How to Dress Your Home with Personality

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Your home is an extension of you and your household. Whether you live alone, as a couple or you have a growing family, your home deserves personality. However, many forget about adding their own personal touches to the space and instead, tend to opt for what’s trending.

Whilst trends are great for use in the home, they tend to come and go. Having a bit of your own personality and style in the space is timeless.

You’ll learn in this guide, how to dress your home with personality so that you can fall in love with your home, over and over again.

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Look at what colour palettes bring you joy

Firstly, colour is important. It’s incredibly influential on our mood and we’ve all got our favourite colour or colours that we buy the most of. Whether that’s decorating your house with wallpaper or paint, covering your home in soft furnishings with the colour or buying clothing. 

Research was done on colour and how it affects your mood. It found that these mood-altering effects are temporary but nonetheless, they can be impactful.

Colour palettes are going to be beneficial to scope out before you start dressing your home. If you’re needing to do any touch-ups to the space before adding furniture, then it’s good to test out some colour swatches on the walls as well as wallpaper.

A top tip is to test the paint or wallpaper and see what it looks like at different points throughout the day. One colour in the morning can end up looking vastly different in the dark.

Incorporate personal belongings into the space

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When incorporating personal belongings, it’s always useful to fill the space with things that have meaning for you and your household. However, there’s a difference between meaningful things and clutter. You don’t want to fill up your space with items that are going to have you tripping over or look like they don’t belong there.

Think about what personal items you love and how you could dress them in the space in an effective way. Photo frames, for example, are a great way to make use of not just photographs but little trinkets too!

Pick furniture that reflects your style and flair

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Furniture is another part of the space that can reflect your personality. Everyone has a style they love, even when thinking about furniture. Perhaps you prefer more modern and contemporary pieces over rustic, vintage looks?

Whether it’s a dresser or a console table, think about the furniture that’s going into the space. At the same time, you don’t want to go too overboard with the style of furniture as even furniture can clash.

Don’t be afraid to dress your home to your taste

It’s important to remember that this is your space and this space should make you feel happy. With that in mind, the biggest takeaway to this is not to be afraid of dressing your home in a way that suits your taste. It’s not for your guests!


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Jen Stanbrook

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