Stylish Nursery Decorating Ideas for Gender Neutral Rooms

Expectant parents may be overwhelmed with things to do and the costs involved in the preparation for a new infant. Decorating a small nursery is an important and exciting event to cross off the list. But the perfect nursery doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With imagination and inspiration, you can inexpensively create a nursery decor you and your baby girl or boy can enjoy for years to come.

How to Decorate your Gender Neutral Nursery

1. Budget Train Tracks

Some of the most rewarding finds for nursery furniture can be found at thrift shops, garage sales, or even online ads. Purchase or find a wooden chest, changing table, rocking comfortable chair, and picture frames and paint them all the same baby dark color. Trim the pieces with vinyl train theme decals or railroad tracks.

Although the pieces might not be an exact match, no one will ever know as the color and trim will tie them all together.

Image: Rug Society

2. Custom Wall Space Art

Personalize your empty walls by creating custom art from your favorite phrases or quotes. Shop flea markets or thrift stores for large picture frames, and paint them a clean contrasting color to the nursery walls. Attach the frame without the glass to the wall of the baby nursery and paint the inside of the frame a different color than the wall.

In your best script handwriting within the inside area of the frame, paint your favorite inspiring or cute quote, such as “Thank heaven for little girls,” or “A baby adds joy in every single day.

3. Refresh Your Fabrics

Give new life to old baby blankets and quilts by using the fabric in stylish ways around the focal point of the nursery. Create a pillow cover to cushion a hard rocking chair. Sew tab tops to one end of a soft blanket and hang them on a rod as a window treatment. Make an ultra-soft changing pad cover from a well-loved cotton blanket.

Image: The Singing Ant

Rip quilt seams apart and mount individual squares in colorful, inexpensive wood picture frames to hang on the wall.

4. Homemade Baby Mobile

Wrap a wooden embroidery hoop with bright fabric and securely attach it to the ribbon that hangs from a hook in the ceiling.

Add streamers from the hoop and glue or sew brightly colored cardboard shapes, small plush animals, or lightweight plastic rattles. Hang it safely out of reach near the baby’s mini crib. All the expert parenting tips advocate the use of baby mobiles – and they’re fun too!

5. Modern Nursery Decorating Ideas

With just a few nursery design ideas you can make your baby’s nursery modern and efficient. Modern nurseries design incorporates versatile pieces and pops with different shades and imagination.

Image: Emma Make

There is no need to break the budget either; you can find materials that are long-lasting and environmentally friendly in your simple nursery design.

6. Efficient Furniture For A Contemporary Look And A Limited Space

The modern nursery design is efficient for the ever-changing needs of a growing child. Look for furniture pieces that are mobile and can easily be reconfigured.

For example, find a changing table that will later morph into a toy or book stand, and a convertible crib that can turn into a toddler bed. Modern, straightforward geometric designs furniture is also made to be space-efficient, comfortable, and stylish.

7. Modern Design Inspired By Children – Let Their Imagination Run

Kids often provide inspiration for modern nursery designs. Many parents choose to use design pieces that their kids can interact with. The nursery room ideas are functional and encourage children to explore their creativity and be independent.

Hang pictures and drawings at the child’s eye level, especially framed pictures the child made. Avoid specific themes; they can be limited to your child’s imagination. Instead, use design accents that encourage exploration and imagination, like a soft rug or a carpet with a grid pattern and multiple textures. Also, find interactive art pieces like maps, or pieces your child can draw on.

8. Bright Colors Are The Perfect Choice

When designing a modern nursery, keep the design gender-neutral. Subdued wall colors and natural furniture pieces allow for flashes of bold color in area rugs, bedding, wall art, textiles, drapes, and accessories.

Image: Giraffe Bookcase from Ella James

Bright red, orange, citrus yellow and lime green are great colors that will bring modern and fresh energy to the nursery.

9. Neutral Nursery Ideas Is The Easiest Way To Decorate

There are many situations in which you might want to consider a gender-neutral design scheme and a neutral palette for a nursery.

Whether you want the gender of your baby to be a surprise, you are designing a room for fraternal twins, or you simply want to buck the traditional girly pinks or boyish blues, there are plenty of ways to style and accessorize a nursery without making it seem too masculine or feminine.

10. Color Palette Or The Paint Color

Some gender-neutral color options are red, green, and yellow. This doesn’t mean that pink and blue are completely off the table; it just means that you should consider combining these colors with contrasting colors to neutralize the space.

For example, pale blue and brown work for girls or boys. You could stay with an even more neutral color palette and select whites, creams, and tans to furnish the space. This creates a clean, light feeling in the room that you can liven up with vibrant color complements.

Contrasting bold colors and combinations, such as black and white or red and yellow, make a bold statement in the wall color, furniture, and bedding without crossing any gender color boundaries.

11. Design Theme And Baby Room Ideas

Often girls’ rooms are covered in pretty princesses and dolls, while boys’ rooms are sports-centric. You can avoid these gender-specific ruts by choosing a more neutral theme. For example, cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Curious George are beloved by young girls and boys alike.

Image: Tidy Books

An animal theme is ideal, as are themes surrounding nature, outer space, circuses or zoos, teddy bears, or nursery rhymes. Try incorporating these ideas into a mural, artwork, furniture, bedding, and accessories.

12. Prints And Textures For The Rest Of The Room

The prints and textures you choose for fabrics in your nursery can sometimes create a gender-specific orientation. For example, lace and feathers are typically considered more feminine, while flannels and corduroy can seem more masculine. Stick with simple fabrics, such as cotton and fleece, which are gender-neutral and comfortable as well. Regardless of your baby’s gender, abstract and geometric prints, such as stripes and polka dots, work well in a nursery.

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