How to Choose the BEST Radiator for your Home Renovation

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Choosing the best radiator for your home renovation can make all the difference, to the room and the heating bills as radiators are often understated when it comes to a home reno.

Radiators can be an afterthought once the renovation is complete, however planning ahead means that you can save money and find the radiator that best compliments your home. 

We have created a guide of things that you should consider when choosing the best radiator for your home renovation. 

bay window in a neutral bedroom showing the best radiator under the window plus lilac curtains and bedding

Image: Rothley curtain pole, available at Homebase

Heat Output

The first step to choosing the best radiator for you is to look at the energy requirement of each room in your house, you can do this by calculating the BTU (British Thermal Unit). All radiators have a specific heat output, so once you’ve figured out how much you need, it’s time to look at size, material of your radiator and the styles you can choose from. 

The Size & Shape

Depending on how big your rooms are, you’ll need to take into consideration the size and shape of your radiators. Nowadays, most radiators are available horizontally or vertically, to fit all spaces in your home. The general rule is that the larger the radiator, the more heat it pushes out, so you’ll need to decide whether you want more heat in your home, or whether you want space-saving radiators. 


Traditionally, radiators were manufactured from steel, this was due to it’s incredible strength and efficiency. Steel is also waterproof, meaning that it can be used in any domestic heating system and is usually your cheapest choice. 

Options like lightweight aluminum allows homes to be heated quickly and efficiently, whilst offering a more modern, sleeker aesthetic. 

Style of Radiator 

People often look at radiators as a home essential which have no aesthetic purposes for their home, when in fact your radiators play a big part in the decor of your home. There are many different styles of radiators that you can choose from.

Flat Panel Horizontal – A step up from your usual white convector radiators. The manufacturing process of this radiator leaves it with an extra modern and smooth finish, perfect for sprucing up any home. These radiators are available in anthracite, white and black to match any decor you choose. 

flat panel radiator

Oval Panel Horizontal – The radiators hold a unique feature which is the oval paneling of the front and back. Oval Panel Radiators are the perfect go-to choice with those rooms which don’t lack in space, due to their oval design they stand out more than others. 

white panel radiator

Column Radiator – If you are going for the more traditional look in your new home, column radiators are the way to go. They often look a little larger than the other selection so it’s important to match these with a more conventionally styled home for the perfect aesthetic fit. 

grey victorian style best radiator for period homes

Unsure about what style you want to go for? Lincolnshire Radiator’s Direct are on hand to help you! They have a wide range of radiators in different styles and colours for you to choose from. View their range of radiators here, or get in touch with their team of experts on 01522 620190.

Have you been searching for the best radiator to install in your home renovation?

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