Home Trends You Don’t Want to Miss (2024 Edition)

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The latest interior design trends are an intriguing blend of improvisation as you’ll find opposing home decor philosophies happily merging together. They bring an inspirational freshness while filling your home with amenities, which makes home trends 2022 some of the most exciting yet…

5 Home Interior Trends you Don’t want to Miss (in 2022 and beyond!)

1. Multi-purpose living space

Open-plan living rooms have been popular for decades as they’re often used to emphasise spaciousness and grandeur. Today’s interior design incorporates the idea of open-plan, but it now highlights a welcoming, compact area.

It’s perfect for new-builds where space is at a premium or owners of large, rambling homes are also following the trend by downsizing. There’s something liberating about a multi-purpose room.

You’re free to use it however you wish, but it’s important to maintain a sense of style.

2. The rise of home gyms

Image: Green Retreats

Installing a home gym has never been so popular, only this time the trend is for incorporating it into your main living area. The focus is on small, portable pieces that can easily be hidden out of view. Dumbbells are perfect for muscle development, and hexagonal shapes are trending as they won’t roll away.

When covered with neoprene, they offer a comfortable, non-slip surface that’s resistant to water. For aerobic exercises choose a stepper- height-adjustable, strong, yet lightweight, it can be brought out in an instant, and load-bearing up to 115 Kg, it’s ideal for improving your fitness at any time.

A yoga mat is a great addition to your home gym- cushioned and textured for non-slip safety, it’s suitable for all your exercising activities. You can also choose equipment in different colours to complement your home decor from a range of online sites like Keplin Group.

3. Contemporary colour schemes

Image: Eliza Doodle Designs

Over the years, neutral colours of cream, beige and grey have been at the centre of countless home decor schemes. Amazingly, to update your home you’ll still need them.

However, instead of excessive uniformity where backgrounds and accessories are in the same neutral tone, you’ll merge them with the boldest of colours. A multi-purpose room can appear larger with a neutral colour for walls and ceilings. To match your home with current interior design, use large expanses of an intense colour.

Use it for furniture, rugs, curtains and even doors. A great tip to prevent your room appearing unsophisticated or gaudy is to choose a vintage paint. These primary colours of red, green, yellow and blue have a bold, yet subtle depth that adds streamlined elegance to the multi-purpose room.

4. A greener environment in your home

Image: Rockett St. George

A growing interior design trend is the biophilia hypothesis. It fills your living space with natural elements from timber to daylight from additional windows.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate biophilia is to use masses of living plants. Cluster them together to fill entire walls, or alternatively, make features of them in picture frames and along shelves. They are perfect for making a home bar installation gain the atmosphere of the outdoors.

Biophilia uses the power of the natural world to help your home become an inspiring place. Using natural materials and plants gives your home a calm serenity that’s the perfect environment for enjoying your new home decor, and facilities such as a home gym, office or bar.

5. Working from home offices

Image: Dormy House

The efficiency of working remotely is perfect for creating your own home office. Versatile facilities, such as cloud storage and miniaturised PCs, mean your office space could be barely noticeable.

Placing it within an open-plan, or multi-purpose room, is typical of current interior design. Trending features include fluid shapes, or opt for gently curved edges and rounded corners. If you’d like your furniture to be more adventurous, there are many trending styles. Try the geometric outlines of art deco, complete with a touch of bold colour.

Use the same fabric for your office chair, sofa and curtains for a sense of coordination. An alternative is to choose a Scandinavian design, where you can blend minimalist elements with maximised features including intricate patterns and vivid colours, your living space should be in perfect harmony with current home trends.



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