The BEST Wall Mural Ideas for Stunning Feature Walls

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Are you looking for some of the best wall mural ideas?

Look no further.

In this post we’ll be digging into some tried and tested looks for wall murals that suit your home no matter what type of decor you love.

Ideas come and go, but the desire for a stunning wall mural hasn’t waned in the last few years, so we are confident that you’ll find something in our list you like.

And we’re going to help you step a little further outside your comfort zone when it comes to decorating your walls. Wallpaper murals are a fantastic addition to your home decor, and we’ve got some incredible designs to share with you.

Let’s dig in.

The Best Wall Mural Ideas – Wallpaper for Feature Walls

What is a wall mural?

A wall mural is usually a bold or photographic design of wallpaper for a feature wall. It is created to the size of your wall and shipped in separate pieces to assemble in situ. Some wall murals are removeable or peel and stick, so suited to rental homes.

There are lots of designs for wall mural wallpaper so you’re bound to find something to your taste.

Remember you want it to suit the room, and the people using that room. So consider all options before making your purchase. You are often able to buy samples before you commit to the main wall mural.

So here are our choices for some of the favourite wall mural ideas.

Wall Mural Wallpaper Design Idea #1

Black and white faces line drawing wall mural idea

Bold and graphical designs are very on trend and will make a huge statement in any room. You can see a similar one to this in action in my own daughter’s bedroom.

This abstract faces wallpaper, reminiscent of modern line art is a winner in a bedroom, office or even an open plan living area. It’s perfect for those that love a minimal colour palette but crave a bold, statement wall.

Wall Mural Idea #2

Shades of blue wall mural idea with a grey sofa

There had to be a scandi inspired wall mural in our ideas list. This one called Cerulean is a blue watercolour hygge focused design that will appeal to a lot of people.

It’s bold for sure, but muted and soft enough to be included in many different room settings. I’d love to see this one in an office or maybe a bedroom too.

Wall Mural Wallpaper #3

Japanese garden wall mural idea

We are mixing it up and inspiring those of you who love a more delicate design. This beautiful Japanese garden mural features a Wisteria tree in front of a lake.

If you want to bring the outdoors in, this striking wall mural design is the perfect addition in a living room, bedroom or even a hallway.

Wall Mural Feature Wall #4

We’ve selected another botanical inspired wall mural for our next wall mural idea, but this design is bigger and bolder.

This botanical beauty features a tropical landscape of banana trees, monkeys and palm trees. The beauty of a mural like this is the ability for it to span a large area.

Select the space you want to fill and curate the exact pieces of the mural to fit. We can envisage this design taking up space in a stylish living room demanding attention and creating a stunning feature wall.

Wall Mural Design #5

kids wall decor ideas in a woodland landscape theme

We couldn’t go without showcasing a children’s wall mural idea. We are big believers in avoiding tv and film characters on your kids’ walls – they grow out of them so soon. But what’s the alternative?

How about something like these whimsical woodland animals on your wallpaper?

We are particular fans of the colouring on this wall mural. So often we see soft pastels used in nurseries and kids’ rooms, but the stronger greens and oranges used in this design is a welcome alternative. We adores the playful design and styling.

Now you have some ideas for wall mural wallpaper in your home, let’s answer a few more questions you might have about how it works and how you use it.

What is the difference between wallpaper and a wall mural?

Wallpaper generally comes in rolls that you cut to fit your walls, matching the pieces as you go. A wall mural is cut and sized for you before you buy. You then stick the pieces onto the wall in a specific order as directed by the instructions.

How do you put up a wall mural?

Wall murals often come in either peel and stick (removeable wall murals), traditional wallpaper or self adhesive durable vinyl.

Self adhesive wallpaper or wall murals are ideal for most people and really easy to put up. They look good, on strong, thick paper and last well.

The peel and stick method makes them removeable too so ideal for rental properties or those not fans of DIY.

Traditional wallpaper is ideal for those familiar with the paste and hang method.

Self adhesive durable vinyl is ideal for high moisture rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Are wall murals removeable?

Yes. If you choose the self adhesive or peel and stick wall mural option your wallpaper can be easily removed.


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