7 Stunning Pendant Light Ideas that Give the Wow Factor to a Modern Home

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If you’re looking for some stylish pendant light ideas, look no further, we have it covered.

Whether you want a statement pendant light for the living room or kitchen island, we have inspiration from mini pendants, globe pendant lights and glass pendants too.

Room lighting is an important aspect of your interior design and getting it right can be tricky. Our advice as always is to choose lighting that you’re naturally drawn to. Select your light fixtures based on style for sure, and practicality of course, but stick to what you love and don’t be tempted by trends.

There are a myriad of lighting ideas available to you but stay true to your tastes and you can’t go far wrong.


Pendant Light Ideas Roundup

Let’s take a look at some stunning pendant light ideas you can adopt for your dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. There are even a few here that would look great in a kitchen or over a kitchen island.

Large Ribbon Pendant Light

Ribbon Light

A modern light pendant is perfect for a more contemporary home and we love the natural finish on this one, and the textured look.
Creating a stylish home decor is easier than you think when you go large. Don’t be afraid of trying oversized pieces for your space. They really do add the wow factor.
Hang this one from the ceiling in a living room or dining space. You could even put this one in the bedroom too.

Orb Smoke Ceiling Light

Orb light

Glass dome pendant lights are very on trend and offer a sophisticated finish to a modern room decor. We’ve chosen this particular pendant light idea for the striking light bulbs and of course, you could change them up to clear glass if you prefer.
The smoked glass does bring a somewhat sultry feel to the piece and would look great teamed with a darker decor design.

Dar Swash Ceiling Light

Dar Swash Ceiling Light

If you’re looking for more contemporary room lighting ideas look no further than this Scandinavian design from Dar.
The twisted curves of metal immediately draw the eye whether you switch it on or leave it off.
The black finish creates drama and is perfectly suited to a monochrome interior, ideal for a Nordic home decor. This really has to be one of our favourite designer pendant lights.

Tom Dixon Beat Ceiling Light

Tom Dixon Beat

Another of our designer pendant lighting picks is this one from Tom Dixon. Pendant light design takes on a simple, ethereal look with the matt black finish and metallic inside shine. Again, whether switched on or off, we love the smooth, classic look this very modern lighting provides.
Hang it from the ceiling in a dining room, or over a kitchen island for maximum effect in your contemporary home.

Tom Raffield Leven Large Pendant Ceiling Light

Tom Raffield Ceiling Light

Modern kitchen pendant lighting has never looked this good!
Hanging lights have been around for a long time but have taken on more of a statement, designer feel in recent years, allowing us to create stunning statements from our ceilings.

Modern pendants like this one from Tom Raffield at John Lewis is typical of the trend towards pale wood styles, bamboo most particularly.
The curved finish is reminiscent of the 1970s, again another era where we are revisiting key designs, and the wooden materials give it a natural look that is all so popular.

If you’re looking for hanging light ideas, look no further!

Där Tower 6 Pendant Cluster Ceiling Light

Dar Cluster Pendant

Here we have another of our pendant lighting ideas where we embrace the naked light bulb. We see a lot of Scandinavian designs just like this and as long as you select the correct style of bulb you won’t struggle with a blinding light.

If you’re looking for pendant light ideas for a kitchen island we highly recommend this style. It works just as well over a dining table too.
The clustered cage design is industrial and minimal, perfect for modern interiors and ideal for a Nordic inspired decor.

Lotus Easy-to-Fit Flower Ceiling Shade

Lotus Pendant Shade

As part of a pendant light ideas post we wanted to include a very simple to install suggestion and that’s exactly what we have here.
This easy to fit ceiling shade slots over an already installed flex so no wiring necessary.
And we love the chic flower style which covers the bulb completely and reminds us of more expensive designer pendant light fixtures.
How good would this mini pendant light look in a child’s bedroom?

It’s always worth researching ceiling lights thoroughly before you make your choice, and consider budget, style and ease of installation. 

Hiko 3 Pendant Diner Ceiling Light

John Lewis Hiko

Finally, we’ve selected a design perfect for kitchen lighting but ideal for over your dining area. Whether that’s a breakfast bar or a dining table, either area will work.
Task lighting is essential for both areas, and this pendant ceiling light has a stylish finish different to many pending lights out there.
The trio of shades, coupled with naked Edison bulb styles create an eye-catching design that could work in many different decors. From the more Scandi minimal interiors through to a traditional space that loves to embrace new trends.

If you’re on the lookout for some creative and inspiring pendant light ideas for your contemporary home, we hope you love our selection.

Jen x

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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