Latest False Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Modern Home

False ceilings, also known as suspended ceilings or drop ceilings have become a popular choice in home decor in recent years. Interior designers are installing them in homes and commercial properties to add beauty and interest to simple ceilings and many home owners realise the practical as well as aesthetic benefits of this new ceiling design.

Today I’m excited to share some of my favourites in the false ceiling design trend, and I’d love to know your thoughts on them.

Before we get into the detail though, let’s just explain a few things that you may not know.

What is a false ceiling?

A false or fake ceiling, is a secondary ceiling suspended from the original ceiling – which is desirable for several different reasons. It could be to conceal pipes, wires and duct work as well as to offer soundproofing and extra insulations in rooms with high ceilings.

What is a false ceiling made of?

False ceilings suspended from the original ceiling can be made from several different materials:

  1. POP (Plaster of Paris)
  2. PVC panels
  3. Gypsum false ceiling panels
  4. Wood
  5. Glass
  6. Ceiling tiles

A false gypsum ceiling is one of the most popular types of materials used and is relatively inexpensive to install, lasts for 15 years or so and needs just a little maintenance. 

Different Types of False Ceilings

If you’ve not seen a suspended ceiling before or need some false ceiling design ideas for your upcoming home renovation project, I’ve collected a few inspirational images, focusing on different designs and different shapes to give you some ideas.  

1. Simple False Ceiling Design

Our home interiors benefit most from the unique design features of false ceilings when they are kept simple. Modern homes need modern, classic and simple design aspects, and this simple false ceiling design is one to be admired. 

False ceiling design in a small neutral apartment

A simple false ceiling design is one that works with the overall interior design of the room or home. An apartment that needs extra soundproofing and reduction in the height of the ceiling, benefits from a design that helps section different areas. 

The kitchen ceiling is simple with spotlights that help light the area, whilst the dining space is determined by a change in the ceiling design. The fake ceiling also allows for attractive lighting designs, which offer both practicality and good looks to the room. 

2. Wooden False Ceilings

Whether you want to use wooden beams or wood panelling in your false ceiling, the finished look can be equally as good. 

The warmth of wood creates an inviting decor that requires little paint or accessories to bring it to life. The simple, scandi design, coupled with white paint, spotlights and a neutral colour scheme gives the room a timeless, easy to live with style. 

Wood panel false ceiling design in a simple living room with wooden floor

3. Classic Plain Ceiling

A drop ceiling doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have a contemporary or Scandinavian style living space then a classic plain false ceiling design can be all that you need. 

Simple panelled false ceiling design in a white small apartment room with open staircase

Straight lines and strong angles look great in a modern false ceiling that enhances a small apartment. A dropped ceiling such as this one above allows for installation of spot lights without disturbing the original ceiling and causing potential structural damage. All the wires and electrical work is well hidden without the need to break into the existing ceiling.

4. False Ceiling Floral Patterns

For many homes this is the perfect false ceiling design. Adding floral patterns to the ceiling both completes and complements the existing decor and adds an extra dimension to the style of the room. 

Whether you use this in a drawing room, dining room or even a study space, the overall aesthetic of the false ceiling work is one of eye-catching beauty.

5. Bedroom Ceiling Design

This is a beautiful false ceiling design that enhances your home decor, provides a unique shape and is a great way to hide all that electrical wiring from a recent renovation project.

Circular false ceiling design in a traditional sconce style with hanging chandelier, round bed and pink accessories

The colour and lighting used in and around the false ceiling coordinates with the room decor; the white paint offsets the strong pink hues to create a dramatic bedroom design. 

The decorative false ceiling can help mix traditional design with modern, contemporary interiors, creating a depth of 

Similarly, adding a different height balance can offer an opportunity to showcase features like chandeliers and pendant lights in a bedroom, as above. This simple false ceiling in a bedroom looks classy and timeless, and helps to draw the eye even more to the stunning light fitting.

6. Living Room False Ceiling Design

The room below has a very high ceiling. If you have a room like this, it could benefit from a part suspended ceiling being installed. Combining the drop ceiling areas with the layout of the furniture creates sections of comfort and helps the room feel less open and drafty. 

