Planning on Renovating Your Home in Manchester? Look into Removals Services

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Did you just purchase a new home? One with good bones but lacks any real personality? Are you eager to make your mark? Renovating a house is no easy task, but hundreds of people attempt to do it on their own every year.

There are so many personal blogs and Pinterest boards that cover everything you need to know about home renovation. From selecting contractors, and creating unique designs to avoiding common mistakes–there’s a guide for everything. And despite all the warnings and advice, your project will be anything but smooth. 

So why risk it?

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The most common reason why people still renovate their homes is because the pros far outweigh the cons. You get the unique opportunity to plan your space according to your needs. When you do things right, you also stand to gain a much higher profit if you will sell the property in the future.

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The average cost of a property in Manchester is around £233,000. While it is below the country’s average, it still counts as a significant investment. Make the most out of it with improvements like additional bedrooms, professional-grade kitchens, and redone bathrooms. These are the most sought-after features and can add thousands of pounds to your investment. 

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While you’re at it, try to keep your expenses low. Do things right the first time around with professional help. Next, try to avoid careless mistakes and accidents since this can extend the project timeline and consume more labour hours than necessary. 

Here’s where removal services come in. 

3 Benefits of Hiring a Removals Service in Manchester

When people consider renovation, the first trades that come to mind are builders, plumbers, and electricians. People rarely think about removal services. However, a man with a van in Manchester or a removal company in Manchester is more hopeful than you think. 

Here are the 3 benefits of hiring their services:

Keep Your Home Livable

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One of the biggest questions people have during renovations is this, “Can I stay at home while construction is ongoing.” And it’s a clear yes! Provided that construction is isolated to other parts of your home. If you are redoing the second bathroom, there is no reason why you can’t use the bedroom and the kitchen. 

Things only become complicated when you are doing major work like adding a 2nd storey or redoing all the plumbing or floors. In that case, it becomes a numbers game. How much of the home is undergoing renovations? If more than 60% of your home has contractors going in and out, it might be easier (and safer!) to move out. However, if it’s only 50 to 40% of your home, then you can stay put

The trick to making this set-up work is to move all the unnecessary items out of your house and keep them in storage. Let’s say you are redoing your kitchen. All appliances, kitchen supplies, and food will make their way to your living room or bedroom. Everything might fit, but will you be able to move around? Probably not. 

It doesn’t make your home very livable. By hiring a man and van to transport these items, you can keep your free spaces empty! Sure, you’ll be eating take out for the following weeks, but at least you don’t have to squeeze past furniture. 

Give Your Contractors Room to Work

Image: Pepper Sq Ltd

Another benefit of hiring removals services is giving your crew room to work. Let’s look at the average size of different properties in the UK.

  1. Apartment – 656 sq ft
  2. Bungalow/ Detached House (1 storey) – 828 sq ft
  3. Terraced House/ Attached House – 688 to 1087 sq ft
  4. Townhouse/ Semi Attached – 1033 sq ft
  5. Detached House (multiple stories) – 1582 sq ft

The space may be more than enough for a family, but if you are sharing the space with construction supplies and building contractors, things can feel tight. You don’t want them to worry too much about moving around the space. It slows them down and, in turn, can affect the project timeline.

You want to empty the main space and neighbouring areas so they can lay down their belongings and avoid making frequent trips to their car. If they can see all the materials and tools, they won’t have to spend so much time looking for the things they need. 

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Protect Your Valuables from Damage

Image: Shimu

When you have a full house, expect accidents. You or your construction crew may knock into bulky appliances and furniture. Paint, dust, and other debris might make their way to your belongings. If you want to preserve the condition of antique furniture, sentimental items, and your belongings in general, it’s time to send them to storage. 

A removal company or man with van service can pick up your valuables and move them to a storage unit for safekeeping. When renovations are finished, you can move them back into your home.

Enjoy Your Transformed Space!

Homeowners in Manchester stand to gain a lot from a comprehensive renovation. With the help of experienced builders and removal services, you can bring your vision to life without worrying too much about the state of your personal items. So what are you waiting for? Start planning for your Manchester remodel today!

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