6 Festive Reasons Why Home Insulation May Be The Best Present Ever

Today’s guest post, has a practical angle, with a festive message. Enjoy!

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As far as Christmas presents go we’re hedging our bets that home insulation may not be topping your list this year. However this humble option has more about it than you may think and here we present 6 reasons why home insulation should indeed be featuring at the top of your Christmas list.

1. By next Christmas you could have an added £140 for your Christmas pot
Currently your home may be losing far more energy than you could ever have realised, and as we all know energy equates to large monetary outgoings. The most recent studies suggest that this energy loss can equate to as much as 35% of the heating that you pay for. On average this then means that for the home with insulation they will have an added £140 to play with come this time next year.

2. To be toasty and warm inside when it’s snowy and cold outside
There are few things as comforting as being inside within the warmth when it’s snowing outside and with home insulation you’ll be warmer than ever, all without the worry of sky high bills come January time (and let’s face, who needs more reasons to be depressed at the beginning of the year?).

3. Because it’s the time of festive cheer (as well as a time of Government grants)
Now may be the time to opt for home insulation if you’ve ever considered it previously. There remains a select few government grants that may be available to help you to a warmer home that is cheaper to run all year round.

4. Because it’s probably more affordable than you think
Christmas may not traditionally be a time of being practical and thinking ahead and we know that despite our three reasons thus far that you may still yet to be convinced.
In this instance we have some good news. Home insulation really may not be as expensive as you previously thought.

5. Because it isn’t just a sound idea, it makes sound, sound great!
Love your music? How about your films that are enhanced no end by that surround sound system? Perhaps you have children who are a little on the loud side. For all of these reasons and more there is a surprising solution in the form of home insulation.
Home insulation has an amazing quieting effect which keeps sounds in. This improves the acoustic qualities of each of your rooms, so that you can enjoy those films or the latest album safe in the knowledge that your neighbour isn’t sharing the experience with you.

6. Because you’ll avoid icicles from your nose or rosy cheeks
Many home owners can find that they are actually turning their thermostat up or down to get the right temperature, with the temperature either being too hot or too cold but never striking the right balance in between.
Home insulation ensures that you aren’t continually adjusting your thermostat by regulating the temperature of your home. This means that gone are the days of waking up shivering and banished are the times of emerging from the bath with a nose as red as Rudolf’s and cheeks as rosy as the big man himself.

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