I love the way these false ceiling lights below have been installed. The suspended ceiling hangs in a panel below the original, allowing for the installation of a set of multiple lights that add impact and drama to the overall decor scheme. 

Whilst you could achieve the same look with lighting hanging from an original ceiling, the design would feel flat and uninteresting. Modern homes in particular benefit from the aesthetic improvements a false ceiling can bring. 

Is a false ceiling easy to install?

Yes. In residential buildings, the main ceiling is covered with a suspended ceiling in a relatively simple way. We do recommend using a reputable builder to ensure the solidity and longevity of your dropped ceiling.

The most common false ceiling material is gypsum board.

What is the best false ceiling design?

This comes down to your own personal taste, your budget and the type of original ceiling you have. 

If your ceilings are too high and the room too cold, you’ll benefit from the lowered ceiling, extra insulation and temperature control a false ceiling can give the room. 

If you find you need extra soundproofing, in an apartment for example, installing a gypsum or POP false ceiling will help dampen the sound to other properties, or rooms above you. 

Ultimately the best ceiling design is that which complement or co-ordinates with your home decor style and adds a certain wow factor to the room

How long will a false ceiling last?

A good POP ceiling (Plaster of Paris) will last between 15-20 years.

Problems start to arise when water damage occurs or the panelling becomes moist so it’s essential you check and maintain your suspended ceiling at regular intervals throughout the year.

Image: VG New Trend

The Pros and Cons of False Ceilings

What are the disadvantages of a false ceiling?

There are a few things to consider if you install a false ceiling:

  1. Space and room height is more limited
  2. There’s a risk that light fixtures will fall
  3. They may require more maintenance than the original ceiling
  4. If not properly sealed, they can become damp
  5. They can make a room feel smaller and more claustrophobic

What are the advantages of a false ceiling?

On the flip side, there are many advantages, so here are the main reasons why you might want to cover your existing ceiling with a fake ceiling:

  1. They allow for variety of designs and great home design that extends to the ceiling
  2. They reduce the ceiling height, making a room feel more cosy
  3. They hide ugly pipes, wires and ducts
  4. The right false ceiling design can provide thermal insulation in the room
  5. A drop ceiling can work in both a residential property and commercial projects

What lights are best for false ceilings?

Recessed or spotlights work best on dropped ceilings and are perfect in a modern interior design

You can create impact with sets of multiple lights, matching your light fixtures to the rest of your decor. 

Furthermore, recessed lighting around edges and in corners can dramatically impact the atmosphere and mood of a room, so take advice from an interior designer who will know how to maximise the false ceiling lighting ideas. 

Soundproofing a Room with False Ceilings and more

Image: Quiet Mark

With many more people working from home, the desire to make our spaces soundproofed is high. This sound absorbing panel, akin to a false ceiling design of sorts has a striking shape, and ensures minimal echo while it visually delineates open spaces.

The slim framework is made of upholstered acoustic panels, engineered to absorb sound and reduce echo. Hence, it effectively combats low, mid and high-frequency tones. Floating or suspended ceilings take on all shapes, forms and sizes in the evolution of this home interior feature. 

Taking Inspiration from Commercial Property False Ceilings

Many commercial properties, from offices to supermarkets have used suspended ceilings for many years. Over time they have become more elaborate, and as more people use them in their homes, we can draw inspiration from the designs, different shapes and design flare. By using industrial roofing contractors they’ve managed to maintain the roof of these properties too.  

Some false ceiling designs become quite ornate and if that suits your home decor taste, these allow us to create an exquisite extension to our usual room design. 

If you want a more industrial look to your home, apartment block or flat, take note of how these false ceiling panels and areas have created a very distinctive look. It is possible to bring this design into a residential home. 

False Ceiling Design Summary

To summarise, a false ceiling or suspended ceiling can offer design interest, hide lots of wires and pipes as well as provide soundproofing and insulation. It hangs directly from your original ceiling and is made from various materials, such as gypsum, POP and metal. 

There are many different designs and they add decorative interest to living rooms, bedrooms, the hall and the office. 

I hope you take inspiration from these false ceiling ideas and if you’re considering this type of ceiling for your home, take some advice and ensure you use a reputable company install one.

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