourite sage green color combinations:

  1. Sage Green and Pink
  2. Sage Green and Navy Blue
  3. Sage Green and Terracotta
  4. Sage Green and Olive
  5. Sage Green and Lilac
  6. Sage Green and Red
  7. Sage Green and Charcoal
  8. Sage Green and Neutrals
  9. Sage Green and Metallics
  10. Sage Green and Chocolate
  11. Sage Green and White
Explore stunning color combinations that complement sage green, discovering what colors go well with this soothing shade.

So if you’re looking for more help on what color goes with sage green, let’s talk through each of our sage green pairs and why they work.

1. Sage Green and Pink

A kitchen with pink cabinets and sage green stools.

If you’re wondering what color compliments sage green, sage green and pink is one of our favorite sage green pairs. It’s the perfect choice for nature lovers being indicative of the natural world, and capturing the simplicity and joy of this color combination. It offers sweetness without being too sugary, and is a good choice for a kitchen as you can see.

Why not use the sage as a main color in the room, and add pink as your accent color throughout the space for the perfect sage color combination. Perhaps paint a few kitchen cabinets, include some pink accessories, or even pink accents through the window treatments.

2. Sage Green and Navy Blue

A children's bedroom with colorful walls and a bed, featuring sage green accents.

Sage green with blue, particularly a navy blue has a depth and sophistication not often seen. Choose a sage green paint with blue undertones to combine easily with the blue accents and help the scheme feel cohesive. Paint an accent wall in your blue shade, use it in soft furnishing like cushions and throws, or even paint the entire room in sage, and throw in some navy here and there.

3. Sage Green and Terracotta

A sage green bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.
Wallpaper from Wallsauce

When sage green is paired with terracotta, a warm earthy tone, the combination creates a beautiful and harmonious color scheme. The two colors complement each other, making for a cohesive and inviting space working particularly well in rooms with natural light, as it enhances the natural hues of both shades.

When choosing colors that go well with sage green, think of similar intensity shades and ones you might find together in nature. Take inspiration from our sage green color palette to find the color shades that suit your home, your personality and your family.

4. Sage Green and Olive Green

A bedroom with sage green walls and a beige bed.
Sage green bedding from Piglet In Bed

Pairing sage green with olive green might not be your first thought, but this is a great way to create a harmonious scheme suitable for living or bedroom areas. The acidity of olive helps the sage feel stronger, and the pairing is one of strength and depth. Mix with other neutral shades, wood tones and warm colors for a boho style.

5. Sage Green and Lilac

A bed with purple sheets and a flowering cherry tree, showcasing colors that perfectly complement sage green.

Sage green and lilac is a beautiful and unexpected color combination that can add a sense of tranquility and sophistication to any space. The subtle contrast between the warm, earthy tones of sage green and the cool, delicate lilac creates a harmonious balance that is both soothing and visually appealing.

6. Sage Green and Charcoal Grey

A hallway with a black and white tiled floor that complements the sage green color palette.
Hallway featuring Dulux Heritage Sage Green 

Of all the colors in our sage color palette, this colour combination of sage green and grey has sophistication and elegance written all over it. Using a calming color like grey with its silvery undertones cuts through the softer sage hue, creating a look that’s both easy to live with and simple to style. Mix sage walls the grey accents, charcoal accessories and even some black tones for a sophisticated look that won’t date easily.

7. Sage Green and Red

A bedroom with sage green walls and a zebra print rug.
Bedroom from Sharps with Sage Green and Red accent

There’s nothing that says adventurous more than using bold colors in your decor and you may not think it is a color that goes well with sage green but I urge you to rethink.

Paint the entire room in sage green paint, then add in some striking red accessories. It will certainly make the room feel more vibrant and exciting. The red acts as a focal point drawing the eye toward it so choose your pieces and placement carefully. Whether you want to go bold and use red on the walls, or simply need some brighter accessories to add a little pop of color – this is a sage green color pairing we adore.

8. Sage Green and Neutrals

A sage green kitchen with a wooden table.
Evergreen Fog from Sherwin Williams

When you want a calm color scheme, choose a neutral shade to complement your sage green walls, or sage green kitchen cabinets. The neutral tones of beige, brown, and taupe create a soothing, easy to live in scheme, that works well with wooden furniture, rustic interiors and a country cottage design.

We love the timelessness of this sage color palette choice; the muted shade feels intensely connected to the natural world breathing a sense of stability into the home.

9. Sage Green and Metallics

A living room with sage green walls and furniture.
Dulux Heritage Sage Green

Give your room a stylish finish by adding metallic accessories to your sage green color scheme. Golds, brass and silver pieces have been on trend for many years now and we still love them. Light fittings, picture frames, floor lamps and small touches throughout the room enhance the overall look.

If you’ve chosen a sage green with gray undertones go for a silver accessory, but a sage with yellow undertones suits either gold or brass finishes.

If you’re looking for colors that go with green, this is one of the easiest and simplest to use.

10. Sage Green and Chocolate

A bedroom with sage green walls and a green bed.
Dulux Silver Lichen with Cocoa Pod

There are times when you want warmer tones for your living space. Choosing the right sage green wall paint, in this instance is key, and adding complementary colors that enhance the scheme is essential. Play around with shades of chocolate. The richness of these hues warms the cool tones of sage green, allowing for an interior that feels inviting and comforting.

11. Sage Green and White

A bedroom with green walls in a sage green shade and a white bed.
Bedroom from Furniture and Choice

Keep your home fresh and crisp by pairing bright white with your sage green walls – one of our freshest ideas in a sage green color palette. In a bedroom, cool, crisp sheets work wonderfully with sage green shades adorned across the walls and through accessories.

It’s a modern look that keeps a home feeling bang on-trend and beautifully thought through. Whilst many interior designers love to approach a colour drenching scheme, keeping your home light and bright with shades of white and adding soft sage greens can’t be ignored.

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What color goes with sage green?

There are many wonderful colors that go with sage green, so try layering with shades like Olive Green, or contrasting with soft pink, terracotta or lilac. For an modern color palette try it with charcoal grey.

What colours go with sage green walls?

A sage green wall works well with darker greens in the room, or add light shades of pink for a contrasting scheme. Neutrals, browns and terracotta provide natures own color palette and combine effortlessly with this gorgeous hue.

What colour goes best with light sage?

Light sage will work with other pale colours. Think pastels, pinks and lilacs, sorbet shades and even whites. Alternatively pair it with darker shades of green like olive.

What colour goes best with dark sage green?

A darker sage green is rich, deep and moody so pair it with similar colours for a statement palette. Go for dark chocolate, red, hot pink or navy blue. Alternatively, add a light sage to give it a tonal feel.

Which paint brands sell sage green paint?

Most of the major paint companies sell a variety of sage green shades to use in your sage green color palette. You can read about popular sage green paint colors in our sister article, and we also recommend searching the following brands.

  • Dulux
  • Farrow and Ball
  • Valspar
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Little Greene Paint Company

I love the selection of paints in a sage green color on offer right now, and think this will only grow in the coming years as more and more of us adopt this hue in our homes.

Does sage green go with black and white?

Yes! Sage green looks stunning when paired with a monochromatic scheme. Use it in a hallway, with a black and white floor, or on your kitchen cabinets monochrome tiling. It looks elegant and sophisticated and incredibly modern.

What’s the opposite of sage green on the color wheel?

Purple sits opposite sage green on the color wheel, so if you want to create a sage green color scheme with a striking contrast choose a lilac or purple shade.

When you’re wondering what colors go well with sage green, I hope you’ve found ideas and inspirations to use in your home from our sage green color palette suggestions.

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