The 7 BEST Kitchen Trends of 2022 You Don’t Want to Miss

The kitchen trends 2022 for the year ahead dare you to go bolder than ever before, with natural influences being a pivotal role, and doubling up any spare space you have into other practical solutions for the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart, and hub of any home. It’s one that helps to unite the family, whilst being a great place for gatherings and socialising – making it a light, social and airy space is key. But, it’s got to look great too!

Kitchen renovations can be very costly, and with the latest kitchen trends constantly changing, it can be daunting when making those final decisions. But they are a great way to guide us, whilst updates can always be interpreted and undertaken on a budget.

After our really popular post on the kitchen trends 2021, any of you have been asking – ‘what are the upcoming kitchen trends for 2022?’

Dark, Moodier Kitchens

Kitchen colour trends evolve and change on a regular basis. Those neutral, bright white and grey kitchens are being pushed out by bold, opulent colours in 2022.

Darker, and moodier colours are in, especially cobalt blues and forest greens.

Darker surfaces are much more forgiving in a kitchen too, whilst they contrast so well with metal interior hardware, through cabinetry detailing and sockets and switches for great visual impact.

It’s a common misconception that a darker kitchen can make a space look dark, cold and uninviting.

But it does need to be balanced accordingly to make the space harmonious, and light.

Embrace natural light sources you have available and balance the walls or surrounding space with lighter colours to keep the kitchen open, and airy.

Kitchen trends 2022 and interiors in general are set to take a strong influence from the natural world around us. This includes kitchen colour trends which embrace dark earthy greens, blues, and even brown, trust us on this! Brown is set to be a mature upgrade from the whites and greys that have remained big players in the interior world over the last few years.

It’s one of the kitchen design trends we are really excited about.

As well as a nod towards earthy, natural colours, there is a lot of focus on biophilic architecture and sustainable living in interiors. Introducing greenery into a space is a perfect way to add depth and colour, whilst helping the space feel harmonious and happy. 

We’ve covered colour trends and greenery, but let’s not forget the furniture! Kitchen design will be influenced by natural, raw material for that rustic, authentic look. This can work cohesively for a number of trends which embrace natural materials such as Farmhouse and Scandinavian interior design.

We call this a post pandemic trend, with more time than ever spent at home over the last couple of years it has given us more time to assess our needs at home, and work with what we have. Integrated storage and maximising the space you already have in your kitchen cabinets is key in 2022. 

It’s all about those storage goals, with many people influenced by the trends of Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch who have transformed cupboards and utility rooms with their perfectly stored spices and organised crisp packets.

This enviable trend is one that can be emulated in almost all kitchens, particularly a new kitchen, and on a budget too. A small space saving hack can give you that little bit more storage space, whilst keeping those kitchen worktops free from clutter too.

Outdoor Kitchens in 2022

Holidaying abroad has all been a bit of a dream for the last two years which has forced us to get more familiar with our outdoor spaces and create a place to relax and enjoy.

With that in mind, we have seen a surge in the idea of, and the demand for outdoor kitchens over the last year, and it isn’t set to stop.

Smart home technology continues to rise, and with that it’s set to expand to outdoor kitchens too.

Think ambient LED lighting that changes between colour temperatures when the mood desires it, WIFI enabled BBQ’s and HD resistant cinema screens, to name just a few smart features.

Whilst this trend certainly isn’t for everyone, and requires a lot of space, it all falls into creating that relaxing retreat at home which you don’t need to escape from.

Open shelving goes against every grain of the minimalist look that we have all grown to love, but it’s making a comeback.

For those perfectly Instagrammable shelfie photos and just a great display, open shelving can help you add your personality to a kitchen without it being overbearing in the space.

Floating shelves can be personalised to your requirements, add LED strip lighting to create visual impact in the evening and dress with your favourite decor accessories, mugs, scales and vintage pieces.

The kitchen is not just purely about function, and it’s time to add some fun and personality back into this social space that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Patterned Tiles in the Kitchen

The life cycle of every trend finds a way back to the start again and patterned tiles is one of those in kitchens. We are seeing a big rise in this popular trend.

Patterned tiles are set to be a huge kitchen trend in 2022, and it is one of the most cost effective ways of lifting your existing kitchen. 

Pattern, and colour is one of the optimum ways to add character to a kitchen, and it can be tasteful too. Monochrome tiles are a fail safe way to introduce patterns to a kitchen, but don’t be afraid to go bold! When choosing your tiles, if you have a colour in mind try interjecting the colour into your kitchen before changing the tiles to ensure it flows and works well in the space. 

Zoning – Kitchen Offices

Creating zones with dedicated spaces within a kitchen is a major pivot for kitchens this year. Adding some level of zoning helps to create a seamless, open plan space which helps the house to flow perfectly. 

Assess what space is available, and how you could best utilise it going forward. It could be using a vacant alcove space that doubles up as a home office during the day, and a place for free serving food at night!

And kitchen islands are the perfect way to zone spaces in the kitchen, and provide that all important functionality too.

Multi functional zones are the best way to create a space that works for your kitchen, and home. 

If executed correctly it will not overpower or clutter your home, it will help your home work smarter, not harder, and without upgrading on your current space.

A full kitchen renovation can bear one of the biggest costs when renovating a home, but these kitchen trends prove that not all updates have to be costly.

The great news about these trends is that simply a new update to the colour in your kitchen or maximising an existing cupboard can help you to keep your space updated, and on trend.

Have you spotted any Kitchen Trends 2022 that you would love to try? Let me know if you are inspired by any of these design ideas or if there are any other kitchen trends you think will be popular this year!


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Jen Stanbrook

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