How to Choose Children’s Bedding

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Author Bio: Kristian Johnson, marketing manager at The Fine Bedding Company, has a keen interest in luxury bedding, with plenty of experience in providing customers with personalised bedding solutions. 


Children need good quality sleep in order to develop both their body and mind. If your little one doesn’t seem to be getting the rest they require, it could be worth looking at their bedding.

Duvets, toppers and pillows can have a dramatic effect on sleep quality for both adults and children. Having unsuitable bedding can result in sleep riddled with disruption and discomfort, preventing people from achieving deep, restful sleep.

If you are unsure what bedding is best for children, The Fine Bedding Company offers top tips on how to choose items that allow your little ones to achieve the very best night’s sleep.


Duvet tog rating

A child should be over 12 months before they should sleep with a duvet, pillow or quilt. When children are aged between one and 10, a light weight duvet with a lower tog rating is recommended.  Their smaller bodies mean that more air is trapped under the duvet, meaning that the child tends to be much warmer under a light duvet than an adult.

Once they reach the age of 10, they may want to switch to a higher tog rating. To further help your child regulate their temperature throughout the night, you can also place a blanket at the bottom of their bed, allowing them to have that extra layer of warmth when needed. Alternatively, you could opt for a Perfect Balance duvet which works to regulate body temperature throughout the night.


The best pillow

You don’t want to put any strain on your child’s neck, so a soft low pillow is the ideal choice. A higher ratio of down will be a softer option, while more feathers will be a firmer choice. If your child needs a synthetic pillow, then look out for fillings that offer a soft or medium level of support. For teenagers, memory foam pillows could prove more comfortable as they mould to the contours of their head to provide a bespoke level of support.


Mattress protection

If your child is prone to accidents during the night, a waterproof mattress protector such as Complete Care Plus and Complete Comfort from The Fine Bedding Company may also be a sound investment. The layer acts as a protective barrier between the mattress and any liquid, safeguarding the mattress and allowing them to get back off to sleep once their bedding has been changed.


Anti-allergy solutions

Does your child suffer from allergies? If so, invest in synthetic, non-allergenic bedding such as the Children’s Anti-Allergy Bed Set from The Fine Bedding Company which comes with built-in protection against allergies. Bedding should also be able to be home cleaned regularly at 60°C once every three months to keep pesky dust mites at bay, which are known to aggravate allergy symptoms.

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