One Fine Stay: Contemporary Holiday Homes with a Difference

I can’t tell you how important choosing the right holiday home is to me, so when I was asked to take a look at a very different holiday homes concept I jumped at the chance.

One Fine Stay gives you the chance to stay in an ‘unhotel’ – someone’s place whilst they are out of town.  You get to experience a little slice of their life, what they might do and where they might go. You don’t get bothered by a maid early in the morning, or other people’s noise in the corridor. Okay that all sounds good, but what makes this different to house swaps or other experiences like that?

Well the properties and homes that make up One Fine Stay make it very different indeed. They have pulled together the most fabulous, quirky, elegant and decadent homes in London and New York.  All of the homes seem quite different in decor and style but all have a certain level of luxury and comfort. Staying in one of these homes would be like slipping into another life; experiencing another world if just for 24 hours. An escape from reality; a shift into a dreamworld!

Later this year we’re celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary and I’m searching the site see what I can find.

How about this amazing funky flat in New York’s Soh. Incredible. Amazing decor, and stunning surroundings. This one doesn’t come cheap though at $950 per night, but what an experience this would be. Split the cost and share with another couple. Or take the whole family; children are welcome!

one fine stay holiday homesone fine dayone fine stay


Now if that one doesn’t suit your taste or your budget how about this more affordable I bedroom Townhouse Apartment only a few minutes away from Marylebone High Street. Spacious and airy with its white walls and sky blue accents, I love the look and feel of this home. I could see myself chilling out here for a weekend, enjoying London and sitting in the local cafes. Prices start from £167 per night.


townhouse apartmentone fine stay

So if you like the look and idea of this holiday take a look at One Fine Stay for more details. The website looks great and easy to use. I’m definitely hunting for my ideal holiday home here! Oh and I’ll also be picking up some fabulous interior design tips too.


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  1. Alexander Residence
    January 17, 2013 / 12:10 pm

    Oh I love the idea of staying in a ‘home’ and trying out another style or life! Working in hotels as a teenager took the magic off them for me, I love this idea, and the London one is fairly priced, so much better than a box room in a hotel for the same price. Saying that I love the New York one too, the layout reminds me of the set of Friends, only much more glamorous.

  2. Actually Mummy...
    January 18, 2013 / 11:23 am

    That’s a lovely idea – so much more comfortable than hotels when you’ve got young children

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